• Lance Stewart is a 22-year-old Caucasian Viner, YouTuber and social media personality.
• Raised in Frankville, NJ and attended Delsea Regional High School.
• Began making vines for Vine.com and has 2 YouTube accounts • LanceStewart & Lance210.
• In a long-term relationship with Elizabeth Wurst and they reside together in Philadelphia.
• Net worth is close to $2.5 million and has a significant presence on social media.


Who is Lance Stewart?

Born under the sign of Gemini on the 20th of June 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, Lance Stewart is a 22-year-old Caucasian Viner, YouTuber and social media personality of Italian and Irish descent. He is perhaps best known to the world for his significant presence on the internet thanks to his accounts Lance210, itsLance210 and Lance Stewart. He has made numerous highly popular videos over the course of his sometimes lucrative YouTuber career in the last decade.

Early Life: Growing up in Frankville

Lance was actually raised in Frankville, New Jersey, since his parents Bruce Stewart and Nina Stewart of unknown professions moved there when he was quite young. He has a two-years-older sister named Sabrina Stewart, who is nowadays a famous singer. Lastly, the most famous Stewart family member aside from Bruce himself is his grandmother, commonly known to the fans as ‘Badass Grandmom’, who can often be seen in Lance’s videos in various situations. As for his education, he attended Delsea Regional High School from 2010 to 2014, while his previous educational institutions are unknown; it’s also unknown whether he furthered his education after matriculation. Concerning his childhood interests, he was introduced to the then sensational website Vine.com by his older sister, who explained to him what ‘vines’ actually are and how he can make them himself. Hence, Lance can thank his sister for the fame he has today.
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Career: From a Viner to a Youtuber

Lance began making vines for the site Vine.com while it was still extremely popular, which allowed him to garner a steady audience over the course of a few months. On February 6th 2014, he created a YouTube account under the name of LanceStewart. On Vine.com, he was commonly known as Lance210, and says that this was one of the smartest moves he made, since most viners didn’t get to re-create their social media accounts after Vine was shut down. In other words, Lance created a YouTube channel and then informed all of his fans on Vine, and those that didn’t tell their fans that they could follow them to YouTube, lost the majority of their follower base after Vine  closed, and they never recovered. Nowadays, Lance has two YouTube accounts – the second is Lance210. On the former, he posts videos about his life on a near-daily basis, while on the latter he posts all the pranks that he pulls on his close ones. His most popular video is entitled “WE SHOT A PORN VIDEO!?! – PORNO”, with over 22 million views. Of course, there is no pornographic content because otherwise it would be banned.

Love Life: In a Relationship with Elizabeth Wurst

As for Lance’s romantic involvements, it is known that he is in a long-term relationship with Elizabeth Wurst, also a popular YouTuber and vlogger better known as Lizzy Wurst; they celebrated their fifth anniversary in June 2018. Lizzy can often be seen in his videos, while she is also the subject of a lot of his pranks. She is known to have had plastic surgery involving breast reduction, following treatment of breast cancer that she underwent. She is two years younger than Lance, having been born on the 22nd of July 1998. The couple reside together in Philadelphia, and there is no information about any affairs that either of them may have had.

Lizzy’s Mother

It was revealed by Lance that Lizzy’s mother threw her out of the house when she refused to advertise her mother’s social media profiles on her own. Lance recorded Lizzy while she was crying and thus let the entire world know what her mother is like as a person, which caused a great deal of empathy online directed to Elizabeth.

The Clickbait King

Lance is notorious for frequently posting videos with misleading titles and thumbnails. Although the content of his videos does not violate YouTube’s terms of use, some of his videos appear as if they do. This is known to be a strategy used for garnering more views than one normally would; even those who aren’t Lance’s fans become interested in watching the video upon seeing the misleading title and thumbnail. He has been called out on doing this by several YouTubers, and was titled ‘The Clickbait King’ by famous vloggers such as H3h3Productions and Marcus Dibble.

What is Lance Stewart’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich Lance Stewart is, as of mid-2018? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the current total of Lance’s accumulated wealth is close to $2.5 million, made mainly as YouTuber, from his long-term presence as Lance Stewart on his channel. As his career continues to develop, the said amount can be expected to increase.

Body Measurements

Concerning the physical attributes of the experienced youtuber, his height is 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and his current weight is 132lbs (60kg). His hair is dark brown and his eyes are light brown, while his body shape is generally described as fit.

Social Media Presence

Due to the major influence of social networks, it is nowadays a regular thing for active celebrities to nourish a close and active relationship with their fans, for the sake of increasing the popularity of the projects they’re working on, and thus their own net worth. Lance himself seems to be a regular subscriber, if not the leading example of this celebrity trend, as his presence is quite ubiquitous on most of the popular social media networks. His Facebook page has over 11 million followers, his Twitter account more than 800,000, and his Instagram account over five million fans. Lastly, he also has a YouTube channel with over four million subscribers, and another one with over a million.



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