• Bridget Satterlee is a professional model who has been signed to numerous high profile agencies.
• Her net worth is over $600,000.
• She was raised in Northern California and developed a strong interest in horseback riding.
• She gained national attention when she competed in the Elite Model Look competition.
• She is active on Instagram, with over 560,000 followers, and has been linked to reality television personality Scott Disick.


Who is Bridget Satterlee?

Bridget Rose Satterlee was born on 3 December 1997, in northern California, and is a professional model, best known from being signed to numerous high profile agencies, including Nous Models LA and The Hive.

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The Net Worth of Bridget Satterlee

Over $600,000

Early Life and Modelling Beginnings

She was raised in Northern California and grew up close to her father. At a young age, she developed a strong interest in horseback riding, and took lessons for many years, developing her skill significantly.

Bridget Satterlee

Also known as equestrianism, it’s the skill of riding, driving, vaulting, and steeple chasing with horses. The skill can be developed either for practical working purposes, artistic exercises, recreational activities, transportation, and the competitive sport. While this may have given many the inclination of a pursuit towards becoming a professional equestrian, she later changed her outlook, and wanted a career in modelling. She was encouraged by a lot of her associates, as she possessed the look and physique of a professional model. Eventually, she got her start in the field thanks to her father’s connections.

Modelling Endeavors

In 2014, Satterlee gained national attention when she competed during that year’s Elite Model Look competition, an annual modelling event held by Elite Model Management. The competition is used to discover and launch female fashion models onto the international scene, similar to that of the Ford Models Supermodel of the World contest. Over 350,000 participants from around 70 countries compete each year, with castings held in over 800 cities. Contestants are typically aged from 14-22, and with a chance of reaching the world final. Some notable winners of the competition include Alessandra Ambrosio, Frederique van der Wal, Isabeli Fontana, Stephani Seymour, and Valentina Zelyaeva.

Bridget managed to reach the finals of the competition, and represented the US during the World Final. While she did not win the competition, it was enough to launch her career in professional modelling, signing with several popular modelling agencies including Nous Models LA and The Hive Management, which is a London based modelling agency launched in 2014. She also signed with agencies Why Not Model Management based in Milan, Italy, which is one of the more established in Europe. She is also a part of “UNO”, and these numerous agencies have given her work in various parts of the world.

Online Endeavors

While she was gaining projects through her agencies, Bridget also decided to establish herself online by creating an account on Instagram. The website is a photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook. It is one of the most popular social networking services in recent years having over a billion in registered users and over 500 million daily users of the site’s Stories feature. Users can upload photos and videos to the service which can be shared with the public or pre-approved followers.

She started uploading often modelling projects and photo shoots content to her account. Her consistent uploads mixed with her attractive features quickly caught the attention of many, as she gained over 560,000 followers on the website. Her popularity also led her to numerous online sponsorships, including a contract with Boohoo.com. The company is an online fashion retailer based in the UK and markets itself with clothing aimed at 16 to 30 year olds. The company was founded in 2006 and specializes in its own brand of fashion clothing, earning $700 million in profit in 2018.

Personal Life and Social Media

Satterlee was romantically linked to reality television personality Scott Disick, though the two are no longer together. He is better known for his on-and-off relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, and has also dated a lot of popular models in the past. Since then, she has not been linked romantically with anyone else, and many sources state that she is currently single. She currently resides in Arizona, though frequently travels due to the nature of her work.

Similar to numerous professional models, Bridget is active online through the use of social media, having accounts on several popular websites. However, it is only Instagram that she is maintaining, as it is the one with a huge amount of followers while also being the one that gains her additional modelling projects. She used to be active on Twitter but stopped posting on the website in 2017, prior to which she mainly posted photos and advertisements promoting her sponsors. There are also accounts of her on the website Facebook, but they are not official and are just fan pages, posting photos which can be viewed on other websites such as her Instagram account. Her photo shoots can also be viewed, as some of them have been uploaded on the video sharing website YouTube.

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