• Brigitte Goudz is an American fitness model and instructor.
• She is sponsored by several fitness companies, and has her own website offering free tips and advice.
• She is secretive about her personal life and relationships, rumored to be either bisexual or lesbian.
• She follows a regular workout routine and has a balanced diet.
• She is active on several social media platforms, and has a net worth of over $600,000.


Brigitte Goudz (Wonder Woman) Wiki Biography

Brigitte Goudz was born in Pennsylvania USA, on 24 July 1994, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality – she is popular for her Instagram account as well as for being a fitness instructor. Brigitte is also a fitness model who is currently working with several brands and companies.

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Early life and education

Brigitte doesn’t usually talk about her early life as she has stated herself how that was a period when she had a bad image of herself, and low self-confidence. Because of that, she wasn’t very liked by her peers during high school, who teased and bullied her – they were only able to do so because Brigitte herself was very insecure. After she matriculated from high school, she didn’t enroll at college but rather started going to the gym, which is how her subsequent career started.

Brigitte is also quite secretive when it comes to her parents as she hasn’t spoken about them – she also doesn’t talk about having any siblings which is why she is said to be an only child, however, this hasn’t been confirmed by the popular fitness instructor.

Career of a fitness model

Brigitte’s career was launched in July 2012, when she began uploading pictures of her workout routines onto her Instagram account. She was slowly building her fan base on her Instagram account, which eventually led to her being invited for photoshoots – while the first were regular modelling shoots, she soon received offers from sports magazines who wanted her on their cover pages. It didn’t take long for Brigitte to become a sought-after fitness model – today, she has her own website on which she offers free tips and advice, while you can also pay her to teach you exercising either online or in person if you are living in the same city.

She is currently sponsored by several fitness companies including Violate The Dress Code, Granite Supplements, Nutrichef, I Sew It You Show It, and several others.

Brigitte Goudz

Personal life and relationships

Brigitte is quite secretive when it comes to her love life as she hasn’t shared any details of her past and present relationships with the public.

Brigitte not talking about her love life is the main reason behind the rumors which started circulating the internet a couple of months ago – rumors say that the popular fitness instructor might be either bisexual or a lesbian, as she is rumored to be dating one of her best friends with whom she uploaded a picture two months ago. Brigitte hasn’t addressed any rumors regarding her love life, and is keeping all her personal things to herself.

Judging by her social media platforms, Brigitte currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interests

Brigitte is a huge fan of exercising and has her own idols – she has so far mentioned Cassandra Martin who is a bodybuilder, and Ariel Khadr who is an IFBB Pro athlete. Besides exercising and spending her free time at the gym, Brigitte also has other interests. One of these is travelling, and she often goes to attractive locations, whether it’s because her modelling photoshoots are held there or she is just doing it for fun – many pictures from numerous destinations can be found on her Instagram account. She is also a big animal lover, and although she wants to have a pet, she can’t because she doesn’t have enough free time to dedicate to it. She is interested in all kinds of sports, and will never refuse an offer to try something new.

Brigitte is a big lover of TV series and music, while she rarely watches movies as they take too much of her time.

Brigitte’s workout routine

Brigitte has shared her usual weekly workout routine with the public although she wasn’t precise about which exercises she usually does. She will always take some time to warm up before exercising which she thinks is very important to do for your body as well to avoid unnecessary injuries:

  • On Mondays, Brigitte usually does heavy upper body training;
  • On Tuesdays, she does heavy lower body training;
  • Brigitte takes Wednesdays off;
  • On Thursdays she does quadriceps and chest;
  • Friday is the day for back and arms;
  • Saturday is for either a break or her shoulders, legs, and biceps;
  • And Sundays are either a break (if she was exercising on Saturday) or she’s working on her shoulders, legs, and biceps.

Brigitte has also stated that her favorite exercises include pull-ups and knee bends, while the favorite parts of her body are her legs and glutes.



Brigitte has also stated that she wasn’t very smart when she started going to the gym – she didn’t follow some of the simplest rules about food which is also important, as food matters as much as your exercises. Because she wasn’t eating properly, Brigitte’s body wasn’t developing as she wanted it to, but upon receiving advice from other people in the gym, Brigitte changed her diet, and her muscles started developing more quickly. Another thing she wasn’t doing right was taking a rest ,as it is very important for your muscles to have a day off.

Brigitte has stated that it is very important for someone who exercises on a daily basis to eat proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats:

  • Her favorite sources of proteins are eggs, chicken, beef, yogurt, and cottage cheese;
  • The vegetables she enjoys eating are lettuce, green beans, cucumber, tomato, spinach like Popeye, and beetroot;
  • She gets her carbohydrates from fruits, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, pumpkin, and wholemeal bread;
  • And she gets her fats from almonds, peanut butter (a lot of it is not good for you), and olive and coconut oil.

Fish is also a very important part of your diet mostly due to its oil, and you should eat it at least two times per week.

Besides food, Brigitte takes several supplements including BCAAs, ZMA, Whey Protein, L-Carnitine, Creatine, and Yohimbine.

Brigitte Goudz

Appearance and net worth

Brigitte is almost 25 years old. She has long black hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, and weighs around 130lb (63kg).

According to authoritative sources, her net worth as of mid-2019 is estimated to be more than $600,000, and is steadily rising thanks to numerous activities she is currently working on.

Social media presence

Brigitte is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is an important part of her modelling career. She launched her Twitter account in June 2012, but it seems that she hasn’t been active on it since 30 July 2013. Her Instagram account is what she is popular for, as it counts nearly 500,000 followers while she’s uploaded nearly 700 pictures onto it. She is also running a Facebook page which counts more than 26,000 followers.

Brigitte also has her own website on which you can read a bit about her, check out her training routines, read testimonials of other people, shop her merchandise, or contact her if you have any questions or suggestions.

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