• Jean Sernandoe is a YouTuber most known for his "Grand Theft Auto" gameplays.
• He grew up playing video games with his peers and started his YouTube channel in 2013.
• The "Grand Theft Auto" series is the fourth highest-selling video game franchise of all time.
• Sernandoe has been caught lying to his fans and viewers multiple times.
• He is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and has a net worth of over $800,000.


Sernandoe Wiki Biography

Jean Sernandoe was born in the USA on 9 September 1996 so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding American nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel onto which he mostly uploads his “Grand Theft Auto” gameplays.

Early life and education

Sernandoe grew up playing video games, which is something his parents weren’t happy about. They kept persuading him to go outside and spend time playing with his peers, but as they were mostly at work, they couldn’t stop him from playing games in the meantime.

By the time he reached high school, Sernandoe was very good at video games, and found numerous people there who were also gamers, and they instantly became friends. Even though his parents did not like the fact that he was spending so much time playing games, they were somewhat relieved when they saw him bringing friends home to play together.

Sernandoe hasn’t talked much about his mother and father, as he prefers to keep them away from the media’s attention, while he is also very sensitive about his personal matters – he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, which is why people think he might be an only child.

After he matriculated from high school, Sernandoe completely focused on his gaming career, and didn’t enroll at college.

YouTube career

Sernandoe’s career began when he launched his YouTube channel on 16 May 2013, and started uploading his “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” gameplay videos – there are currently more than 4.3 million people subscribed to his channel, which also counts over 650 million views of all his videos combined.

Sernandoe has since switched to uploading gameplays of numerous other games, rather than just “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”, and is mostly popular for the “Grand Theft Auto V” videos he has made.

The game is currently his favorite, and he likes it especially for its option to play online with other people from all around the world. In the past year, Sernandoe has also been focused on making videos related to the popular “Fortnite: Battle Royale” video game. Sernandoe has launched a Twitch channel too, but isn’t as active on it as he on YouTube – he can only be seen livestreaming while playing the popular “Grand Theft Auto V” video game.

“Grand Theft Auto”

Grand Theft Auto is an action adventure video game series originally made by Mike Dailly and David Jones and while the next titles were created by Sam and Dan Houser, Aaron Garbut and Leslie Benzies – the game was released by the Rockstar Games company.

Most GTA games so far created were set in fictional cities which are made to look as real cities – Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas all resemble New York City, Miami, and California. The gameplay allows you to use an open world and choose missions to do if you want to progress the story and finish the game – besides that, you can go around beating people, stealing cars, racing, shooting, and similar. Every game is focused on criminal activities and the player strives to become the best criminal in his city.

The series so far counts 11 games and four expansion packs while the third game in the series called “Grand Theft Auto III” is considered as the most important as it started using the 3D setting – all the games after this one were more or less based on it.

The games are not for minors as they have adult nature (you can have sex with the women after you pay them), and violent themes.

The entire series are currently holding the title of the fourth highest selling video game franchise of all time as they have sold more than 250 million units while the first three places are held by “Mario”, “Pokemon”, and the unforgettable “Tetris”.

Controversies regarding the popular YouTuber

Sernandoe has been caught lying to his fans and viewers numerous times, including when he promised to give out blessing cards and gift cards – none of the cards he promised were ever delivered to any of his fans.

He has also recently stated to have “Grand Theft Auto 6” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” games in his possession, which are games that still haven’t been released – many YouTubers pointed fingers at Sernandoe, calling him a liar and advising his fans to unsubscribe from his channel, as he only keeps lying to them to gather subscribers.

Sernandoe apologized for his lies in October 2017, but stated that he does have a deal with the Rockstar Company responsible for making “Grand Theft Auto” games – that was also later proven to be just another lie.


His channel has so far been terminated twice – first in May 2015, but he was reinstated after a month, and on 9 January 2018, but returned on 7 March 2018.

Personal life and relationships

Sernandoe is very secretive when it comes to his love life, and hasn’t shared much about his relationship status with his fans.

He often jokes about the girls he has dated while keeping a serious face, making his fans actually believe what he is saying. He has stated that he is in a relationship with the popular actress Mia Khalifa, and has uploaded a video in which he talks about their relationship.

He has uploaded another video in which he stated how he met his girlfriend in a match of “Fortnite: Battle Royale”, and how the two of them are destined to be together.

As he is always joking about his love life, nothing about it is known for sure – judging by his social media accounts and his secrecy, he currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interests

Sernandoe loves playing videos games, and this is his biggest passion, his favorite hobby but his job as well. He is also very good at editing videos, as he does all of his editing himself, while some YouTubers who are as popular as him usually hire an editor. Sernandoe has some other interests as well, rather than playing games.

Sernandoe enjoys making comedy content, and is generally interested in comedy as he wanted to become a stand-up comedian before he launched his YouTube channel, so has since focused his humor onto his channel. He likes watching animated movies and TV series, especially – “Pokemon” – he has the Pikachu Pokemon for his profile picture on YouTube and other social media accounts. Sernandoe doesn’t like to travel, as he cannot stand being far from his computer and being unable to play games – he has a special gaming laptop he uses only when he has to go travelling.

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Appearance and net worth

Sernandoe is currently 22 years old. He has short black hair and brown eyes, while his height and weight are not known. He wears glasses as his eyesight became very poor after years of playing video games and staring at the PC screen. According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $800,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his YouTube channel.

Social media presence

Sernandoe is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for his online career. He launched his Twitter account in June 2013, and has tweeted over 2,800 times. His Instagram account only has three pictures on it – he is running a Facebook page as well.

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