• Diane McInerney was born on 2nd September 1971 in New York City
• She is well known for being a correspondent for CBS News magazine “Inside Edition” and covering the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
• She was raised in a large family and attended St John University for communications
• She has been nominated for Emmy Awards twice
• She has a net worth of over $2 million


Who is Diane McInerney?

Diane McInerney was born on the 2nd September 1971, in New York City, USA, and is a journalist who is probably best recognized for being a long-time correspondent for one of the most popular CBS News magazines called “Inside Edition”. In addition, she is well known for covering one of the most viewed events all over the world – the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. She has been nominated for Emmy Awards twice, which gained her a lot of publicity.

Early Life

Even though Diane appears on the small screen almost every day, and gets a lot of public attention, she likes to keep her personal life very private. She’s shared almost nothing about her childhood and family with the public, in order to protect them and keep their privacy, as she thinks that dealing with public attention is something only people with great experience in the entertainment industry can and should handle.

However, it is known that she has a huge family – although she’s never revealed her parents’ names and occupations, she has mentioned in a couple of interviews that her mother has 15 and her father 13 siblings. She was raised to cherish the family, and that they should always be her center of attention. Therefore, she has always been close to both of her parents, and they’ve had a loving, respectful and understanding relationship.

Diane McInerney

She also mentioned that they were very supportive of her during her whole childhood, so when she told them she wanted to be a journalist; they were thrilled and helped her engage in a lot of activities which they believed would help her in her later career.


It is not known which high school she matriculated from, but she mentioned that she was always a responsible student with straight As, and that she used almost all her free time to read and write articles for school papers, with other extracurricular activities.

After matriculating, she attended St John University, as it was in her hometown and affordable, graduating with a degree in communications.

Career Beginnings

Immediately after her graduation, she landed her first job as a part-time correspondent at WFXL TV, located in Albany, Georgia. She made significant progress in a short period of time, so they gave her the opportunity to cover several important news stories, among which was the flood in 1998 which helped her catch the public’s attention, as it was a catastrophe covered by the news all over the world.


After a couple of years, Diana decided to move back to New York as she believed that there were more opportunities for a young journalist. She got a new job in no time at the New 12 Long Island, predominantly covering the daily news, but she also got the chance to do her own research and reports on the crime topic for which she received the Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Crime Series Report. After showing her undeniable talent and knowledge, she received a great number of offers, and accepted WNYW-TV’s offer as their reporter.

She mostly did the on-field coverages of breaking news and live events there, however, even though she loved her job and was very satisfied with her accomplishments, she believed that she could do even better than that, as up until then she was only covering local news and appearing on local stations. Therefore she applied for a job at the company with the national frequency – CBS – and got a job as their anchor for “Inside Edition”, the news magazine show.

She was given the incredible opportunity to have her own show, for which she produces, writes and coordinates stories, and reports on a variety of topics. She uses this show to cover a lot of major events, such as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, and the daily routine of US Navy’s SEAL team.

Personal Life, Social Media Presence and Net Worth

Although Diana doesn’t like to share anything about her personal life with the public, it is known that she is married to her colleague Edward Palermo. She hasn’t revealed when they met, how he proposed or when they married, but she has informed the public that they have two daughters.

It seems that they are in a loving relationship as there haven’t been any controversies about their marriage, even though they are both famous.

McInerey has an Instagram account with almost 50,000 followers, but she never posts pictures with either her husband or her daughters. She mostly shares photos taken with her co-workers and friends, as well as pictures of herself in the field. Speaking about her wealth, it is estimated by authoritative sources that she counts her net worth at over $2 million, as of mid-2019.

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