• Salice Rose is a model and social media personality, best known for her Instagram account.
• She has an estimated net worth of $400,000, earned through her career on social media.
• She is of Peruvian descent and speaks Spanish fluently.
• She is covered in tattoos, which represent her faith and God, as well as her love for California.
• She is active on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where she posts videos and pictures related to current online trends.

Short Info

SpouseBobby Guy
MarkHair ribbon and mole
FactToured for over eight years in the musical revue "4 Girls 4" with Rosemary Clooney, Helen O'Connell, and Margaret Whiting. As of the death of Margaret Whiting in 2011, Rose Marie is the last remaining of the four.

Who is Salice Rose?

Salice Rose was born on 20 November 1994, in Lancaster, California USA, and is a model and social media personality, best known for finding popularity through the website Instagram on which she mainly posts video content as opposed to pictures which the website was known for.

The Wealth of Salice Rose

How rich is Salice Rose? As of mid-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at $400,000, mostly earned through a successful career on social media. She also became widely known for her account on musical.ly, which helped her gain a good head start online. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Salice is of Peruvian descent though her family was already in the US when she was born. It is known that she grew up with three siblings, and learned how to speak Spanish at a very young age. However, there has been no information regarding to her education.

In 2013, she began her online career on Instagram by creating an account and started posting various pictures there. She also posted a lot of comedy videos on the website which increased her popularity significantly, and she now has more than six million followers. Due to her popularity online, she then decided to start her own YouTube channel, on which she uploads videos of her daily life experiences as well as about trending topics. She also shows her musical inclinations by posting videos of her singing, for which she has also received a lot of positive comments. Her YouTube channel would eventually gain more than one million subscribers.


Eventually, Rose would join SnapChat too, which continued to build her fame when she started the thread called “My Story”. Her unique look and online popularity has also led to her getting attention from numerous companies, and she has performed in many advertisements on her social media accounts, which have accrued her a considerable amount of money. She’s also been rewarded for her work, including the 2017 TECLA Awards as Top Comedy Creator. She also made an appearance at the 2017 Latin Music Awards.

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Her popularity has attracted a lot of rumors – many people speculate that she is a lesbian, though she has never confirmed or denied any of the allegations. She is focused on her career right now, and is apparently uninterested in a relationship.


A few of Salice’s most noticeable features are the various tattoos which can be found all around her body. She has the tattoo of the word California on her right arm because she wanted to show where she came from, and because she loves the place.  She mentioned that a lot of her tattoos are about her faith and God – she has two crosses which can be found on her ears, and she has the gates of heaven tattooed at her back, as well as a tattoo of a rosary and three roses on her arm along with the California tattoo; the roses are dedicated to herself, her sister, and her mother. She also has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on the cross. She has revealed that she plans to get more tattoos on her body.

Personal Life

There is no information regarding Rose’s romantic life, and very little information is known about her family. She loves food as she has mentioned in her videos numerous times, and even refers to being ‘married to food’ on some occasions, with some of her favorites being pizza roles, Cheetos, Popeye’s, and smore tarts. She enjoys spending her free time watching various videos on Netflix. She mainly uses English as her main medium on YouTube though at times also speaks Spanish for her Spanish-speaking audience.

Salice Rose on Social Media

Similar to numerous online and YouTube personalities, Salice remains highly active online through accounts on various social media websites. Her Instagram continues to be highly active, though her video posts have lessened since she posts videos on her YouTube account as well. Some of her modelling work as well as her advertisements can be seen in pictures on Instagram, and she posts videos in relation to current online trends. Her Twitter account is mainly used to post some of her daily thoughts, though she also posts content from Instagram there. She has made a statement regarding relationships, stating that so many people are in need because they are lonely. However, she also went on to state that it is unfair to the other person, meaning that relationships should have people who know how to act and treat others the right way.

