• Jenn Marino is a co-host at the Sixx Sense radio program.
• She was born in Oklahoma City, USA in 1980.
• She started her radio career in 1999 in Oklahoma-City.
• She is a single mother to a son, and a dog lover.
• Jenn has an estimated net worth of over $700,000.

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Jenn Marino is a well-known co-host at the Sixx Sense radio program. She has come a long way to get that position and to work with the famous Nikki Sixx, who was her idol since her childhood. Let’s find out more about her age, husband, net worth and more.
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Early life, family

Little is known about Jenn’s early life, her birthday and the year of her birth haven’t been announced anywhere, and it seems like Jenn is keeping her age details low-key on purpose, though according to some dates she dropped in one of her interviews, she might be born in 1980. Nothing is known about Jenn’s parents. There is no information about her siblings either, though she once posted a Christmas photo with two other women of her age, all women including Jenn were holding their kids, and under that photo Jenn wrote she was happy to spend her Christmas in a tight circle of her family, so those two women might be her sisters. Jenn was born in Oklahoma City, USA, and spent her childhood there, so witnessing one of the most horrible terrorist attacks in the history of the US, which happened on 19 April 1995 at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building; 168 people were killed that day. She didn’t suffer from it physically, though she keeps memories of that disastrous day.


Jenn matriculated from a local high school in Oklahoma-City, where she spent the days of her childhood and youth. However, she never mentioned the particular name of the school she attended. Nothing is known about her further education – there is no information about any college she graduated from.

Jenn Marino


Jenn once shared in her interview for All Access that she got into radio in 1999, starting her career in the position of a promoter at KRXO in Oklahoma-City. Some months later she met Jake Fisher who asked her if she wanted to come and work at his request show on Saturday nights and answer his phone calls. The job turned the whole life of Jenn upside down and she still thanks Jake for that opportunity every time they meet. Getting more and more experience of working on the radio, she soon shifted to KKWD in Oklahoma City, and to night shows at KXBL in nearby Tulsa. When Jenn turned 20, she moved to Baltimore to another job on radio, hosting night shows at WIYY, soon moving again to Washington DC to host midday shows at WHFS, but several months later CBS got Jenn back to Baltimore where she worked at WWMX for nine years. In 2014 Jenn obtained a dream-come-true job offer – the position of the hostess in the world famous shows Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown, so she moved to Los Angeles, California, and she still lives there.

Jenn always enjoyed listening to the radio and treated radio DJs as true celebrities. To her mind, those who worked on KJYO and KATT in Oklahoma-City in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s were the equivalent of Madonna. As Jenn got older, she loved Cubby’s shows on Z100, and among other radio hosts who inspired Jenn were JoJo Wright, Kid Kelly, Kidd Kraddick and Tim Virgin. She mentioned she was fascinated with the energy, the flow and the intensity they all worked with, and especially admired Tim Virgin for his talent in interviewing. Jenn remembers his interviewing Blink 182 and she even took some mental notes for her future radio career, thinking she wanted to have conversations like that, skipping boring questions and making a sensation out of the discussion.

Getting the job of her dreams at Sixx Sense

Jenn remembers her way to getting the co-host position on “Sixx Sense”, as if it was yesterday. A friend of called her and asked her to send him something of her recent shows; she was a bit confused since she didn’t know what audience was going to listen to it. A few days later Bill May called her to give her the details about her future co-host job at “Sixx Sense”. She remembers pinching herself during the first ‘phone call since she didn’t believe it was really happening to her. After three months of auditions, she then officially got the job. She said: ‘I got the ‘phone call from Bill, at which point he said, ‘You got the job, congrats! I know you’re going to scream when we hang up.’

Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown

Jenn made her debut on “Sixx Sense” on 3 April 2014, at a time when the famous rock music program reached 2.9 million listeners every week and was broadcast on 130+ stations around the country, as well as airing on internet radio station iHeartRadio. Jenn also had her first live streams on “The Side Show Countdown” on 5 April 2014.

