• Sarah Baska is a YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers
• Her father is former NFL star Rick Baska
• She is a model for MTV commercials and has attended the MTV Video Music Awards
• She has an alter ego named Nastasia who she portrays when she is drunk
• Her net worth is estimated to be $300,000


Sarah Baska is a famous YouTuber who has over a million subscribers on her channel, often discussing very controversial topics with her audience. She is not afraid to be to explicit, and always says what she thinks, and her fans love her for her honesty. Let’s find out more about her current boyfriend, famous father, net worth and many other details.

Early life, family

Sarah Baska was born on 7 May 1997, in Huntington Beach, California USA, so under the sign of Taurus, and holding American nationality. Her father’s name is Rick Baska, a former NFL star who played in the position of linebacker for the Denver Broncos. Her mother’s name is Barbara, and although little is known about her age and occupation, Sarah often posts pictures with her, always thanking her for all the love she gives. Unlike Barbara, Rick is quite active in social media and mentions in his account description that he is the father of Sarah Baska, even omitting details of his own career. His Twitter is called “sarahbaskasdad” and the description says: ‘Yo wassup I’m Sarah Baska’s dad. The coolest dad u know’. He’s also appeared in several videos on Sarah’s channel, such as “TEACHING MY DAD HIP INTERNET SLANG” and “MY DAD DOES MY MAKE UP”. Her mother was also once featured in one of her videos, entitled “MEET MY CRAZY MOM”. Sarah has an elder sister named Rachel; they are good friends and often spend time together. Rachel regularly appears in Sarah’s videos – she has recently graduated from Seattle Pacific University and has an MA now; she studied eating disorder treatments.


Sarah matriculated from her local high school in Huntington Beach in 2015, confessing that her grades in middle and high school were always very average; she didn’t appear on the Dean’s list, and wasn’t on the honor roll (though her sister Rachel was, which made Sarah sad and depressed). Sarah didn’t’ enter any college or university; she is fully focused on her YouTube career for the moment, and hasn’t shared any further educational plans.

Sarah Baska

YouTube Career

Though Sarah’s real life career started with a typical high school student’s job of a trampoline park worker, she soon understood that she wanted to entertain people. She often made videos with her classmates, uploaded their funny short movies onto YouTube, but they had nobody interested in watching those. Sarah didn’t give up, and created her profile on the application called Vine, when it was just launched. By the time that the application was officially closed, Sarah had amassed over 3.5 million followers, who were waiting for more pranks and funny videos by Sarah, so she fully switched to YouTube. She created her channel there on 4 August 2014, uploading her first video the same day, entitled “Q&A !!?!?”, which now has over 180,000 views. The most popular video on Sarah’s channel is entitled “HOW TO LOOK LIKE A BAD BITCH WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING ONE”, which has attracted over 6.4 million views.

Alter ego Nastasia

She has a special series of videos in which she films herself drunk, saying that when she’s drunk, her alter ego named Nastasia wakes up, and starts behaving in a different way. Such videos are posted under the hashtag “drunk vlog” and have titles similar to “MEET NASTASIA MY DRUNK ALTER EGO”. She doesn’t feel ashamed filming such videos, and even takes her sister to such videos – among them there is one entitled “DRUNK MAKEUP TUTORIAL WITH MY SISTER”.

TV career

Sarah appeared in several MTV commercials working as a model; her manager Jordan Worona, CEO of “We Are Verified” (Talents Management Agency) takes care of Sarah’s modeling career. Back in the day, she attended the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015, and is still working as a model for several commercial campaigns.

Drugs taking experience

When Sarah was 19 years old, her friends invited her to a party in Hawaii , and she took psychedelics there, admitting the fact in her video about depression, saying that she felt enormous pressure on her since she was in high school, and could get rid of depression and anxiety. She also said that the experience opened her eyes on ‘how the world works in good ways and bad ways’, took a lot of her subconscious thought on the surface of her mind, and when she got back home she felt enlightened and inspired.

Of course, very soon the inspiration started fading, and Sarah felt she was going back to her old habits, including procrastination. She remembered that she couldn’t study, as she was always reacting to every notification she got on her ‘phone, and soon understood that her phone controlled her. As soon as she became popular on Vine and YouTube, social media took most of her time, not leaving any space for studying anyway, so her grades started slipping, so she started fighting her social media addiction, with some success. She went on a trip to Europe, and didn’t pay for international internet, so her ‘phone was almost useless, and felling freedom she hadn’t felt before. She emphasized she didn’t promote drugs, however she shared her experience of enlightenment after taking some, though never admitted to taking drugs again. She also posted a video entitled “WHY I STOPPED SMOKING WEED…”, which has over 2.4 million views, sharing her experience of quitting, which was very hard because she used to be a ‘huge stoner’.

Personal life, boyfriend Nelson William Armstrong

As for the moment, Sarah is dating her long-term boyfriend Nelson William Armstrong. They met when they were both 16, and working in the trampoline park. They started dating in August 2017, and shared strong a interest for smoking cannabis, however, Sarah stopped but Nelson hasn’t confirmed if he’s still smoking. The couple often share romantic shot on their Instagram account – they regularly have romantic dinners at various restaurants, and travel together. Nelson is an artist and designer. He also likes snowboarding and often posts his photos from various snowboarding resorts on his Instagram account, which is followed by over 22,000 people. Earlier Sarah dated a boy named Cody, known as CPMONEY. He appeared in one of her videos in 2016 as Sarah’s boyfriend in the seventh grade.

Nelson William Armstrong and Sarah Baska

Hobbies and interesting facts

  • Sarah burns only soy and lavender candles as she thinks normal candles have dangerous chemicals that get to her nose while burning, and influence her health.
  • She also uses an essential oil diffuser all the time, to create a special atmosphere in the place she is situated in.
  • Her favorite singers are Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, she also enjoys the music of the bands “Marina and the Diamonds” and “One Direction”.
  • Her favorite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor.

Social media presence

Sarah is a very active user of various social media platforms. Even though she is aware of her internet addiction, she has several accounts which she regularly updates. Thus, her YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers with more than 180 videos which in total have more than 140 million views. Her Instagram profile is followed by over 580,000 subscribers, and her Twitter is read by more than 420,000 people. She also has a personal website on which she sells her merchandise. Earlier Sarah was very active on the Musical.ly application (which is now called TikTok), but gave up uploading videos onto it.


Sarah has long brown hair which she sometimes bleaches a little bit; she has hazel eyes and enjoys wearing long faux lashes. She is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, weighs around 121lbs (55kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-23-33. As for her clothing style, she prefers casual looks, often wearing boyfriend’s jeans, caps, plaid shirts and snickers. She loves wearing make-up – her favorite cosmetics brand is Bobby Brown.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Sarah’s net worth is estimated to be close to $300,000. Her YouTube channel gains her over $2,700 per month, and she also benefits from her Instagram activity, with up to $2,800 per post. She earns an impressive amount of money from her merchandise sales too, and is pursuing her model career. Summing all that, her net worth is only going to grow, as she is consistent with her varied activities, so that if one drops-off, others will maintain her income.

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