General Info

Full NameRose Marie
ProfessionComedian, Singer, Voice Actor


SpouseBobby Guy
ChildrenGeorgiana Marie Guy
ParentsFrank Mazzetta, Stella Gluszcak


NominationsIndependent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Acting Ensemble, Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Actor
TV ShowsHollywood Squares, Scorch, The Doris Day Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, My Sister Eileen

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#Marks / Signs
1Hair ribbon and mole


1There are no people in show business that I don't know. It's amazing. What I do now is commentary on people that are all dead. Nobody remembers! Nobody remembers Sophie Tucker! Nobody remembers . . . Jerry Lester and things like that. People call me, they say, "We're doing a book. Can you do some commentary?" I'm in every book that's coming out! The Three Stooges. There's a whole chapter of me in this new Three Stooges book.
2[on Milton Berle] Milton was a genius and Milton could not explain what he wanted or how he wanted it. He'd get all mixed-up. For instance, he was doing his television show and he said to the conductor Victor Young, "I want a G chord here." My husband told me this. My husband was a musician in the band. Victor Young said, "Okay, gentlemen. Give me a G chord." They went, "Tah-dah!" Milton flew over to Victor and practically killed him. "I said a G chord you dumb son of a bitch!" Called him all kinds of names. My husband, who also knew Milton very well, said to Victor Young, "He wants a C chord." So Victor Young said, "All right, gentlemen. Give me a C chord." They went, "Tah-dah!" Milton says, "That's a goddamn G chord! Don't you know what you're doing? That's what I wanted."
3[on Jimmy Durante] Oh! That man was the love of my life! Love of my life! I'm not an impersonator, I never was, but in my act I used to do a little bit of a Durante in a song. It got [more and more popular]. His wife said I did the best Durante of all. In fact, I ended up having to do a whole song as Durante in my act. I used to go to Jimmy and say, "How do I do this?" He taught me how to do him with the proper inflections and how to move my hands. He had a certain way of talking. I graveled my voice a little more and it got to the point where I had to do full numbers about Jimmy Durante--"I'm in Love with Jimmy Durante" and "I Wish I Could Sing Like Jimmy Durante". It was a whole series of numbers that I did in my act. I had to go to Jimmy all the time. He even taught me how to play the piano like him.
4[on working with Edgar Bergen in vaudeville] He was very nice. We became very good friends. I never had any trouble with anyone when I was doing vaudeville. All of them, I guess because I was a kid, they all taught me what they did. I learned how to juggle. I learned how to walk on a big ball. I learned how to do trapeze. I was the kid. They used to say, "Come on, let's keep her busy." And they taught me everything. It was a very educational thing for me.
5[on meeting Candice Bergen] When I did Candice Bergen's show, Murphy Brown (1988), I told her, "I worked with your father [Edgar Bergen] in vaudeville when he was doing a doctor sketch." She said, "Well, you couldn't have played the nurse--you were too young!" I said, "No, I was headlining. He was the opening act." She didn't care for that too much.
6[on Al Jolson] He was mean. He was a lousy man. Very mean and very . . . oh, he was terrible. In fact, nobody ever liked him.
7[about meeting Al Jolson in 1927, when she was four years old] They played a couple of shorts at that time that were silent and mine was the only one with sound. It played with The Jazz Singer (1927) at The Wintergarden in New York. It was a phenomenal thing. I went up to Jolson and said, "You were wonderful, Mr. Jolson!" He said, "Get away, you little brat!" He didn't like kids.
8[asked about The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) ending its run after only five years] It was a big mistake. We could have gone on another two years--in color!
9[at age 80, when asked if she planned to retire] I've been in show business my whole life. Why start something new now?


