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Who is Stella Ritter?

Stella Ritter was born on 11 September 1998, in the United States of America, and is an actress, best known for her appearances in films such as “The Namazu” and “Hannah Lost Her Smile”. She is the half-sister of actor Jason Ritter.

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The Wealth of Stella Ritter

How rich is Stella Ritter? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $12 million, earned through a successful career in acting. She also recently made headlines when she underwent gender transformation also leading to the change of her name and appearance. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Parents and Early Life

Stella is the daughter of actor John Ritter who is best known for his role as Jack Tripper in the sitcom “Three’s Company” which aired during the early 1980s. He’s had over 100 roles in theater, television, and film with notable works including “It” and “Problem Child”. However, when she was young, John father passed away due to aortic dissection which is an injury to the aorta causing it to tear. The problem stemmed from a previously undiagnosed congenital heart defect, and he went into a coma during Stella’s fifth birthday, prior to his death.

Her mother is Amy Yasbeck who is known to have worked with her father on several projects. She’s also appeared in other works such as “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”, and “The Mask”. With her parents’ influence, she also pursued a career in the acting industry and she grew up with three half siblings from her father’s first marriage to actress Nancy Morgan.

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Acting Career

One of Stella’s first acting projects was the short film entitled “This is My Friend” which starred Mike Bloodworth and Joe Brown. She then focused more on her studies before lending her voice to the 2012 animated project entitled “The Namazu”, which stars Tom Kenny as the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants. The film is based on the mythical creature of the same name which is a catfish who causes earthquakes. The Namazu is said to live in the mud under the islands of Japan and is guarded by the god Kashima who tries to retrain the catfish using a stone. However, when the god’s guard falls, Namazu thrashes out, leading to earthquakes.

The following year, she then voiced for another animated film entitled “Hannah Lost Her Smile” which as the title denotes is about a character who suddenly loses her smile. The film was also developed by the same creators of “The Namazu”, but this time Stella was given a starring role and worked with the animator Dani Bowman of Power Light Animation Studios. Since that project, Stella hasn’t been reported to work on anything new. The spotlight on her professional and personal life started to wane while her other siblings progressed with their respective careers.

Gender Transformation

In 2017, Ritter resurfaced on social media, revealing that since she turned 18 years old, she has transformed into a man and is now referred to as Noah Lee Ritter. According to reports, since she was young she had already desired to live as a man, and with the announcement her popularity grew a little due to public curiosity. She started posting features of herself, now with facial hair and more of a male demeanor. While details about her treatments on male transformation haven’t really been disclosed to the public, reports state that she communicated with her mother and half-brothers who supported her decision to change gender.

Many believe that the actions stemmed out of tragic experiences in her past, especially with the sudden passing of her father during her fifth birthday. The loss of her father also lead to her mother selling their Beverly Hills Home which was valued at $6.5 million.

Personal Life

For her personal life, not much is known in terms of any of Stella’s romantic relationships. Many believe that she hasn’t had any male romantic partners in the past due to her propensity to change gender, and may likely start relationships with women from this point on.

Her half siblings include actor Jason Ritter who is known for his roles in the series “Joan of Arcadia”, “The Event” and “Gravity Falls” which he voiced Dipper Pines. Tyler Ritter is also an actor best known for being the star of the sitcom “The McCarthys” which started airing during the 2014 season. He also had recurring roles in shows such as “Young and Hungry” and “Arrow” which he played Detective Billy Malone. Carly Ritter works more in the music industry mainly as a songwriter though she released a self-titled CD through Vanguard Records.

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