• Mel Joy is a YouTube personality and influencer born in 1999 in California
• She has earned a net worth of over $100,000
• She started her YouTube channel "memyselfandmell", which focuses on beauty and fashion
• She also has a second channel, Mel Joy Vlogs, which she stopped posting to in late 2018
• She is active on other social media websites including Instagram and Twitter


Who is Mel Joy?

Mel Joy was born on 2 August 1999, in California, USA, and is a YouTube personality, best known for creating a channel which focuses on beauty, make-up, as well as fashion. Recently, she’s also included other types of content, such as comedy, challenges, tags, and the like.

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The Net Worth of Mel Joy

How rich is Mel Joy? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $100,000, earned through a successful on-line career, which has led her to numerous other opportunities. She’s also collaborated with other popular YouTube personalities, and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Discovering YouTube

There is almost no information available regarding Mel Joy’s childhood and her family. There are also no details regarding her education. It is known that growing up, she really enjoyed the website YouTube, which led her to the idea of creating her content for the website. The video sharing website owned by Google allows users to upload videos. These videos can then be rated, viewed, shared, commented on, and users have the opportunity to subscribe to users they like.

Since its creation, YouTube has become so popular that corporations have also taken notice and created their own channel. It is the second most popular website in the world, according to Alexa Internet. Numerous types of video content can be seen on the website including video clips, music videos, short films, live streams, video blogs, and original videos. While most content is made by individuals, media companies have also made their home on YouTube through their own channels. A lot of users of YouTube who gain popularity are allowed to earn revenue through advertising from Google AdSense.

Mel joy

Her Own Channel

In 2014, Mel started her first channel called memyselfandmell, before later renaming it to Mel Joy. The channel focused on beauty and fashion, and she mentioned that it was her way to share her passion for these topics. She also enjoyed videography, which is another reason she wanted to create her own channel on YouTube. She began through an advice video before starting to go into beauty and make-up, also posting a video of herself alongside her best friend. Eventually, her videos would gain considerable popularity, with some earning over a million views.

Some of her most popular content include hairstyles, but followers started to express a lot of interest in her personal life as well. She posted about her routines, and also did challenge videos such as truth or dare. She’s mainly posted videos of her make-up, workout routines, and fashion videos which often had her bringing home new clothes to try on and display on her channel. She has also featured some of her friends, and given an insight into her personal life.

Second Channel

Mel has created a second channel to separate content she wanted to post but not related to beauty, fashion, and make-up. The second channel’s called Mel Joy Vlogs, and as the channel name denoted, she focused more on posting video blogs, with her going through her day in them. She also posted some of the general events of her life, including Christmas and going to Vidcon. The second channel earned a bit of popularity – though is still dwarfed in comparison to her main channel – but managing to attract over 270,000 followers, and to which she posted regularly.

Some of her most popular videos include her 18th birthday celebration, and stories such as when she was rushed to the hospital. However, in late 2018 she decided to stop posting to the second channel and there can be numerous reasons for that. For YouTubers, especially individuals, it can be very time consuming to create content for two channels. It is also very difficult to manage both, and the consistent demands could lead to burnout. Eventually, she decided that focusing on her main channel would be better, as she started to delve into vlogs as well, leading her to conclude that providing content to her second channel would no longer be as necessary.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Mel Joy was briefly in a relationship with Giovanny or Gio2saucy, who is an Instagram and YouTube personality as well, known for his popularity on the sites, and YouNow. He also released a song in 2018 entitled “Sleepover”. They dated during the summer of 2018 but they have broken up and moved on.

Since then, no new relationships have been reported for Mel, though she has posted videos of herself featuring an ex-boyfriend who is also a collaborator. Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, she is also active on other social media websites including Instagram, on which she has over 400,000 followers. She mainly posts personal photos on the website, including those taken through photo shoots. Her on-line fame has also led to sponsored posts which has increased her net worth. She also has a Twitter account on which she promotes some of her videos. She often just retweets others, and rarely posts on her own; when she does, it is usually related to her YouTube account.

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