• Tommy DiDario is an American TV show host, lifestyle expert and husband of Gio Benitez.
• He was interested in theatre and sports growing up and attended New York University.
• He is a health contributor for the Sunwarrior fitness food brand and works as a model and marketing/branding consultant.
• He and Gio Benitez married in 2016 and Tommy is a pescatarian.
• He has an estimated net worth of $2 million and is popular on social media.


Who is Tommy DiDario?

Tommy Gabriel DiDario was born in Central New Jersey, US on 28 January 1986, so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and holding American nationality. He is known for being a TV show host, American lifestyle expert, and for being the husband of Gio Benitez.

Early life and education

Tommy spent his childhood living in the US with his parents Karen A. DiDario and Thomas G. DiDario, and his sister Megs A. DiDario. His mother works as an assistant editor for Information Today which publishes Internet and tech magazines, while his father is the owner of Landscape Maintenance Services located in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Tommy was interested in theatre as he was growing up, and spent a lot of time practicing acting and appeared in some plays including in the role of Cheshire Cat in an “Alice in Wonderland” production in his elementary school – he had and still has a dream of becoming a writer and an actor. He was also interested in sports as he played basketball, baseball, and did gymnastics. After he matriculated from high school, he enrolled into New York University, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.


One can say that Tommy made it out there as he is now working multiple jobs and loves each one of them – his personal favorite is the job of an on-air Lifestyle Expert as he gets to cover things he is passionate about, such as fashion, travelling, health and fitness, and many more. He became quite popular after he began hosting “The Rachael Ray Show”, and besides also being an exclusive GQ Insider for the “GQ” magazine, he is a health contributor for the Sunwarrior fitness food brand, and often hosts events about health, fashion and fitness around the country. More than a million people read what he writes and listen to advice he gives on social media platforms.

Tommy is currently running his own marketing and branding consulting company in New York, focused on managing social media marketing for numerous brands, and is also working as a model ever since he signed with the Bella Agency based in New York. Even though he appeared in an episode of “Broad City” TV series in 2016, he still hasn’t fulfilled his dream of becoming an actor. Tommy has also been featured in the 18th episode of the “Be My Neighbor” podcast published on 11 April 2019.

Personal life and likes

For those who did not know about Tommy’s sexual orientation, he is gay and has been married to Gio Benitez since they exchanged their vows at Walton House in April 2016 – they invited only closest friends and family members to the wedding, and a couple of people from their workplaces (Gio is an ABC correspondent). Tommy’s sister served as the Universal Life Minister at the wedding, and the newly married couple danced to the Disney song “Can You Feel Love”. It is said that the couple started talking on Instagram in January 2015, and by the end of that year, Tommy already had an engagement ring on his finger after Gio proposed to him in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Tommy is a pescatarian (adding seafood to their vegetarian diet), and advocates for health and wellness in the LGBTQ community. Because he wants to become a writer and an actor, he is a big fan of a few very successful people in the Hollywood, including Judd Apatow, Paul Freig, and others.

Tommy Didario

Who is Gio Benitez?

Tommy’s better (or same) half was born in Miami, Florida USA on 29 October 1985 to Cuban parents, which makes him around three months older than Tommy. He’s been interested in Journalism since he was a kid – after matriculating from high school, Gio attended and graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Sociology in 2008.

Soon afterwards, Gio began working for WFOR CBS TV station based in Miami as their reporter – some of the most important events which he covered were the 2012 Presidential elections and the Trayvon Martin case. He was the first reporter who managed to shoot an entire TV story with his iPhone, and the other event which made him somewhat popular was when he went to Haiti to report about the victims of the catastrophic earthquake – his return flight became a way to transport the injured Haitian people to Curacao. In 2013, Gio joined the ABC News team, and has been working with them ever since – he can be seen in shows such as “Good Morning America”, “World News Tonight with David Muir”, “Nightline”, and “20/20”.

Gio has won two Emmy Awards and been nominated for six more – one of the stories which he covered that made him popular was when he investigated alleged Miami police brutality, which ended up with two officers being let go from the force. Gio was also the one to cover the Pulse nightclub shooting, Alabama hostage situation when a child was being held captive for eight days, the time when an American mother was stuck in one of the Mexican prisons, El Chapo’s escape from a Mexican jail, and the bombing during the Boston Marathon. He was one of the few who covered the big snow storm in the winter of 2013, and since he is a great investigator, has managed to get many consumer products recalled due to safety issues.

Appearance and net worth

Tommy is currently 33 years old. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, is 6ft (1.83m) tall and weighs around 172lbs (78kgs) – he has a very muscular figure as he goes to the gym almost every day.

According to authoritative sources, Tommy’s current net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, and his partner’s around $4 million, while he is said to be earning $750,000 per year.

Social media presence

Tommy is very active on the Internet, and can also be called an online influencer – he launched his Twitter account in December 2011 and has so far gathered over 10,500 followers and tweeted nearly 5,500 times. He is a lot more popular on his Instagram account with nearly 150,000 people following him while he posted around 1,700 pictures – he has a Facebook page as well with nearly 50,000 fans following it.

Tommy is running his own website which serves more as a blog, as you can see Tommy’s pictures, links to his social media platforms, and contact him if you have any questions.

Tommy’s husband Gio is quite active on the Internet as well, and has about the same popularity as Tommy – he launched his Twitter account in March 2009 and has so far amassed over 60,000 followers and tweeted nearly 25,000 times. His Instagram account is followed by around 150,000 people and he posted more than 2,000 photos – he has a Facebook page, too, with nearly 100,000 fans following it.

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