• Jerome Jarre rose to fame through social media website Vine, leading to an increase in his net worth
• He is worth an estimated $3 million, earned through his successful social media career
• He often used animals in his videos and was part of many charitable initiatives
• He was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and partnered with various organizations such as the American Refugee Committee
• He is also behind the solar light mission and the Love Army for Somalia


How much has his net worth increased through Vine?

Jerome Jarre is one of the first social media personalities to find popularity through the now defunct website Vine, posting videos there during the day of its launch. He was a successful businessman before joining the website, but left his businesses to focus on creating content for Vine. This eventually led to the increase of his net worth and to his rise in popularity.

Current net worth

How rich is Jerome Jarre? As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at $3 million, mostly earned through a successful career in social media. He now regularly posts on YouTube and other social media sites since the end of Vine. He does a lot of charity work, and also continues with several businesses now focused on social media. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Career begining

Jerome is considered one of the first Snapchat and Vine celebrities, becoming the fourth most followed individual on Vine in 2014. He foresaw the success of these websites, and eventually established a business called GrapeStory, which focuses on finding talents for Vine and Snapchat. One of the earliest viral videos on Vine was of his work, called “Don’t be afraid of love” which found him playing pranks on strangers. This led him to be featured on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, which helped grow his channel to staggering numbers within a month. He later made multiple vines of Hollywood actors for the “86th Academy Awards”, and was later hired by the Cannes Film Festival as well as the Tribeca Festival. His popularity also grew significantly through his use of squirrels on his Vine channel – he mostly posted videos on how he could talk to squirrels, and used voice acting to mimic squirrels talking to him, which apparently made him one of the funniest Viners on the website, using animals as part of their videos. Jerome was also responsible for the Vine project called “Humans”, which asked various strangers on their most important message which they could share with the world. The Vine became extremely popular, and was also featured through BuzzFeed.

Vine & LGBT

Jarre mostly did Vines while staying in Paris, France, and would later partner with other organizations as well as well-known personalities, which was to help use his new popularity to become a platform for charity work. He did Vine videos with popular Hollywood artists including Ariana Grande, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller, Beyonce and Robert De Niro. He’s had his share of criticisms including posting a kissing prank on Vine alongside John Stamos, for which he was criticized for being gay. He later posted a video to call out individuals who were threatening him, and then kissed another Vine personality -Nicholas Megalis – as a support for the LGBT community. However, in 2015, he decided to leave Vine.

Other Jerome businesses

Jerome has done a lot of charity work over the past few years. He partnered with the American Refugee Committee (ARC) to develop a new humanitarian model which was supported by Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama – the team set up a mobile money transfer livestream which was the first of its kind. The beneficiaries received direct links so that they could see where the money was going. Bill and Melinda Gates also participated in sending funds to the project, as well as Dahabashiil CEO Abdirashid Duale. The total amount that the beneficiaries received was at least $1000 each.
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Jerome also started the Litre of Light (The Solar Light Mission) campaign, set up in such a way that ‘likes’ on posts become currency, and plastic bottles to help light up various communities in rural Philippines. At one time, an Instagram post reached 150,000 likes, and helped light up an entire village in the Philippines. One of his latest campaigns is to help Somalia with the goal of sending 60 tons of food to the country; he has raised more than $2 million to achieve the goal, and the count is still growing. The idea was to use one Turkish Airline flight which would be filed with food instead of people, and help the country with a onetime food delivery. The campaign attracted celebrities such as Colin Kaepernick and Ben Stiller, who donated their own money to help the campaign – they also set up a GoFundMe campaign called “Love Army for Somalia”, which accepts donations for the cause. Filmmaker Casey Niestat also contributed to the goal, and Turkish Airlines also agreed to send a cargo plane to the country with food. They were later informed that it was not a good idea to send basic commodities such as rice or sugar to the country as it would crash the local market price. The campaign then decided to use NGOs on the ground to buy food for the people in Somalia. They also part-filled the Turkish Airlines flight with special food for malnourished babies.

General Info

Full NameJérôme Jarre
ProfessionComedian, Entrepreneur, YouTuber


ParentsAgnès Jarre


AwardsShorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year
MoviesZoolander 2

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