-April Athena is a YouTube personality with a net worth of around $1 million
-She focuses on lifestyle, baking, and beauty content on her main channel AprilAthena7
-She also owns a second channel called CookWithApril, which focuses on food and recipes
-April has collaborated with beauty vlogger Judy Travis on several videos
-She is active on social media, promoting her YouTube content and day-to-day thoughts


Who is April Athena?

April Athena was born on 7 April 1985, in California, USA, and is a YouTube personality, best known for her channel called AprilAthena7, on which she posts videos related to lifestyle, baking, and beauty. She also owns a second channel called CookWithApril, which is focused more on food and recipes.

The Net Worth of April Athena

How rich is April Athena? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is close to $1 million, earned through a successful career online. Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and collaborations. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

There is almost no information regarding April’s childhood and family. Even details about her education are limited. It is known that after matriculating from high school, she enrolled into a university and completed degrees in child development and family life education. Wanting to pursue her passion in beauty, lifestyle, and do-it-yourself projects, she discovered the potential of creating a YouTube channel which allowed her to explore more about her fields of interest.

YouTube is a video sharing website owned by Google, and is ranked by Alexa Internet as the second most popular website in the world. It has become the main source for video related content such as music videos, tutorials, educational videos, short films, trailers, live streams, and video blogs (vlogs). Users can watch, comment, rate, and subscribe to videos or channels they enjoy. Content creators gain money through the Google AdSense programs, which provides a lot of their income. YouTube has been responsible for the rise to fame of many online celebrities, as well as helping them gain huge amounts of wealth.

April Athena

YouTube Content

April began her channel in 2009, around the time when the website was just starting to gain popularity online. She became one of the first channels to focus on beauty and lifestyle, uploading tutorials, beauty products reviews, and list videos. Over the years, her popularity grew, and she would gain over 600,000 followers on her channel. Some of her most popular videos have gained over one million views, mostly tutorials or tips videos, which have earned her the most positive reactions.

Most of her recent videos have her showcasing off recent shopping hauls, while also doing lists of some of her favorites she’s bought from retail stores or online shopping. She also does cleaning videos which are a few of her most popular uploads on her channel. Deciding that she wanted to pursue other topics, but not really wanting to change the theme of her first channel, she created a second one called CookWithApril in 2011, and is focused on showcasing recipes, though it is mostly for her love for baking with a few cooking recipes here and there.

Cooking and Third Channel

Athena’s second channel has managed to gain over 300,000 subscribers, and some of her most popular videos include making Filipino Leche Flan, Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls, and making Birthday Cake Pops similar to that of Starbucks. A few of her most recent videos include making churros, smores, soups, and some other dishes popular in the Philippines.

She also wanted to create vlog content, leading her to start a third channel called AprilJustinTV. Due to how hard it is to maintain a YouTube channel, she decided to share the load of the third one with her husband who makes content alongside her. The third channel focuses on more vlog-like content featuring conversations, vacations, trips, Q&A, and other similar videos. Some of her most popular videos on the channel are about her pregnancy, childbirth, and the couple taking care of the baby. In recent months the couple has been travelling around to attend events and conferences in various parts of the world, including as a family to international locations such as the Dominican Republic. They often go to locations where their children can have fun, and they still post updates and answer questions from time to time.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Athena married her longtime boyfriend Justin in 2011, after meeting online and starting a relationship during 2007. He is the founder of Trending Family which aims to connect brands of family social media influencers. They have two children together and a number of pet cats. She is also close friends with beauty vlogger Judy Travis, and the two have collaborated on several videos.

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, she is very active online through social media, having over 180,000 followers on the website Instagram. Her account often posts photos featuring her family and of herself at events – she does posts similar to thumbnails seen in her YouTube videos. She also has a Twitter account in which she promotes her recent and upcoming YouTube content, and some of her day-to-day thoughts while also featuring posts from her Instagram account. She also has a personal website which promotes her videos from across her three channels. Her husband has a strong online presence too, promoting their channels as well as his organization.

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