• Otto Kilcher is a reality TV star known for appearing in the series "The Last Frontier" on Discovery Channel.
• He was born in Fritz Creek, Alaska in 1952 and grew up taking care of the family farm.
• Otto's career started young as he shepherded cattle and collected various items to make useful tools.
• "The Last Frontier" depicts the Kilcher family's daily life in a small cabin in the Alaskan wilderness without plumbing, heating, or electricity.
• Otto has been married three times and has four children and a step-son.


Who is Otto Kilcher?

Otto Kilcher was born on the 19th April 1952, in Fritz Creek, Alaska USA, and is a reality TV star, best known to the world for appearing in the series “The Last Frontier”, aired on the Discovery Channel.

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Early Life

One of eight children born to Yule and Ruth Kilcher, Otto is of Swiss and Alaskan/US ancestry. He has spent his early life in Fritz Creek, located just eight miles east of Homer. While growing up with his siblings, Otto would take care of the family farm, doing various chores and focusing primarily on cattle. He didn’t actually go to school – apparently none of his family attended any school.

Career Beginnings

It is not a mistake to say that Otto’s career started when he was rather young. Devoted to his family business from an early age, his role on the farm became more important over the years. With his focus and love for animals, he started shepherding cattle through the Alaskan fields, but he also started collecting various items and making useful tools from them. When asked about the junk that he collects along the way, Otto states that those items are his personal treasures. Capable of many things, he has provided for his family in a lot of ways in the Alaskan snow fields, and so is always well-prepared for another winter.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

The unique Kilcher family was selected as cast for the new show “The Last Frontier”, which has aired on the Discovery Channel since 2011, thanks to their successful lifestyle and uniqueness, all the ten inhabitants of the Fritz Creek were chosen to be a part of the new reality series. The series depicts the family’s daily life activities and operations. They live in a small cabin in the wilderness without plumbing, heating or electricity, and the series has attracted a number of people from around the world, and has a rating of more than 2.5 million people on average per episode. The series became extremely popular over the years, earning several prestigious awards, including three Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Otto became quite a popular personality with the public, thanks to his many skills and his fun character, making him a reality TV star. The success of the show increased his net worth to a large degree.

Do You Know How Rich Otto Kilcher is?

Since the “The Last Frontier” started airing in 2011, Otto’s wealth has increased considerbly, and nowadays, according to the authoritative sources, it is estimated at over $4 million. Quite neat, isn’t it? Enough to provide a decent living for him and his family, and when we are already mentioning family, let’s look into Otto’s personal life.

Personal life and Romantic Relationship

Otto has been married three times – although living in largely uninhabited area of Alaska, apparently it isn’t a problem finding a girl even when there aren’t too many of them. He is now married to Charlotte Irene Adamson, a biologist, and the couple has two children together, August and Torrey Kilcher. His first wife was Olga Von Ziegesar, but that relationship didn’t last long. His second wife was Sharon McKemie with whom he welcomed two children, Levi and Eivin Kilcher.

Otto Kilcher – Amazing Facts

  • Otto is the sixth of eight children born to Yule and Ruth Kilcher.
  • He has been married to his third wife for 23 years.
  • Otto has four children and a step-son.
  • He grew up in a small cabin, and to pass time played in canyons and woods.
  • Otto likes to recycle, and from old things often makes useful objects and tools.
  • Otto is the main cast member of the reality series “The Last Frontier” (2011-2017).



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  1. Is Otto still alive? I saw one article and can’t find it again, where he had passed away. I hope that he is alive and well!

  2. Beverley Plummer Reply

    I watch this show mainly to see what these MILLIONAIRES are doing and to see the Alaskan territory! I was raised in the north too on a farm and although we were far from millionaires we were smart enough to use timber to build a shelter for the farm animals so they were safe from predators. The episodes showing newborn calves with their eyes pecked out by ravens was totally preventable! These cows could have been supplied with a shelter and instead of allowing these calves to be tortured to death!! They should be charged with animal abuse!

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