• Yeganeh Torbati is a 31-year-old Persian-American award-winning journalist and editor
• She is fluent in Farsi, Spanish and English
• She is single, but is generally considered to be heterosexual
• Her net worth is estimated at over $1 million, with an annual income of up to $112,000
• She is active on social media, with a Facebook page, Twitter account and private Instagram account


Who is Yeganeh Torbati?

Born Yeganeh June Torbati under the sign of Pisces on the 18th of March 1988 in Norman, Oklahoma USA, Yeganeh Torbati is a 31-year-old Persian-American award-winning journalist and editor of Iranian descent. She is perhaps best known to the world thanks to her overwhelming presence in the US media, specifically as one of the most accomplished Reuters reporters, who covers an impressive number of important topics, such as various events connected to US immigration and politics. She has had a number of other successes over the course of her sometimes lucrative journalism career since 2010.

Early Life and Education: A Foreign Background

Yeganeh was raised apparently an only child in her birthplace by her parents of unknown names and professions, both of whom are thought to be Iranian. Her earliest interests are still a mystery, though it is known that she was always curious about the effects of culture incorporation in the US, being directly involved in it herself, which later inspired her to become a journalist and write about it. As for her education, she attended Norman North High School, from where she matriculated in 2006, then enrolled into Yale University to pursue a degree in political science and modern Middle Eastern studies. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both these subjects in 2010.

Career: A True Journalist

Following her graduation, Yeganeh instantly went for a Rosenbaum Reporting Internship at the Washington DC New York Times bureau, and after successfully completing it in the same year as college, she got her first job at The Baltimore Sun, where she served as a general assignment and breaking news reporter. Having garnered a year of experience and a good amount of recognition thanks to her effort, she transferred to the London bureau of Thomson Reuters as a graduate trainee, where she spent a year. In 2012, following her promotion in Reuters, she went to Dubai to report on various events in Iran, becoming one of the leading journalists related to the covering of the Iranian crisis in 2013.

“Assets of the Ayatollah”

Prior to 2014, Yeganeh alongside two colleagues, Steve Stecklow and Babak Dehghanpisheh, constructed a massive story for Reuters that revealed the $95 billion-worth conglomerate owned by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Of course, the data required to publish a work like this was quite difficult to gather and organize. Yeganeh and Babak corresponded with Stecklow for six months, during which time they were collecting statements of former employees, the Tehran Stock Exchange publicly accessible information, visible data on the websites of various Iranian companies and the US Treasury Department statistics. Thanks to the collective effort of the three journalists, the true story of the Setad conglomerate that dominates Iran finally became available to the world. For this incredible contribution to journalism as a whole, Yeganeh and her two associates were honored with various awards, such as the Deadline Club’s Daniel Pearl Award for Investigative Reporting, the Overseas Press Club Malcolm Forbes Award, the SABEW Best in Business International Investigative Award, the European Press Prize in Investigative Reporting, and the Gerald Loeb Award.

After the Milestone

In 2015, Yeganeh moved to the Washington DC bureau of Reuters to cover various details regarding US foreign policy. She has since then mostly remained US-based and has a high number of articles published on her Reuters page. One of her most notable achievements took place in 2017, when she collaborated on yet another award-winning story, this time revolving around prisoner exchange between the Republic of Iran and the Obama administration, for which she won the National Press Clubs Edwin M. Hood Diplomatic Award. As of the end of the said year, Yeganeh has mostly been focused on covering events related to the US foreign policy in The Islamic State of Iran, which remains her target today.

Love Life: Does She Have a Husband?

As for Yeganeh’s romantic involvements, there is virtually no information across authoritative sources regarding her potential significant other. Yeganeh herself never took the time to address this public curiosity, and she has never been seen attending any events in particular male company. She is not known to have dated anyone in the past, but is generally considered to be heterosexual. According to the available data, or the lack thereof, Yeganeh is currently single.

She Speaks Three Languages

Due to the fact that she comes from a family with Iranian roots, Yeganeh is naturally fluent in Farsi, the official language of Iran, also known as Persian. Aside from that, she is also quite adept at Spanish, and can report in all three languages. She is known to love traveling frequently, and even though it is unknown whether she ever went to any Spanish-speaking countries, she does utilize all three of the languages she knows on an almost daily basis in order to maintain proper fluency.

An Advocate for Justice

As can be seen on Yeganeh’s highly active and popular Twitter page, she is a known supporter of the two Reuters journalists who were jailed for seven years in Myanmar for attempting to report on various war atrocities allegedly committed in that country. Namely, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were caught trying to inform the public about the massacring of the Muslim population amongst the Rohingya, an ethnic group mostly residing in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. Yeganeh, like Reuters, demands that the two journalists are released from their unjust punishment.

Yeganeh Torbati

She is Part of a Minority

Also known as Persian Americans, Iranian Americans are an ethnic group of US citizens with Iranian ancestry or citizenship. According to the latest count (from 2011), there are slightly over 470,000 such individuals on US territory, most of whom, according to statistics also, are highly educated. The largest portions of this ethnic minority are located in the states of California and New York.

What is Yeganeh Torbati’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich Yeganeh Torbati is, as of early 2019? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total of Yeganeh’s accumulated wealth is over $1 million, while her annual income is said to range up to $112,000. She has made her fortune by informing the world about various events mostly centered in the Middle East, some of which have served to raise awareness about the inner workings of certain world powers, such as Iran’s “Assets of the Ayatollah”. As her career continues to develop, the said amount is bound to increase.

Social Media Presence

Thanks to the ever expanding grasp that social media has on worldwide audiences, it is in the best interests of most celebrities to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus sustain and potentially increase their rating and profit. Yeganeh herself is no stranger to this popular trend, as her dedication to posting updates on her public profiles and engaging with her fans is at an all-time high. Her regular Facebook account has almost 500 fans, her Twitter account almost 18,000 followers, and her private Instagram account over 500.

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