• August Kilcher is a 21-year-old American actor, survival expert, outdoors enthusiast and reality TV star.
• He is best known for appearing on the Discovery Channel show “Alaska: The Final Frontier”.
• He is currently attending Oregon State University, majoring in Electrical Engineering.
• He has a net worth of approximately $100,000 as of mid-2019.
• He is active on social media, with 12,000 followers on Instagram.


Who is August Kilcher?

Born on an unspecified date in 1997, in Homer, Alaska USA, August Kilcher is a 21-year-old American actor, survival expert, outdoors enthusiast and reality TV star. He is best known due to his frequent appearances on the hit Discovery Channel series “Alaska: The Final Frontier”, which chronicles the life of the wider Kilcher family, living in extreme conditions in the Alaskan wilderness. While he hasn’t been a centerpiece of the show because of his education, female fans in particular have taken a liking to him.

Early Life: Growing Up in Alaska

August was born to an American family in Homer, Alaska, a small town on the shores of Kachemak Bay, with 5,000 inhabitants according to the 2010 United States Census. August’s parents, Otto and Charlotte Kilcher are famous survival enthusiasts and have taught him how to adore and respect Mother Nature ever since he was an infant. In Homer, August finished both middle school and high school; at an early age, he displayed an affinity for drama and singing, which resulted in him joining the school choir, as well as the drama club. In his junior year, August was a part of a Homer High School play which gained significant publicity due to the students’ skilled adaptation of the comic opera “Pirates of Penzance” into a musical. He matriculated from high school in May 2016.

Education: Oregon State University

After high school, August decided he didn’t want to pursue a career in singing or acting, but instead opted for something a bit more tangible on the current job market,being accepted into Oregon State University, with Electrical Engineering being his major. Some fans consider this ironic, mostly because the whole point of “Alaska: The Final Frontier” is to see how the Kilcher family survives extreme conditions without electricity or any modern tools. Nevertheless, August himself has never expressed a wish to be involved with the show more than he is now. He is still attending OSU, with his graduation date being sometime in 2020. Despite the Kilcher family preferring a self-sustaining lifestyle, they never prevented August from pursuing what he desires.

August Kilcher

Early Career: First Appearances on Alaska: The Final Frontier

August’s first appearance in “Alaska: The Final Frontier” was during episode three of Season One, entitled “Snow, Cold and Darkness”. Because the first two episodes featured bears attacking the family’s calf, August and his parents, Charlotte and Otto, went on a nocturnal search for a cow and her newborn calf, during a period of early winter storms, which gave us ample opportunity to see how August handled the extreme conditions. He displayed uncharacteristic poise and a willingness to always look for a solution, whether it’s a shortage of food, wet firewood or even bears preying on their cattle. Being 14 years-old at the time didn’t allow him to be a full-time actor on the show, due to educational obligations.

Continued Success: Growing Older and Becoming a Skilled Outdoorsman

As the show went on, we saw August taking a more prominent role and being given more difficult tasks. For example, in Season Four, episode 48 “Waste Not, Want Not”, he helped Otto harvest a sterile cow  Almost immediately afterwards, in episode 50, “Secrets Of The Range Rider”, he is faced with perhaps the most difficult task ever – assembling a makeshift chimney from more than 1,000 pounds of scrap metal. His engineering skills are akin to his father’s and this became more and more evident with every episode. Also in Season Four, in “Hunt Above the Clouds”, August and his parents come face to face with two brown bears on the prowl for food. This is considered as one of his best sequences, according to a majority of fans. Since 2016, August is more devoted to his studies at OSU, which resulted in fewer appearances in “Alaska: The Final Frontier”, although as of mid-2019 he’s appeared in a total of 60 episodes.

What is Alaska: The Final Frontier?

“Alaska: The Final Frontier” is one of the most viewed shows on Discovery Channel. The plot of the show centers around the Kilcher family and their self-sustaining, unorthodox lifestyle in the forests of Alaska. August and his parents, along with the rest of the Kilcher clan, are proven to be direct descendants from both Swiss immigrants, and the first Caucasians to ever settle in Alaska. Living in the wilderness allowed them to showcase their survival skills via reality TV – the family survives by hunting, farming and using unorthodox engineering skills to create some of the necessities that everyone needs during the notoriously severe Alaskan winters. A relative of the family is Jewel, a multi-platinum selling artist; while she doesn’t live with her family, she fondly remembers her time at the Kilcher homestead. ‘We caught fish to freeze and had gardens and cattle to live on. I rode horses every day in the summer beneath the Alaskan midnight sun. I loved it there.’, recollects Jewel.

Personal Life: Does August Kilcher Have a Girlfriend?

For a long period of time, there was no reliable information on August’s relationship status. As a celebrity, he wants to keep his personal affairs away from the public eye so that he can focus on his education and possibly furthering his acting career. In late 2016, rumors began swirling about him being in a relationship with a girl called Megan; although the two never confirmed anything, they frequently posted cute pictures together. However, from 11 February 2017, August has been in an apparently happy relationship with Geneva Indira Hall, a girl he met while studying at Oregon State University. They have been going strong for over two years now, and August even took her to see his family’s homestead.

Family: Who is His Father Otto Kilcher?

More famous than his somewhat introverted step-son August, Otto Kilcher is a 67-year-old American reality TV star, survival expert and outdoorsman. He grew up with eight siblings, and discovered he had a love for the outdoors at an early age. His marriage with Charlotte is his third, from which he has his third and fourth children – Levi and Elvin. August was born to Otto and Sharon McKemie, his secondwife. Due to his self-sustaining lifestyle on the Kilcher homestead, Otto has received a lot of criticism because of his hunting and supposed animal cruelty. As of mid-2019, Otto still hasn’t commented on those allegations.

What is August Kilcher’s Net Worth?

According to several reputable sources, August Kilcher has a net worth of approximately $100,000 as of mid-2019, accumulated largely through a series of appearances in “Alaska: The Final Frontier”, as well having a constant stream of revenue from royalties due to Discovery showing re-runs of the show in some parts of the world. It has also been mentioned that August owns a part of the homestead, and that he is directly involved in family affairs, so if he continues to pursue his education and help with the family business, we might see this number rise in the foreseeable future.

Online Presence

Even though August is a reality TV star, he is a private person and usually avoids exposing too much of his private life online. Nevertheless, he is very active on social media. On Instagram, 12,000 people follow him, as he’s currently on break from school in Alaska. Twitter is his second favorite outlet, on which he has 6,000 followers. He also runs a private Facebook profile, which he doesn’t seem to be using at the moment.

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