• Britt Baron is a popular American actress born in 1995 in White Plains, New York State
• She graduated in Performance Arts from the University of Michigan in 2013 and started her professional acting career with a role in the TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in 2005
• She stars in Netflix’s comedy drama ‘Glow’ as the wrestler Justine
• Britt is a human rights, women’s rights and racial equality activist, and supports the IAmThatGirl organization to help women feel comfortable the way they are
• She is an avid book lover, dog lover and supporter of the Democratic Party in the 2016 US Presidential election


Who is Britt Baron?

Popular actress Britt Baron was born in White Plains, New York State USA, on the 16th of October 1995 as Brittany Uomoleale – her ethnicity is caucasion and her nationality American. She adopted her stage name when she began her professional acting career, without any indication of how she chose it. She’s starred in several popular TV shows and movies, most notably in Netflix’s comedy drama “Glow”, in which she plays the role of Justine, a wrestler in a low budget wrestling league.

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Britt Baron’s Bio: Early Life and Education

Britt grew up in Connecticut, where she apparently had a happy childhood living with her mom and dad. Her mom was against her acting desires when she was little, as she thought Britt should have a normal childhood, and as a former publicist, also knew the negative side of the job. Britt stayed loyal to her childhood wishes, and graduated in Performance Arts in 2013 from the University of Michigan.

Career and Net Worth

Britt loved acting since she was a young girl, and stated multiple times that her main goal is to remain an actress until the end of her life. She was introduced to acting when she was in a summer camp during her first year of school – she played the role of Sherlock Holmes, and actually insisted on playing male roles as a kid. Britt was spotted by a talent agent when she was in college – the agent saw her in a clown’s dress goofing around.

Before rising to prominence, Britt participated in theater plays at Burban’s Falcon Theatre or Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, such as in ‘Grand Concourse’ and ‘East of Eden’. Meantime Britt worked as a babysitter, to support herself during the first few years of her career.

Her on-screen career started in 2005, in a support role for the TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Other TV shows in which she has appeared are ‘Awkward’, ‘Movie Trivia Schmoedown”, ‘Chicago P.D.’, ‘Lucifer’, and most recently ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ and ’Glow’.

Britt showed her professionalism when she tried for the role of the wrestler Justine for four weeks before the shooting even began. She even considered quitting acting before she got the role in this show, as she was starting to feel down and disappointed. However, she made short appearances in the movies ‘Mad’ and ‘Static’, as well as ‘’Meshes of Dusk’.

This versatile actress has lent her voice to numerous video games too, such as ‘Agents of Mayhem’, ‘Dishonored: Death of the Outsider’, ‘Dishonored 2’, ‘Skylanders: Imaginators’ and ‘Halo 5: Guardians’.

Her dream roles would be as Abigail in the ‘Crucible’ and Jaffar from ‘Aladdin’. When asked how she feels being nude on the screen, Britt said she doesn’t feel comfortable just for the sake of nudity, without adding any value to the scene. Her estimated net worth by sources as of late-2019 is close to $1 million.

Private life

Britt likes spending her free time with friends, chilling-out and making bonfires. She is a huge lover of kids and would like to have her own. In a recent interview Britt said that she is not very much into driving or cars in general.

She is not only an actress, but someone who takes the responsibility for the publicity her career choice can bring, so has participated in a suicide awareness campaign, and mental health awareness programs. Her cousin Kelly committed suicide a few years ago, and that left Britt quite shocked and she decided to do something to help others who are having issues as her cousin did. Britt is also a human right’s activist, women’s rights and racial equality activist. A huge supporter of ‘IAmThatGirl’ organization, Britt feels that it is crucial for every woman to be comfortable the way they are.

Britt Baron

During her free time Britt enjoys storytelling, walking, puzzles, board games and watching TV. Her acting role models are Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Rooney Mara, and her favorite movie is “Fargo”, while her favorite singer is Britney Spears. Britt is an avid book lover – her favorite author is J.D. Salinger and her favorite books are ‘Nine Stories’ by J.D. Salinger and ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. She likes listening to indie folk music, and her favorite band is Bon Iver, a popular American indie folk band.

Britt is an avid dog lover, and owns a bulldog named Daisy.

When it comes to her love life, Britt has managed to keep it secret so far. It is not known who she’s dating, or who she has dated, and she’s never confirmed any relationship publicly. For Valentine’s Day in 2018, she posted a picture with a guy, however, she didn’t say his name or that he is her boyfriend.

As a public personality, Britt has social networks as well. Her Instagram account is her most developed social platform when it comes to the number of followers – she has over 300,000 fans.

She supported the Democratic Party in the 2016 US Presidential election.

Recent controversy

In some media, it’s been stated that Britt was actually born in 1992, not 1995, however these allegations haven’t been confirmed. The actress herself hasn’t denied or confirmed this rumor.

Britt Baron’s Body Measurements, Height and Weight

Britt has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her vital statistics are currently unknown, however she has a regular figure, is 5ft 7ins (170cm) tall, and weighs around 128lbs (58kgs).

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