• Bryce Hall rose to fame on social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram, and TikTok
• He did not attend college and instead focused on his online career
• He is very active on YouTube, YouNow, Musical.ly, and TikTok
• He has a rose tattooed on his left arm and his net worth is estimated to be around $800,000
• He is active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms

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Bryce Hall Wiki Bio

Bryce Hall was born in Maryland, USA on 14 August 1999; zodiac sign – Leo; nationality – American. He firstly rose to fame thanks to his Vine account, and then switched to Instagram and TikTok after Vine was shut down.

Childhood and education

Bryce was one of the most popular boys in high school thanks mostly thanks to his Vine account which he launched right before he started attending high school. He quickly rose to fame on the platform, which instantly made him popular in school as well – it also made it possible for him to date some of the most beautiful girls attending the same school as he was. He had numerous friends and so was rarely seen alone.

After he matriculated from a local high school, Bryce decided not to enroll at college but to rather focus on his online career.

Career of a social media personality

Bryce launched his career in 2014 at just 15 years of age, when he started using several social media platforms. Vine was his favorite platform on which he uploaded short funny videos of himself, including lip syncing videos – he had more than 500,000 followers before the platform was shut down.

After Vine was shut down, Bryce focused on his Instagram account, while he also began using TikTok, which is an app very similar to Vine. He is also very active on numerous other social media platforms such as YouNow on which he has more than 160,000 followers, and Musical.ly on which he has gathered more than a million followers. He is also very active on YouTube, as he launched his channel on 13 February 2015 and there are currently nearly 800,000 people subscribed to it, while he counts more than three million views of all his videos combined. Most of his videos are focused on his everyday life, including his girlfriends, daily activities, and doing challenges and pulling pranks on his friends.

Bryce Hall

Bryce is popular on the internet mostly because of the connection he has with his fans – he will often ask them for advice for things related to his life, including simple things such as asking them about whether or not he should change his hairstyle.

Love life and relationships

Not a lot is known for sure about Bryce’s love life, as he uploads plenty of videos onto his YouTube channel regarding girls and relationships – a lot of them are about going out with new girls and breaking up with them – most of these videos seem to be uploaded just for fun, and it is therefore not known whether or not he is really dating these girls.

The one thing that can be said with certainty is that Bryce was dating Elle Danjean for a short period of time in 2019 – at first it seemed that the two were a perfect match, however, it turned out that they weren’t and Bryce explained it in one of his videos on YouTube. There are no rumors regarding his love life and his past and present affairs.

Hobbies and interests

Bryce is a big animal lover, more than he loves humans – he has a pet dog named Cici and a small grey cat whose name is not known. Judging by his pictures on his Instagram account, Bryce is very fond of travelling and she often combines this passion with his love towards concerts held in the open and photography – he can often be seen with a camera around his neck. He enjoys spending free time with his male friends, and most of his pictures on Instagram are with them – this is the reason why some people believe that Bryce is gay, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the popular Instagram star. He is also fond of exercising, and visits the gym a couple of times per week.

Controversy during the Press Play Tour

Bryce was happy when he was invited to attend the Press Play Tour in August 2015, with numerous other social media personalities, however, he was kicked-off the tour because he was not following the rules – rumors have it that Bryce was making some of the girls uncomfortable – he was disappointed and wanted to tell the public what the issue was really about, as he stated he wanted to ‘expose’ Press Play, however, he was advised not to do something he might later regret. So Bryce remained silent and it still not known what exactly happened during this tour which led to his removal.

Appearance and net worth

Bryce is 20 years old

Short brown hair

Brown eyes

Height and weight – unknown

Has a rose tattooed on his left arm

Net worth ~$800,000

Social media presence

  • Twitter lunched in May 201; gathered ~380,000 followers; tweeted ~4,000 times
  • Instagram account followed by ~1.4 million people; uploaded ~900 pictures
  • He is running a Facebook page which is followed by ~3,300 fans



World's Toughest Fixes2008TV Series documentary producer - 1 episode
Bone Detectives2007TV Series story producer - 2008
Mega Movers2007TV Series documentary producer - 2 episodes
Ghana: The Presidential Tour - With Host Forrest Sawyer2005TV Special producer
Amazing Campgrounds2005TV Movie documentary producer
Extreme Concept Cars2004TV Special associate producer
HD Getaways2004TV Series producer - 2004-2005
Mega Machines2004TV Series producer
Car Crash Tech2004TV Movie documentary associate producer


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Amazing Campgrounds2005TV Movie documentary
HD Getaways2004TV Series 2004
Mega Machines2004TV Series 2004


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