“My 600-Lb Life” is an American reality television series, documenting the practice and mission of Dr. Younan Nowzaradin, filmed at his Houston, Texas-based surgery where he treats morbidly obese patients while sharing their stories. All in the hopes of providing his patients with assistance in their weight loss, and his viewers insight into the difficulties and health risks associated with obesity.

As per the premise of “My 600-Lb Life”, patients who visit Dr. Now, as he is commonly referred to in the series, usually weigh 600lbs or more, almost 280kgs. As proof of their intentions to continue losing weight, and because of surgical risks, Dr. Now requests that his patience lose a minimum amount.

Of course, the cameras follow the many patients, more often considered the true stars of “My 600-Lb Life”, as they undertake Dr. Now’s strict exercise plan and diet. Once they qualify, Dr. Now would perform any among a selection of bariatric surgeries according to the needs of his patients.

From then onward, the patients are left to their own devices following their recovery, and would perhaps star in one of the many spin-off series based on the popular TLC Network original.

Over the many years Dr. Now has accepted patients and documented their journeys, the regular viewers of “My 600-Lb Life” have been treated to plenty of entertaining drama, and certainly met numerous faces in the show. Some shared heartbreaking stories before stealing away the audience through astounding success, while others would prove to test even the viewers’ patience, only to find inevitable failure.

As it is, Dr. Now’s biggest success story might remain debatable, since many patients came onto the show and proved their worth, but Christina Phillips’ story in particular, could certainly be up for such consideration.

When Christina was introduced to the audience she weighed nearly 700lbs, and after achieving her set goal in the show and undergoing surgery, she appeared to be a completely new person. Of course, her success continued even after the cameras stopped filming, and today she’s lost more than 500lbs.

While she celebrates her success, many fans and viewers have been wondering how Christina is doing, and if she continued her transformation. As such, it’s only expected that we report on the matter.

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What To Expect?

Before we look in on Christina Phillips and detail all the new milestones she keeps achieving, and the many changes her life went through since appearing on “My 600-Lb Life”, we will briefly recount her impressive journey through Dr. Now’s surgery.


Christina Phillips appeared in the second season of “My 600-Lb Life”, which aired for the first time in 2014, and was the fifth of eight patients to be featured. During her first introduction, Christina, a 22-year-old resident of Southaven, Mississippi, weighed 656 lbs, and was for the most part of the last two years housebound, at times even confined to her bed.

Although Phillips didn’t share a very heartbreaking story while appearing in the show, it was nonetheless clear that Christina endured abuse in her life, particularly from her mother and husband, who were to blame for being her enablers.

While her mother was partly innocent, according to the details Christina was willing to share with the cameras, it appeared that her husband tried to use her weight as a means to establish emotional, and perhaps even physical control over her. As even more evidence of his abusive nature, Phillips’ husband tried to prevent her from undergoing weight loss surgery, and from appearing in “My 600-Lb Life”.

Fortunately, the first opportunity she gained, Christina made sure not to waste, but her journey on the show was not without difficulty. Having taken the challenge all alone, without the support of her husband or family, Christina experienced a couple of setbacks during her journey, as she showed weight gain instead of loss.

Disregarding the wishes of her family, Christina pushed on through the difficulties until she eventually qualified for bariatric surgery, which would prove to be all the help she required. By the end of her episode, following a difficult and lengthy journey, Christina weighed in at 266lbs, having lost nearly 400lbs.

Of course, it was not only Dr. Now and Christina who celebrated her success, as all the viewers joined in as well, sharing their praises out of respect for the reality television star on social media. Without a doubt, Christina’s story, as told on “My 600-Lb Life”, became one whom many found inspiration from, as patients who appeared on the show since then sought to continue her example.

And After.

Unfortunately, Christina’s success did not come without cost, as the star would later share her continued journey with her fans, followers, and the viewers of “My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?”, revealing how the weight loss impacted her life.

Following her documented journey, Christina went through many changes, some, especially her physical transformation, certainly for the better, but emotionally and mentally, admitting that she would suffer some difficulties because of the changes.

As she stated, Christina might have been able to shake off all that weight through effort and determination, but she still felt like the near 700-lb woman audiences met, despite witnessing the changes for herself. However, this was not the only emotional struggle Christina developed.

After appearing on “My 600-Lb Life”, Christina’s view of the scale also changed, as even the smallest fraction of change in her weight now, would send her into an anxious panic. Although she lives healthier, the anxiety nonetheless impacted her diet and sleeping schedule. At times, Phillips admitted that she would starve herself in the hopes of not gaining weight, and would often lose sleep over the fear that she might revert to her old self.

Considering that she once had to endure enablers, it seems that Christina’s fears are irrational, though who could blame the Mississippi native? Naturally, in her journey to keep the weight off, Christina had to force changes in her life, and this included getting rid of the abuse she once endured.

As she would reveal, since appearing on the show, her husband’s behaviour changed toward her, as he wouldn’t accept or come to terms with the changes Christina’s body went through. As a result, the pair eventually decided to divorce, and go their separate ways.

With newfound freedom, and certainly looking much better than before, Christina went in search of a new life, which included finding a new romantic interest. Although she keeps her personal life and social media accounts strictly private, she has happily shared the latest milestones she’s achieved, with her adoring followers.

As it turned out, Christina has since married again, and even gave birth to two children, though unfortunately, the details of her new life have remained vague and obscure. As such, there isn’t much we can share about Christina’s current affairs and life.


If Christina Phillips’ story is as much an inspiration to you as it would be entertaining, then feel free to catch the latest episodes of “My 600-Lb Life”, where you will find even more drama surrounding the lives of patients living with morbid obesity.

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