• Born on 10 November 1992 and raised in Connecticut, USA
• Initially opted for a career in law, but changed to modeling after an accidental encounter with a talent agent
• Uses social media as a platform for furthering her business and to share her knowledge with the world through her blog, This Herban Life
• Has a net worth of $300,000
• Has an Instagram profile with over 160,000 followers

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Who is Dayna Frazer?

Born on 10 November 1992, in Connecticut, USA, under the always-volatile and mystical sign of Scorpio, Dayna Frazer is a 26-year-old model, influencer, social media personality and blogger, but also a legal professional. Even though she initially opted for a career in law, an accidental encounter with a talent agent propelled her to eventual superstardom in the fashion world. Followed by a high-profile relationship with Dylan Sprouse of Disney Channel fame, this career change made Dayna an industry staple.


Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Connecticut

Ever since she first appeared on the radar, Dayna has been keen to share information about her life, as she considered it as ‘an integral part in the process of understanding her’. Apparently, she grew up on a farm in rural Connecticut, raised with a younger sister by their parents. When she was in her pre-teens, there was no indication that she was interested in modeling, the beauty industry or anything similar. Instead of opting for showcasing her looks, Dayna’s occupation of choice was – law. Once she matriculated from high school, the University of Connecticut, one of the best value schools in the entire US, was her next stop. As for her majors, she chose two – Political Science and History – both of which were her then-biggest passions.

Reconsidering Her True Calling

A bright and ambitious student, Dayna “breezed” through her four years at UConn, but soon began questioning her own decisions. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she began studying for a law school admission exam, but this caused Dayna to start having second thoughts about being in the legal world for the rest of her life. Even though she wasn’t sure about the whole thing, she still tried to pass the exam, which she did after several attempts, and eventually graduated from law school. In 2014, she got her first job at the renowned John DeMaio law firm, where she held the position of legal recruiter, profiling and screening attorneys who wanted to be a part of the firm. To advance she needed to study more, which she had no intention of doing, so subsequently Dayna briefly moved to New York City in mid-2015, to work for Greenberg Traurig, where she was a professional development assistant.

Dayna Frazer

Accidental Entry Into the World of Modeling

In late 2015 Dayna became confused because she came to the realization that law wasn’t the career she saw herself in. While she was at a restaurant one night, a talent scout approached her out of the blue with an invitation for a casting. Both flattered and flabbergasted, Dayna accepted the invitation and made an excellent first impression at the audition, so another decision saw her abandon everything else, and devote all her time to modeling. After a few photoshoots, she signed with Fenton Models – since their start in 2009, the agency has provided a steady influx of talent into both the music and fashion worlds. At the same time, Dayna wasn’t quite pleased with the limited exposure she had, even though this was normal for a rookie in the industry, and wanted to expand her range. As a logical decision, she signed with Freedom Models, another famous talent agency, based in West Hollywood. This series of moves further solidified her chances of making it big.

Rising Up: Using Social Media as a Launching Pad

Instead of just relying on agencies to set up new photo shoots and business opportunities, the always-ambitious Dayna wanted to take matters into her own hands. In the mid-2010s, she/we saw a surge of models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid using social media as a platform for furthering their business, so Dayna created an Instagram account, and began posting tidbits from her personal life, in addition to the mandatory sneak peaks from various photoshoots. After just a few months on the platform, she had amassed 10,000 followers, however, Dayna wasn’t done.

This Herban Life

Contrary to just implementing the knowledge she had amassed, she decided she wanted to share it with the world, via This Herban Life, her personal blog and a play on This Urban Life. In it, she dabbles in subjects such as pop culture, mental health, beauty, wellness and everything a person living in the 21st century should know. As time went on, she began to post recipes, and even blog posts centered around psychological and philosophical topics.

Continued Success: Dayna’s Influence

As her Instagram fandom grew to 100,000 followers, she became a true influencer. Brands such as Emueroe, a minimal jewelry company, and Trois, a summer clothing brand, contacted Dayna and began using her as the face of their latest collections. Using a clever strategy comprised of promo codes, contests and other marketing tools, Dayna became an Instagram star, which ensured a steady rise for this former legal professional and development assistant.

Personal Life: Dayna Frazer and Her Ex-Boyfriend Dylan Sprouse

Although they tried to hide it from the media, it eventually became known that Dayna and Dylan Sprouse began dating in 2014. Dylan is the twin-brother of Cole Sprouse, with whom he starred in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, a famous show that aired on Disney Channel. He and Dayna met at a gala event, and decided they were a perfect match for each other. After Dayna moved to New York permanently, they started living together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Everything seemed to be going great – they even adopted a puppy named Magnus – however, in 2017, both Dylan and Dayna came out with an announcement that they’d decided to effectively end their relationship. Neither of them wanted to cite the real reason, but there are indications that the split-up happened because of Dylan’s infidelity. There are even a few photos Dayna posted on Instagram, which she later deleted, that hinted at Dylan having an affair. As of mid-2019, there are no indications that Dayna is in a serious relationship.

Future Plans

In her official bio on This Herban Life, Dayna revealed that her lifelong dream is to fulfill all her professional ambitions, and move away to a rural environment. Her plan includes leading a self-sustaining lifestyle, dependent on fruits and vegetables she would grow on her own – Dayna is a vegan and wants to launch a line of vegan-friendly beauty products in the future. All of this is no surprise as she wrote her graduate thesis on Communal Utopias, as a possible solution to pollution, over-population and many other significant problems our planet currently faces.


Body Measurements: How Tall is Dayna Frazer?

Dayna Frazer is 5ft 9ins (175cm) tall, and while her weight is currently unknown, her vital measurements are 35-23-35. She has brown hair of medium length, which she rarely dyes. Her eyes are light green, even seeming blueish in certain photos.

What is Dayna Frazer’s Net Worth?

According to several authoritative sources, Dayna Frazer has a net worth of around $300,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated through her short-lived career in law, plus photo shoots, modeling and appearances in magazines and webzines, plus paid sponsorships. If she continues trending upwards, we could see this number rise significantly in the next few years.

Online Presence

Dayna, unbeknownst to most, has two blogs. Her short-lived venture, entitled Leather Petal has been on hold for over two years, and This Herban Life is Dayna’s main blog now, which she uses to post about a large range of topics, from everyday conundrums to philosophical analyses of certain phenomena and trends. As for social media, Dayna only has an Instagram profile, on which she is followed by over 160,000 people.



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