• Sara Kapfer is mostly famous for being the ex-wife of actor Cuba Gooding Jr.
• They married in 1994 and divorced in 2017.
• They have three children together and often took them to Hollywood events.
• Cuba Gooding Jr. was accused of multiple affairs during their marriage.
• Sara Kapfer has a net worth of around $500,000 and Cuba Gooding Jr. has a net worth of around $15 million.

Known for movies

Sara Kapfer is mostly famous as comic actor Cuba Gooding Jr.’s ex-wife – the couple eventually divorced in 2017 after a few of years of court issues. Even though a lot of people considered their marriage to be a role model for other families, not everything in their life was as good as it seemed. Let’s find out more about Sara’s current relationship status, her net worth, kids, family, etc.

Early life and family

Sara Kapfer was born in 1969 – the precise date unknown – in New York City, USA, so holding American nationality. Almost nothing at all is known about her parents and other members of her family, except that she came from an ordinary middle-class family and had a sibling brother and a foster sister, as Sara and her brother were adopted.

Further information is unavailable, as Sara has never shared any details about her early life except one post on her Instagram account on which she thanked her mother for adopting her and her brother, and giving them everything she could to bring them up as good people.

Educational background

Sara matriculated from John F. Kennedy High School in New York City in 1987. Later she graduated from a college with a BA in Education; the name of the college is still unavailable.


Sara has been working continuously as an elementary school teacher all her career; even though she could have quit teaching due to high salary of her then-husband Cuba Gooding Jr., she went on working as she enjoyed her job and kids. However, as of 2019, she is retired.

Personal life, ex-husband Cuba Gooding Jr.

Meeting her future husband

Sara met Cuba Gooding Jr. in 1984, when he moved to New York City and studied at the same high school with her. He changed four high schools during his youth, so he tried to make friends everywhere he came so not to feel lonely. They dated for several years before marrying, officially becoming wife and husband in 1994. The photos from their wedding ceremony are still available on various sites, and one can see Sara had a luxurious white gown and a big bouquet of white and yellow roses. Sara seemed happy to marry a talented and promising actor, who was then famous for starring in such movies as “Men of Honor” (2000), “What Dreams May Come” (1998), and “Jerry Maguire” (1996) in which he played to role of Rod Tidwell and won an Oscar for this work as the Best Supporting Actor.


Sara and Cuba have given birth to three children: two sons, Spencer Gooding (who was born in 1994) and Mason Gooding (born 14 November 1996), and a daughter, Piper Gooding (born in 2005). They always took their sons everywhere they headed to, introducing them into society and visiting various social events with them, such as pre-premiere parties of Cuba’s new movies, etc. Cuba Gooding Jr. always emphasized his passion for parenting, and gave maximum effort to become a good father. He granted his kids access to Hollywood, and helped them to get their first roles in films and series.

Thus their second son, Spencer, debuted as an actor in the “SlamBall” series in 2002, while their oldest son, Mason made his acting debut in 2018 in the series entitled “The Good Doctor”; he’s also appeared in HBO’s series “Ballers” sharing the screen with the legendary Dwayne Johnson, and in the comedy entitled “Booksmart” (2019) in which he played the role of Nick. It is also worth saying that Mason was the first of the Goodings to graduate from college (the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University on 1 June 2018), and it touched his father so much that he even cried at his graduation ceremony. Sara now spends more time with her children than Cuba, as their kids live with her.

Sara Kapfer and Cuba Gooding Jr.

They recently presented Piper a dog she wanted for a very long time. Sara and her sons hid the dog so Piper couldn’t see it too early, and then revealed the present – Piper was more than happy and loved the puppy at once. Mason shared some pictures and videos from this warm family day on his Instagram account.

Controversies and multiple cheating of Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sara suspected Cuba was cheating on her for a very long time, though she didn’t have any real evidence of it. Rumors of his love affairs with other women started in 1996 – he was accused of having an affair with a young actress, Jeanette Carr, who was 25 years old at that time. Cuba was said to fool her, saying his marriage was over, when they first met at a club in Hollywood. In fact, he was just far away from home and his family as he was starring in the movie called “Old Friends”.

