• Ian Bohen was born in California, USA in 1976
• He has an estimated net worth of over $600,000 earned through a successful career in the entertainment industry since 1993
• He is best known for his roles in shows such as “Teen Wolf” and “Mad Men”
• He is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
• He has expressed an interest in directing films in the future


Who is Ian Bohen?

Ian Stuart Bohen was born on 24 September 1976, in Carmel, California, USA, and is an actor, best known for being a part of the MTV show entitled “Teen Wolf”, in which he played the character Peter Hale. He’s also had roles in shows such as “Yellowstone” and “Mad Men”.

The Wealth of Ian Bohen

How rich is Ian Bohen? As of early 2020, sources estimate a net worth that is over $600,000, earned through a successful career as an actor in the entertainment industry since 1993, working on both television and films.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about Ian’s life outside of his acting career, as he hasn’t shared information about his family, childhood, any siblings, and education. It is known that he began his career in film, making his debut in 1993’s “Delivering” which was created by AFI Conservatory fellow Todd Field, and is based from the story of the same name by Andre Dubus. The film follows two brothers who discover that their mother has abandoned the family.

His next project would be in the Oscar nominated film “Wyatt Earp”, which was released the following year. In the film, he played a younger version of the titular character, played by Kevin Costner. His next project would be “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” in which he played another younger version of the titular character. He had a recurring appearance in the show, often during flashbacks of the hero throughout the series. This led him to work on a television movie spin-off of the series called “Young Hercules”, which follows the character during his formative years.

Ian Bohen

Rise to Fame

With Hercules, Bohen was gaining consistent work, and a children’s television series was later commissioned for production, but he declined the project, as he didn’t want to move to New Zealand full-time for the role. In 1998, he then played the character Johnny O’Brien in 10 episodes of “Any Day Now”, a drama series which aired on Lifetime for four years, starring Annie Potts.

His fame increased significantly when he became a part of the first season of “Mad Men”, playing the character Roy Hazelitt who falls in love with one of Don Draper’s many women.

The series is a period drama which ran for seven seasons, set during the 1960s and focuses on the day to day endeavors of a fictional advertising agency called Sterling Cooper, while also following the personal lives of the characters living in the US during the decade. The show attracted a lot of critical acclaim for its style, authenticity, writing, direction, and acting, and won numerous awards, including 16 Emmys.

Teen Wolf and Recent Projects

In 2011, Ian was cast in one of his most notable roles as a recurring character in the MTV show entitled “Teen Wolf”.

He was the main antagonist for the first season, and would later reprise his role for most subsequent seasons until the end of the show in 2017. He enjoyed the character a lot, as he liked playing someone morally ambiguous, and he was also proud of contributing to LGBT portrayal on television in some way. The show is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name, following a main character who is bitten by a werewolf, and has to adjust to changes in his life.

In 2016, he was a part of the directing film debut of Taylor Sheridan entitled “Wind River”, before becoming a co-star of the “Sicario” sequel entitled “Sicario: Day of the Soldado”, starring Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin and Isabela Moner. While working on films, he also portrayed a Cowboy wrangler in the show “Yellowstone”. One of his latest projects is the 2018 film entitled “Little Women”, an adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel of the same name, in which he portrayed German professor Freddy Bhaer who begins a friendship with Jo March.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, nothing is known of Bohen’s romantic relationships, so sources state that he is single due to the lack of any proof to the contrary, and it is likely the case. He’s also been more involved recently in background production, as he has a desire to do more directing work in the future.

Similar to numerous actors, he is highly active online through accounts on social media.

He has an account on Instagram, using the platform to post personal photos, often those taken behind the scenes or while he is out and about, as well as to promote his recent and upcoming projects. Another account he has is on Twitter, which he uses to express his opinions while also promoting his work. His Facebook page also promotes his work and some of his advocacies.

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