Berleezy is a famous YouTuber, who is best-known for his humorous videos from his “Exposed” series, in which he makes fun of various shows and movie characters. He has two successful YouTube channels, and is fully focused on them at the moment. Let’s find out more about his real name, relationship status, net worth, etc.

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Early life, family

Berlin Andre Edmund Jr. was born on 16 December 1992, in California, USA, so his birth sign is Sagittarius, and he holds American nationality. His parents still live together, and Berlin has even featured his mother in some of his videos, though he’s never mentioned her name. his father’s name is also unknown, nor has Berlin revealed if he has any siblings. He once shared that he had a very peaceful and “normal” childhood, and his parents were always supportive of him whatever he did.


Berlin matriculated from his local high school in 2010, then entered California State University in Fullerton (former Orange County State College), and graduated in 2017 with a BA in English. He took his education very seriously, and was looking forward to trying himself in the world of teaching, so he took several breaks from his YouTube activities to graduate successfully.


YouTube Career

Berleezy channel

In ‘real’ life, Berlin is an English teacher and works in school. As for his online career, he is a rising YouTube star – he created his YouTube channel on 11 September 2012, but his first video was uploaded only on 2 April 2013, entitled “APRIL FOOLS”. It is Berlin’s first prank video in which he presents his friend empty boxes from iPads, every time promising that the next box really contains an iPad (and it’s not). It has over 100,000 views at the moment, and Berlin’s fans still consider this video to be very funny, as they keep leaving positive and supporting comments. This channel is also famous for Berlin’s “Exposed” series of videos, as he watches various movies and cartoons and then makes funny and edgy videos on the characters and the plots of the movies. The most popular video on this channel is entitled “DORA THE EXPLORER: EXPOSED” and it has an impressive 8.2 million views. During all these years, Berlin has uploaded over 100 videos on his main channel “berleezy”, and over 415 videos on his second channel “iBerleezy”, which he only created in 2016, but its net worth is double that of his first channel.

iBerleezy channel

“iBerleezy” is a separate channel on which Berlin uploads his gaming videos, posting “Let’s Play” videos on such games as Mortal Kombat 11, Fortnite, The Sims 4 and Resident Evil 2. He also likes watching various series such as “The Walking Dead” and “Corpse Party”, and to comment on everything happening on the screen. His fans also suggest what he should watch further, and he chooses the next series from their suggestions. The most popular video on this channel is entitled “FROM THE BEGINNING!! | The Walking Dead: Season 1 | #1” and it has attracted over 600,000 views.

Personal life

Nothing in particular is known about Berlin’s personal life. He’s never mentioned anything about a girlfriend, neither has he posted any photos of himself with a partner. The lack of information can mean either that he was fully focused on his educational path and his YouTube career, or he just prefers to keep his private life low-key. However, his fans wait patiently for any information on his relationship, asking him personal questions in their comments from time to time.

There were also rumors that Berlin was gay, but he never confirmed such information. In 2018 he posted a Q&A video in which he supposed that his future girlfriend would be a gamer, she would have a good sense of humor and would be funny. He also shared that he wanted to have kids, though he hasn’t got any yet, and he would have as many kids as he could financially and emotionally support.

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Hobbies and interesting facts

From his early childhood Berlin liked to play video games, such as Mega Man Legend and Super Smash Brothers. He has a dream to visit Berlin, Germany, to make a funny vlog on Berlin’s trip to Berlin. He was once asked what celebrities he would like to have as a father and a mother, and Berlin answered he would love to have Bernie Mac, a famous black actor and comic, as his father, since he respected his talent very much; as a celebrity mother Berlin chose Oscar awarded actress Viola Davis, as he thought she was a powerful and talented woman. He also added that Donald Glover, a stand-up comic, was always his true inspiration. His favorite YouTuber is Shane Dawson, and he would also like to collaborate with Travis Williams. In his spare time, Berlin enjoys smoking hookah. He also appreciates his fans who draw his portraits, and gives them a shout-out on his social media accounts.

Social media presence

Berlin is very active on various social media platforms. His YouTube channel “berleezy” has over 1.4 million followers, while his second channel “iBerleezy” has over 600,000 subscribers. His Instagram account has over 250,000 subscribers, and his Twitter is read by more than 150,000 people; his Facebook page is followed by over 50,000 fans. His nickname in Snapchat is “berlinedmond”, and he likes to communicate through it.


Berlin has short black naturally curly hair and dark brown eyes. His height, weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment, though one can see that he is very tall and keeps fit. He wears glasses or contact lenses, but is dreaming about LASIK surgery since he is very tired of wearing contact lenses. He prefers a casual clothing style, and often wears hoodies, jeans, sporty clothes, etc. He is also famous for wearing slides everywhere, and is very ironic about that.


Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate Berlin’s net worth to be around $6 million – his monthly income from both YouTube channels is around $112,000. He also works full-time as an English teacher, but was invited to film in commercials for ReportedTV. He is still very active on both of his YouTube channels, and doesn’t have to pause in his YouTube activities to focus on his studying, so his net worth is only going to grow in the future.

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