As soon as the rumors got to the newspapers, Jeanette found out Cuba was still married and broke up with him. It was not the only case of Cuba’s cheating on his wife, as he also had an affair with a waitress, Elyse Lamont, who was 26 when they met. She decided to earn some money from her romance with Cuba, and shared the details of their affair with the media, revealing some explicit stories, however, he accused her of some issues in their relationship. In his interview with “The View” in 2013 he shared: ‘She has been changing to this other woman that I have to introduce myself to every few years. And thank god I’ve fallen in love with each one. It’s true. I’m lucky that way. I want to kill her sometimes’.

The last phrase created a lot of noise in the media, though Cuba insisted it was just a joke. However, Sara couldn’t laugh at such jokes anymore. In 2014 she filed for divorce, as she was also tired of another problem – Cuba’s strong alcohol and drug addiction.

Divorce and new affairs

On 22 April 2014 Sara officially filed for divorce – Cuba didn’t want to sign any papers as he tried to keep the family for the sake of their children. He even once invited Sara to the movie trying to reconcile their relationship in 2016. However, Sara was uncompromising. They are still battling over custody of their youngest daughter, Piper, although their divorce was finalized in 2017. The official reason for their divorce was “irreconcilable differences”, as stated by L.A. County Superior Court.

Sara is keeping her private life low-key, and nothing is known about her new boyfriend or partner. Cuba was noticed with a new girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, who is an ex-wife of Robert De Niro’s oldest son, Raphael, a former actor and current real estate manager.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Sara likes travelling around the US, enjoying the sights of her country. She also liked visiting Europe, especially Denmark, and she once also travelled to the Sahara Desert in Morocco. One of her favorite artists is Frida Kahlo, and her favorite actress is Marilyn Monroe.

Social media presence

Sara is not very active on social media platforms, however, she has an Instagram account on which she sometimes posts her photos and those of her children.

The account is far from being popular, and looks more like a private one, having only 345 subscribers. She once created a profile on Twitter, but never posted a single tweet. However, her ex-husband Cuba Gooding Jr. is quite active on Instagram; his profile there is followed by over 225,000 subscribers. He also created his profile on Twitter, but posted there only once in 2015. He doesn’t have a Facebook page. As to Sara’s kids, they all have their own Instagram accounts: Spencer has over 117 posts on his Instagram profile, Mason has only 64 posts though is followed by almost 7,000 people, and even Piper has her own profile which could be seen only after subscription but is already followed by almost 700 people.

Appearance, clothing style

Sara has naturally light brown hair which she bleaches blonde; she has always worn a side bang. She has blue eyes. Sara is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, weighs around 143lbs (65kgs), and her vital statistics are 38-27-40. As to her clothing style, she has always preferred classy and casual ordinary looks despite her wealth, wearing jeans, shirts, sneakers, etc. She also enjoys wearing sporty clothes, such as snug leggings, T-shirts, etc. She has a tattoo that says ‘I deeply belong to myself’ behind her right armpit.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources Sara’s current net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, accumulated such by working as a teacher and from alimony payments from her husband after their divorce.

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Kapfer

It is known that Cuba Gooding Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million, however he was not in a hurry to share his wealth with his wife after she filed for divorce. He claimed that the impressive amount of money he gained from his starring in Netflix’ hit series entitled “American Crime Stor,y” in which he played O.J. Simpson, can’t be divided between him and his ex-wife as she filed for divorce before his appearance in the series. While married, they owned a house in California’s San Fernando Valley which they sold in August 2013 for $735,000. In the same year Sara and Cuba listed their family mansion for sale for $12 million: the house had seven bedrooms, five fireplaces and six bathrooms; it also had a home theatre, a roller hockey rink, a swimming pool, a boxing ring and gym, and a cellar allegedly with rare old wines.

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