The two shows are on which Jenn and her co-host, Nikki Sixx, talk not only about rock music, but also about hot topics which touch the audience. A special feature which is called Sixx Picks is Jenn’s favorite part of the show, as Nikki chooses the songs he personally wants to highlight, which may not even be on everyone’s radar, which make his song choice so special for many listeners who get fresh hits right from Nikki’s head. Jenn believes it is a great way of exposing the audience to new artists.

As for Jenn’s role in the show, she got the opportunity of her dreams to interview such big names like Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica members, Linkin Park members, etc.

Personal life

Nikki Sixx once entertained his fans on Twitter with a joke about Jenn’s current relationship status. On 28 November 2017 he stated  Jenn couldn’t find ‘a good man’ so he was looking for any takers. Some of his readers joked back asking if a woman would do, and Nikki answered: ‘That works’, though Jenn never confirmed any rumors about being a lesbian.

Some fake Instagram accounts which used Jenn’s name claimed she was dating James Michael, but Jenn never confirmed this information. In 2014 in her interview to All Access she accidentally shared some information about her relationship status: ‘My man and I love to try all kinds of new places to eat, and lately, head to the beach. This whole California lifestyle is something I can get used to’. However, no names or any further details were dropped after that statement. Nevertheless, Jenn has a son, though has never revealed who is his biological father. Jenn spends a lot of spare time with him, includinggoing fishing.

Hobbies and interests

Even though Jenn is working on the program which reveals fresh, young and unknown artists, and is always a breathtaking and exciting process of exploring new music, she still prefers good old ‘90s when it comes to her own song choice. Among her favorite music artists and their albums there are Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle”, Counting Crows’ “August and Everything After”, and Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced”.

Jenn is a basketball fan, her favorite team is OKC Hunters. She also loves baseball, and her favorite team is the Texas Rangers.

As for her off-radio life, she is ‘a mom all day, every day’, as she said in her interview to All Access. She said she loves hanging out with her son – as a single mom, Jenn supports the organization called “We Are One Cord” which helps singles mothers and raises awareness of the difficulties a single mother faces on daily basis.

She also spends a lot of time on her photography hobby, perhaps finding old abandoned houses covered with old vandal graffiti. Some of her fans take her photos and make art pieces of them, for example, Joseph Horton, an artist from Tennessee, took Jenn’s photo of a children tricycle and made an oil painting of it. Both Jenn and Joseph were happy with the result, and posted it on her Instagram account, cheering him for his work.

Jenn is a dog lover and encourages other people to adopt dogs from the shelters; she herself adopted a border collie she named Maven’ several weeks ago he had seizures, but after hospital tests everything turned to be ok with the dog.

One of her favorite flowers is bluebonnet. She is a fan of “Game of Thrones” series.

Social media presence

Before entering the “Sixx Sense” team Jenn wasn’t a public figure, and never shared any photos or tweets, but as soon as she became the co-host on Nikki Sixx show, her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were set up within the first two hours on her first working day. As for now, her Twitter account has more than 12,500 readers, on which she is very active and tweets several times a day. Her Instagram account is followed by more than 17,000 subscribers, and she also has a Facebook page.


Jenn has long naturally dark brown hair which she dyes black, and sometimes wears bangs; she has brown eyes. She has a sleeve tattoo on her left arm which took two years to be fully completed, which depicts a beacon and several flowers such as chamomiles and roses. Her height, weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment.

Net worth

Jenn’s current net worth according authoritative sources is over $700,000 – such sources as PayScale and Glassdoor indicate that an experienced and popular radio host can virtually ‘name their own price’, in Jenn’s case certainly over $100,000 a year. She is still holding the positions of co-host of “Sixx Sense” and “The Side Show Countdown”, so her overall net worth is going to only grow.



No Tomorrow2012Short script supervisor
American Masters2002TV Series documentary production assistant - 1 episode
Big Apple2002production assistant
Never Die Twice2001production assistant

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