1It was Rose Marie who suggested Morey Amsterdam, a long-time friend of hers, be considered to play the third writer on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961). The producers of the show had originally planned to hire a younger actor who would play a new writer just starting out in show business, but decided that a show biz veteran like Amsterdam playing an older writer at the end of his career would offer even better comedic possibilities.
2Daughter, Georgiana Marie Guy (born May 18, 1947), with Bobby Guy.
3According to the liner notes for the CD of the "Gypsy" soundtrack, Rose Marie was on the "short list" of possible dubbers for Rosalind Russell. (Lisa Kirk ultimately was chosen.).
4Is into Italian cooking and knitting (on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961), she occasionally could be seen knitting in the office).
5Wanted to leave The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) after her husband died in 1964, but was talked out of it by director John Rich, and continued until the end of the show's run in 1966.
6Born on the day that the Broadway musical "Rose-Marie" opened.
7On stage from age 3 as "Baby Rose Marie, she dropped the "Baby" at the age of 15.
8Made history as one of the headliners who opened the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, the first of the modern hotel/casinos.
9Her husband, musician Bobby Guy, was at one time lead trumpeter for the NBC orchestra on "The Tonight Show".
10Toured for over eight years in the musical revue "4 Girls 4" with Rosemary Clooney, Helen O'Connell, and Margaret Whiting. As of the death of Margaret Whiting in 2011, Rose Marie is the last remaining of the four.
11Received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 3, 2001. It was the 2184th star issued.
12The hair bow has some personal significance on which Rose Marie has so far refused to elaborate.
13She is of Italian and Polish extraction.
14According to Sylvia Miles, Rose Marie got the job for which she is best known (Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961)) after Miles pulled out after the pilot.
15She had two separate acting careers - one as "Baby Rose Marie" in the 1920s, and the other, which began in the 1940s.




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Sea Sore1934ShortBaby Rose Marie (as Baby Rose Marie)
International House1933Rose Marie (as Baby Rose Marie)
Rambling 'Round Radio Row #31932ShortBaby Rose Marie (as Baby Rose Marie)


The Dick Van Dyke Show1961-1964TV Series performer - 10 episodes
Surprising Suzie1953Short performer: "It's Great When You're Doing a Show", "You've Gotta Have Personality"
Rambling 'Round Radio Row1934Short performer: "You're Gonna Lose Your Gal" - as Baby Rose Marie, uncredited
International House1933performer: "My Bluebird's Singing the Blues" 1933 - uncredited
Rambling 'Round Radio Row #31932Short performer: "Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia" - as Baby Rose Marie, uncredited
Baby Rose Marie the Child Wonder1929Short performer: "Heigh-Ho, Everybody, Heigh-Ho!", "Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You?", "Don't Be Like That" - as Baby Rose Marie, uncredited
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1920s: The Dawn of the Hollywood Musical2008Video documentary performer: "Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You?" - as Baby Rose Marie, uncredited
American Masters1997TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
The Doris Day Show1969-1970TV Series performer - 2 episodes
The Monkees1966TV Series performer - 1 episode


Psycho1998ADR voice


Michael Feinstein's American Songbook2012-2013TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
May's Panto Party2009TV MovieHerself
Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America2009TV Series documentaryHerself
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The Dawn of Sound: How Movies Learned to Talk2007Video documentaryHerself - Broadway / Television Star
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All Star Revue1953TV SeriesHerself - Guest Singer / Dancer / Actress
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The Colgate Comedy Hour1951TV SeriesHerself - Comedian
The Ed Sullivan Show1951TV SeriesHerself
Cavalcade of Stars1950-1951TV SeriesHerself - Guest Comedienne / Vocalist / Herself - Singer
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Back in '231933Documentary shortHerself (as Baby Rose Marie)
Sing, Babies, Sing1933ShortHerself (as Baby Rose Marie)
Baby Rose Marie the Child Wonder1929ShortHerself (as Baby Rose Marie)

Archive Footage

The Sixties2014TV Mini-Series documentarySally Rogers
Pioneers of Television2014TV Mini-Series documentarySally Rogers - Dick Van Dyke Show
Luke and Joe Get Lost2010Sally Rogers
Biography1995TV Series documentaryHerself


Won Awards

2001Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameTelevisionOn 3 October 2001. At 7083 Hollywood Blvd.

Nominated Awards

1966Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a ComedyThe Dick Van Dyke Show (1961)
1964Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Performance in a Supporting Role by an ActressThe Dick Van Dyke Show (1961)
1963Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Performance in a Supporting Role by an ActressThe Dick Van Dyke Show (1961)

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