• Game Grumps is a YouTube web series hosted by Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson.
• They have a combined net worth of $5 million.
• The majority of episodes feature the two hosts playing video games sent by fans.
• They have over 5,000 episodes and 4.4 million subscribers.
• Social media channels have over 2.3 million followers on Twitter and 800,000 on Instagram.


Who is Youtubers Danny and Airin from “Game Grumps”?

Game Grumps is a YouTube web series, of “let’s play” format, which is hosted by internet personalities Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson. The series was initially started by Hanson and Jon Jafari, a media critic and comedian, however, Jafari left the series in 2013 to pursue his YouTube solo career on a more serious level, and as of today is known as JonTon, and was later on succeeded by Dan Avidan. Additionally, the comedy series features other hosts such as Matt Watson, and previously Kevin Abernethy worked on it too.

Dan Avidan was born on 14 March 1979 in Springfield, New Jersey USA; he currently resides in Glendale, California, while Arin Hanson was born on 6 January 1987, in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is also known as Egoraptor, plus in addition to being a YouTuber and animator, he is a voice actor. He resides in Glendale as well. When it comes to their ethnicity, both of the members are white and have dark hair.

Net Worth

So just how rich are Game Grumps as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, the cast of Game Grumps has a net worth of $5 million, accumulated from their over five years long career in the previously mentioned field. Additionally Game Grumps earns a percentage of money from every ad that is displayed in their videos. So far, the series has aired more than 5,000 episodes, which has played a significant role with their income.

Format of the Series

The majority of the episodes consist of two or more hosts, playing video games sent to them from their fans through their PO box. Additionally, the hosts comment on the game and give their opinions on its performance, however, they may also speak about other things which aren’t necessarily related to the games. Besides that, Avidian or Erin may play video games alone in videos.

History of Game Grumps

The series was initially started by Jaffari, now known as JonTron, and Arin Hanson, who is an animator. They made their YouTube debut with the video in which they played “Kirby Superstar”, uploaded in late July 2012; according to them, the idea for the show came from their argument regarding a video game character. The duo continued working together until Jaffari departed in late June 2013, to focus on his own show, and in the following period, Dan Avidan – who was a vocalist of Ninja Sex Party – succeeded him, and began co-hosting the series. In late 2013, the team began the series featuring “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate”, entitled “Hunting Monsters”, and two years after that they made a second installment featuring “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”. Additionally, in 2014 the group was joined by Kevin Abernathy, a comic who remained in the series over the course of the next two years, leaving it in 2016, following which Ryan Magee joined the series, as well as Matt Watson, and both of them are still in the team. In early 2015 the group created a new show called “Grumpcade”, to celebrate reaching 2 million subscribers. The cast is often accompanied by other video gamers and YouTubers, such as Markiplier, The Completionist and ProJared. In the following year, Avidan and Hanson appeared at Hollywood Improv, in a special performance of Game Grumps Live, which would air on  March 30 and 31. Subsequently, Avidan and Hanson appeared at Levity live, located in New York and provided more performances of Game Grumps Live there as well. Later on during that year, Game Grumps announced that they would be developing their own video game, and took to Twitter to announce it. In the following period, they released a teaser entitled “Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator”, and ended up releasing the game itself in late July of the same year. However, soon afterwards Kramer, one of their members, announced that he would be leaving the show to focus on his own career.

Most notable YouTube Videos

When it comes to their most popular videos, those include “Good Game Official Trailer”, which has been watched by more than 16 million people after being uploaded in 2017. Additionally they released “Game Grumps Animated – I hate Subway” two years ago, which has been watched more than seven million times as of today. Their videos such as “Game Grumps Animated – Shot and Missed, “P. T. Game Grumps”, “Game Grumps animated – What’s Updog” and “Game Grumps Animated – Toad War” have all been watched by a large audience of several millions of people. It is safe to say that thanks to their talent and consistent uploading schedule, Game Grumps were able to gain recognition, fans and acclaim among the audience. As of today, their channel has more than 4.4 million subscribers.

Social media

Being active in the entertainment field, Game Grumps are naturally active on social media as well; on Twitter and Instagram they are followed by 2.3 million and more than 800,000 people respectively. They use their social media in order to communicate with their fans as well as to expand their business, and often post photos from their private lives to their social media accounts, giving their fans a closer look at what they do behind the curtains.

Private Lives

Dan Avidan doesn’t share much information regarding his relationship status; Hanson has been married to Suzanne Berhow since 2013.

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