Born under the sign of Scorpio on 25 October 2003, in Madison, Wisconsin USA, Armani Jackson is a 20-year-old actor and singer of Caucasian and African-American origins. Most of his worldwide fame is derived from having been involved in a number of successful Hollywood projects, most prominently the supernatural teen drama from Paramount+ studios entitled “Wolf Pack.” The actor’s second greatest source of fame is his sister Talia Jackson, whose popularity spread like wildfire throughout the releases of “Family Reunion,” in which she plays the lead role. He’s had a modestly successful career in the entertainment industry since it began in 2011.

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Early life & education: a starry household

Most fans would say that Armani was always meant to be a star, based on whom he was raised with. His mother is the former international Lithuanian model Kelly Jackson, who later became a successful Hollywood producer. His father is Trent Jackson – an African-American retired basketball player. What becomes evident from one glance at their family tree is that the Jacksons don’t shy away from public appearances, and their children seem to have inherited the desire to entertain.

Arguably, the greatest talent in the family is Talia Jackson, who was born two years ahead of Armani, on 28 August 2001. Both of the children received all the love and support they required in finding their true calling, with their parents providing both advice and funds to sustain the extracurricular activities that helped develop the siblings’ interests. Not everything was rainbow and sunshine however, as Talia almost lost her life to Lyme disease when 13 years old. Struggle with this outfall has remained a constant part of the Jacksons’ daily lives ever since.

Armani attended a local high school in his birth town, from where he matriculated in 2021. Although the star himself hasn’t revealed any such information, it isn’t believed that he pursued a college degree after that, since his career had already been in full swing by that time. The rest of his skills have been and will be acquired in front of the camera itself, while the extra classes he took as a child have most definitely come in handy as well.

Career: A teenage sensation

Jackson was rather young upon getting his TV debut, having been featured in the role of a young boy in two episodes of Christopher Moynihan’s comedy series entitled “Man Up!” in 2011. He was seen in pretty much the same role in 2012’s documentary “A Green Story,” which saw very little success on the global stage. After that he got to portray Nicholas in two episodes among the cast of “Real Husbands of Hollywood” in 2013, which was another comedy series to add to his belt. The young actor made his feature film debut as Calvin in 2014’s “Cooties” alongside Elijah Wood, and aside from one other role, his by-far most successful endeavor that year was playing Braden Morris in six episodes of world-famous “Grey’s Anatomy,” which marked a significant milestone in his career.

Jackson’s ups would be met with a down after another two roles in 2015 and 2016, as he would end up playing Taz in the comedy entitled “Christmas All Over Again,” the reviews of which were generally negative, earning the film a rating of only 3.7 on IMDB – the lowest among all Armani’s movie projects.

Things became much better another two years down the line, though, as he played High School Kid in 2018’s sci-fi adventure by the renowned Steven Spielberg “Ready Player One.” The title inarguably made an impression on the world, and apparently even inspired several tech companies through its innovative application of modern inventions and creative vision of the future. Armani went on an obvious hiatus for the next two years following this monumental success, returning to entertainment at 17 years of age as a well-established actor.

His first project after the break began shooting in 2020 and released in 2021, featuring as Joey in six episodes of “Chad.” The decision to be part of this title also backfired, as it’s his worst-rated TV series involvement with a mere 3.2 IMDB rating. He snagged another three roles in 2022, the most prominent of which is that of Travis Biggins in the romance comedy by Oran Zegman entitled “Honor Society.” That said, it was only in 2023 that Armani’s name finally got on everyone’s lips, having secured the lead male part of Everett Lang in Jeff Davis’ “Wolf Pack.” The series draws upon the eponymous book by Edo van Belkom to bring to life a tale of young werewolves, much like its predecessor with the same creator, “Teen Wolf.” One more recurring role after this release completes Armani’s current Hollywood resume, while he’s set to be featured in another two titles in 2024.

“Wolf Pack” – success or flop?

