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Who are Impractical Jokers?

Impractical Jokers is a hidden camera reality TV series, that began on TruTV on the 15th of December 2011, produced by North-South Productions. The show involves a group of four men, also known as The Tenderloins, the members of which are Brian ‘Q’ Quinn, James ‘Murr’ Murray, Salvatore ‘Sal’ Vulcano and Joseph ‘Joe’ Gatto. In the show, they come up with pranks for one another, which they then have to put on passersby in front of hidden cameras. The show is still ongoing.

How It Began

The aforementioned four members of the comedy group met while they were still in high school, specifically during their freshman year in 1990 while attending Monsignor Farrell High School, Staten Island in New York City. Way back in 1999, there was no mention of Impractical Jokers as we know them today. Instead, two of the now popular four – James Murray and Sal Vulcano – formed a comedy troupe called The Tenderloins with two other members. After James Murray finished college, he worked on the Staten Island Ferry, when he ran into Sal. Joe Gatto and Mike Boccio also joined them at the time, and after they came up with the idea of doing comedy for a living, they practiced improvisation at Joe’s house three times a week for six months. However, Joe still didn’t perform with the group when they started – they toured the local areas for a year before Joe Gatto joined them in 2000. They remained this way for the next six years, until Brian Quinn finally joined them in 2006. They were still The Tenderloins at this point, and as it took a while for them to accumulate enough resources and recognition to start their own show, Impractical Jokers didn’t begin until five years later.

Their Rise to Glory

While at first they only performed at improvisation comedy festivals, the group later switched their focus to filmed comedy sketches. Their fifth unmentioned member before this time was Gideon Horowitz, who had left the group for unspecified reasons. After Mike Boccio also decided to leave The Tenderloins, Brian Quinn finally joined the fold, and thus The Tenderloins were set in place. In 2006, they began uploading their videos to YouTube, Myspace and Metacafe, through which they were eventually able to garner a large number of fans. Subsequently, they decided to enter NBC’s “It’s Your Show” contest in 2007, where they ultimately took the $100,000 prize home with their comedy sketch entitled “Time Thugs.” When this is combined with their online success, it makes-up the resume of an overall impressive and popular comedy troupe.

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Posted by Impractical Jokers on Friday, July 29, 2016

The Tenderloins Show

After their popularity boost, they were eventually spotted by Spike TV, which offered them a contract for a scripted comedy pilot based on their personal lives. This was supposed to start “The Tenderloins” show, but eventually nothing happened, as although the pilot was shot on various locations on Staten Island and in other parts of New York City, Spike TV eventually gave up on the idea. The Tenderloins actually shot another pilot for the 2009 New York Television Festival, which was also never turned into a show.

The Impractical Jokers Show

The group was finally contacted by another media giant, this time truTV, which offered them a chance to create their own series as The Tenderloins, and a contract was signed in April 2011, and their new series was announced entitled “Impractical Jokers.” The show premiered on the 15th of December 2011, and its first season had 16 episodes, and was seen by over 32 million people. The first episode of the second season premiered on the 13th of December 2012, and it was followed up by 27 more. The third season came with 31 episodes, the first of which landed on TV on the 2nd of January 2014. Subsequently, it was announced by truTV on the 21st of April 2014 that the series would get a 26-episode-long fourth season, which was followed up by a six-episode-long spinoff series entitled “Jokers Wild!” The fifth season of the show started in February 2016, while the sixth one started on the 9th of February 2017. Their seventh season began also in February, in 2018, while in March truTV announced an eighth season, which is set to start in February 2019. Additionally, truTV released a statement that the production of the film entitled “Impractical Jokers Movie” will begin at some point in the first half of 2018.

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What Makes Them Special

Unlike most pranksters who come up with their own ideas, Impractical Jokers come up with ideas for one another, which sets them apart from everyone else. One of the four is placed in a situation in a public place (e.g. a worker at an ice-cream stall), while the other three tell them what he needs to do on the fly, as they can both see and hear him, as well as communicate with him through a tiny undetectable earphone.

The Tenderloins Radio Show

Murray and the other three members recorded their first radio episode, “The Tenderloins Radio Show”, in early 2017, which premiered on SiriusXM Radio on channel 94 – also known as “Comedy Greats ”- on the 17th of August in the same year. The episodes are an hour’s length, and feature the group’s prank calls as well as their spoken and typed answers to e-mails from their fans. The show airs on 6PM on Thursdays, while the re-runs are every Friday at 11AM.

What is Impractical Jokers’ Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich Impractical Jokers are, as of mid-2018? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the current total of their accumulated wealth is over $2.5 million, while their current annual income unknown. Specifically, James Murray has the largest net worth of over $1 million, while Joe Gatto and Brian Quinn have a net worth of approximately $500,000, and lastly, Sal Vulcano has a net worth of close to $400,000.

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