• Julia Chow is an American actress and vlogger, born on 26 March 1990.
• Her zodiac sign is Aries, she is of Asian ethnicity, and has a net worth of close to $500,000.
• She is active on social media, and is currently in a relationship with Instagram model Neru.
• She has worked on projects such as “JustKiddingFilms” and “Why the Holidays Ruin Friendships”.
• She is also the producer of “JustKiddingFilms”, with the most popular videos being “Sh*t Asian Moms Say”, “Sh*t Asian Dads Say” and “Car Wash”.


Julia Chow’s Wiki Biography and Age

Julia Chow was born on 26 March 1990, in California, USA which means that her zodiac sign is Aries her, nationality is American, and she is 29 years old as of mid-2019. Julia, is best known as a vlogger and actress, and in that field she has worked on projects such as “JustKiddingFilms” and “Why the Holidays Ruin Friendships”.

Net Worth

Actress and vlogger has a net worth of close to $500,000.

Ethnicity and Background

When it comes to Chow’s ethnicity, she is Asian and naturally has dark hair and brown eyes, but dyes her hair different colors, which also suits her complexion. One of her most recent hair colors was blue, which her fans adored.

Julia Chow

Social Media

She is followed by 4,000 people on Twitter and some of her latest posts on Twitter include one in which she wrote about her brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.


Chow is active on Instagram, and has over 300,000 followers on that network. Some of the latest photos she posted includes a photo of herself with the caption reading “I’m scared of heights but I went on the ferris wheel at #coachella cuz it was free! The sunset was pretty and it was worth the trip”. Her followers seem to have loved the photo and went on to compliment Chow on her looks. Besides that, she shared a selfie with the following caption “Went to a pre-cochella event today and got semi glammed up! Is anyone going to Coachella this year?!! I’m super stoked to go for the FIRST TIME!! WEEKEND 1!! WOOHOO!!”

Relationship Status

Speaking about Julia’s relationship status, she is dating an Instagram model named Neru. She was previously dating Tommy Trinh, but their relationship fell through in 2016.  Chow shares a fair amount of information through her social media , accounts and often shares photos of herself and her partner.


Julia has briefly acted, making her debut in 2013, when she began working on “JustKiddingFilms”, remaining a member of the cast over the course of three years. Having appeared in 12 episodes of the series, she left and in 2017 began working on “Misophonia” and “Why the Holidays Ruin Friendships”, playing the role of Susie Lee in the latter. In addition, Julia is also a producer, and in that field she has worked on “Belvita II: The Belvita Man”, “Time” and “JustKiddingFilms”. Overall, being a hardworking young woman has allowed her to make a name for herself, and gain more exposure in the media.

YouTube Career

Chow is also a vlogger, and made her debut in that field in 2016, when she released “JULIA GOES TO JAPAN PT.1”. She then followed by making more videos such as “Birthday Time!!”, “Vegas With JKFam” and “All Girls’ Trip to Tulum”. In early 2019, Chow uploaded the video entitled “Trying Sake Ice Cream for First Time! (Japan PT. 3)”, which has been watched by 14,000 people, and after that uploaded “Christmas in Vegas” and “Robots, Temples, and Pokémon (Japan PT.4)”. Later on, Julia proceeded to show her private life in her videos, and collaborated with Amber Liu on the video “Amber Liu and Things I Never Said”. As of March 2019, she uploaded “San Francisco Has THE Best Beignets”, which has been watched by 6,000 people.

Career in Production

Julia is a producer of “JustKiddingFilms”, and their videos are available on YouTube, where they have a million subscribers. Their most popular films include “Sh*t Asian Moms Say”, “Sh*t Asian Dads Say” and “Car Wash”, with all of the mentioned videos having a couple of million views.

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