While there will undoubtedly always be enough teenage girls to keep any low-grade series afloat, just based on good looks and overdramatized storylines featuring issues that are current topics on TikTok, “Wolf Pack” by all means seems to be doomed as a title, since no serious critic had anything nice to say about it. IGN writers weren’t shy in their scathing review of the show, calling it a failure ‘in almost every possible way.’

According to abundant criticism, the series’ character introductions are blunt, with each person overtly stating their defining traits. A particular character’s anxiety disorder is explicitly outlined, and another one’s panic attack poorly conveyed by the actor, and ultimately addressed with a yoga breathing exercise, ignoring the plausible impact of smoke from a nearby wildfire. The attempt to incorporate mental health themes and appease the Gen Z audience also falls flat, overshadowed by a lack of substance in the disaster at the opening episode’s core.

The show’s special effects and fight sequences are abysmal, featuring Consultants to Government and Industry (CGI) that seems outdated. Its characters fail to convey believable fear, and the forced obstacles in their flight only serve to showcase another one’s newfound power. The anticipated thrill of werewolf transformations is likely to be restricted by the show’s budget constraints. Renowned actress Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the lead female role in the project, but The Hollywood Reporter stated in no uncertain terms that even her presence will do very little to save a dying idea. The first two episodes were heavily criticized for irresponsible writing and poor execution, while the plot itself was also brought into question, as it made little sense to discerning viewers.

Finally, even The Guardian had its own piece of mind to share about the title, and the sentiment was almost identical. It’s clear from the prominent reviews that “Wolf Pack” is not a series any aspiring actor wants to be associated with, since it left a bad taste in the mouths of those upon whom actors’ livelihoods depend. Armani is in late 2023 left with no choice but to move forward with whatever he had been part of earlier, and hope that the viewer majority start associating him with a brand-new role.

Battling nature

Armani was influenced by the Lyme disease outbreak in the family almost as much as Talia herself, and their mother, who was also diagnosed. Their ordeal began in Tarzana, California, when Talia fell ill when aged 13. Doctors initially dismissed her symptoms as growing pains – a common challenge in diagnosing children with the illness. It took a year and a DNA Connexions Lyme disease test for both Talia and Kelly to receive medical confirmation of what was really amiss.

Talia recalled feeling as though she constantly had the flu, with a burning throat, debilitating fatigue, and nerve pain. She struggled with the limitations that the condition imposed on her teenage life, affecting her ability to hang out with friends and engage in typical activities. Living with these issues comes with a significant mental toll, causing Talia to have to battle depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder (ADD) from her early teens.

The mother-daughter duo has found relief through integrative medicine, focusing on improving the immune system and reducing inflammation. Treatments include IV therapy, vitamins, minerals, and natural antibiotics. They also monitor indicators like CD57 and C4a to track immune function and inflammation levels. While the costs of treatment can be high, Kelly remained adamant that finding affordable alternatives like Epsom salt baths and insurance coverage for specific therapies is essential. Both Talia and Kelly subsequently became involved with the Global Lyme Alliance, sharing their experiences to raise awareness and support other young people facing similar struggles.

Love life: Does he have a girlfriend?

As for his romantic involvements, it is known from several of the actor’s social media posts that he’s been in a long-term relationship with fellow actress Reylynn Caster. They began a relationship at an unspecified date prior to late 2020, but it’s unknown how that decision has progressed for the two of them, with neither having divulged a lick of detail about the endeavor. Some fans expected Armani to use his influence among young female audiences as a “Wolf Pack” star and set off on romantic escapades, but this doesn’t seem to be the case, according to his Instagram posts.

What is his net worth?

Armani Jackson’s total accumulated wealth is said to be as high as $5 million by most reputable sources in late 2023. He has earned a great deal this of this sum through being involved with a few particular projects, though most prominently “Wolf Pack.” Had the show’s popularity exploded in a different way, the actor would’ve been much better off when all is said and done.

How tall is he? What is Armani’s height?

The actor is 5ft 11ins (180cm) tall, weighs around 137lbs (62kgs) and 36-33-15 in terms of vital statistics and a build often described as athletic near the start of 2024. He sports XXL shoes, a dress size of 15. His frizzy hair is generally a darker shade of brown, with a moderately tanned complexion.

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