• Anna Prosser Robinson is a Twitch star, media personality, host, show caster, creative producer and video game professional.
• She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a dual degree in International Studies and Speech Communication, and was Miss Oregon USA beauty pageant title in 201•
• She is an award-winning competitive speaker and performer, and also has expertise in both mechanics and presentation of video games.
• Anna Prosser Robinson has a net worth of $1 million.
• She is on various social media platforms with over 65,000 followers on Twitter and 19,000 on Instagram.


Who Is Anna Prosser Robinson?

In the world of glamour and fame, there are a few celebrities who have come to a certain level of ability and fame after a lot of hard work and effort. Anna Prosser Robinson is one of those prominent names who are considered as stars of this industry. She is a twitch star, media personality, host, show caster, creative producer and video game professional. Within a short span of time, this individual has emerged as an experienced scriptwriter, director, editor, and contributor to the broadcaster of video content. This article is based on her achievements and life events, so if you want to find out more about Anna Prosser Robinson, stay with us for the length of the article.

Anna Prosser Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Anna Prosser was born on the 15th February 1985, in Portland, Oregon USA into a noble family. Anna’s father was a computer enthusiast so all his family became familiar with video games. As a little girl she polished her skills, and now considers herself as a lifetime gamer, and believes that video games can be a tool for connecting with other people around the globe. Anna was totally different from other girls, because her future intentions were not similar to others, such as getting married, or having kids. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a dual degree in International Studies and Speech Communication, having Spanish as a major. Along the way, she won the title of Miss Oregon USA beauty pageant title in 2011.

Career Beginnings

Anna began the journey of her professional life by joining the world’s leading and skilled agency of video gaming, the Evil Geniuses. Apart from being a skilled gamer, Anna was well trained in camera handling and communication, and used what she’d studied by making montage videos of the playing team. She moved to Phoenix Arizona along with her ex-husband Geoff and his teammates, but realized that EG team was only interested in keeping her as a facilities manager, rather than allowing her to show her creativity in developing graphical content for media. When she started creating her own videos, EG determined the demand for her work, and hired people to improve the production quality of their work.

Anna Prosser Robinson

Rise to Stardom

Anna is now an award-winning competitive speaker and performer. She is a skilled gamer and also has expertise in both mechanics and presentation of video games. Anna’s life has been full of hurdles during the development of her career – her hard work was badly neglected and she began searching for various odd jobs without designation.

She was treated unequally, as most of the time her continuing project was handed over to someone else. This was becoming unacceptable, and despite her countless contributions to the company, she decided to move on in her life especially after Twitch purchased the company, feeling totally unappreciated. However, the team of Twitch continued to show interest in her work and after a short span of time, they hired Anna in 2015 for their Programming Department and as a host, along with specifying her role in building the narrative of revolutionizing video gaming. Apart from her work in Twitch, she started working as a freelance host for Blizzard.

Further Accomplishments

In 2019 she was promoted from lead producer of Twitch studios to the Managing Producer of a new Creator Development team.

Anna Prosser is also recognized as one of the four women who are active in eSports, and who laid the foundation of Misscliks, a community that made people aware that gaming is safe. Anna was preferred by Greg Bilsland to be a player on WotC’s “Dice Camera Action” live streaming 5E D&D show, on the basis of her experience in playing D&D on the Misscliks.

Anna Prosser Robinson Net Worth

Since launching her career, Anna has become a prominent part of the gaming community, which has only increased her wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Anna Prosser Robinson is, as of mid- 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Anna’s net worth is as high as $1 million. Undoubtedly, her wealth will increase in the upcoming years, assuming that she successfully continues her career.

Anna Prosser Robinson Personal Life, Dating, Marriage, Divorce

Anna Prosser has kept her personal life and professional life separate, so that her personal engagements never come across her professional duties. She married professional gamer Geoff Robinson in 2013, but later separated from him, apparently because of professional jealousy. Apart from gaming, Anna is also fond of public speaking and spokes modeling.

Anna Prosser Robinson Internet Fame

Anna Prosser is one of the most searched and followed personalities on social media. She is on various social media platforms so that she can keep her fans connected with her life. Her official Twitter page has over 65,000 followers, while on Instagram she has 19,000 loyal fans. However, she has kept her Facebook profile private, and does not have any followers on her account.

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