Dave Hester:
• Born on 23rd July 1964 on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base near Oceanside, California
• Son of a father who was also in the auction world
• Obtained auction license in 1992 and started furniture business
• Cast member of reality series “Storage Wars” and gained nickname “The Mogul”
• Net worth estimated at over $4 million with luxury possessions including villa and car collection


Dave Hester was born on the 23rd July 1964, on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base near Oceanside, California USA, and is a reality TV star and businessman, best known to the world for his appearance in the popular reality series “Storage Wars” (2010-2017).

Early Life and Education

Dave, of Irish and German ancestry is the son of a father who was also in the auction world. From an early age he would go with his father almost every day to attend differing auctions. As he got older, Dave’s interest in auctions increased, and he himself started buying and selling items. Instead of academic studies, once his high school education was completed, Dave commenced a professional career.

Career Beginnings

Attending his first auction in the mid- ‘80s, in the early ‘90s Dave became a bid-catcher. In 1992 he obtained his license for auctioning, and first got into the furniture business. However, he soon realized the potential of storage units, what he could find and then sell in them objects. His father, an auctioneer himself, had a massive collection of trains, which Dave sold and then invested in his own business.

Thrift Stores

As his business started developing, Dave opened Newport Consignment Gallery and the Rags to Riches thrift stores in Costa Mesa, California. He initially had 15 employees, which later increased thanks to his success. One of the most valuable objects he found during his storage pursuits was ‘The Golden Pool’, a painting by California impressionist Jack Wilkinson Smith, bought for $750 and later authenticated and sold for $155,000.

Storage Wars Selection

Thanks to his growing business, Dave was chosen by the producers as a cast member of the reality series “Storage Wars”. From the first season until the present day, Dave has featured in over 100 episodes, and his finds as well as his income from the show have certainly increased his net worth. While in the show, Dave earned the nickname The Mogul.

Various Feuds

Dave, known for his bold personality, got into fights with a number of other “Storage Wars” cast members, including Darrell and Brandon Sheets, and back in 2012 he was fired by the Network. However, after a lawsuit he filed against the A&E, Dave returned to the show. In 2015 he started another feud, this time with Dan and Laura Dotson, which actual led to fist-fighting.

How Rich is Dave Hester?
Since starting his career, Dave has earned a name for himself, and a respectable net worth. Lets just how rich is Dave? According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated at over $4 million, making him one of the richest “Storage Wars” cast members, all owed to his hard work and devotion. He owns a car collection and a villa, among other luxurious possessions.

Life Behind the Scene

Dave is the father of Dave Hester Jr. who has followed in his father’s footsteps, and though not often visiting auctions, he is mostly involved in the online area of the family business. On the question of Dave being married or not, you can find the answer below.

Dave Hester Interesting Facts

Dave is the son of a hoarder, and after following his father into buying items, he became focused on selling for profit, which further led to “Storage Wars”.
Dave dreams of owning a motor home, and wants to attend at least one auction per day.
Dave has a brother with whom he hasn’t been in touch in years.
Dave owns a 1,263 sq ft house in Westminster, California.



  1. Gerald OHare Reply

    Dave Hester is not mentally stable. He fought with people and even ruined the show. Clearly he needs psychiatric intervention.

  2. Awful person! GTFO! Everyone of that show showed their colors! Dave is the man!
    Arguing with people is not a a good indicator of being mentally stable. Dave is not a pushover!
    If anything, Rene is as as. and has the worst attitude!

  3. 2 favorite moments is when hester picked up his bag that had a porcelain piece that he thought was valuable and was going to have it appraised but as he pulled the bag out of the cab of the truck the piece fell to the pavement and chipped it he called himself a dumbass but then his narcissism kicked in and he regretted saying that about himself. the other was when there was a violin in a unit he won and he checked the marking inside and it showed as Stradivarius he could barely contain himself and took it to a shop specializing in Strads the owners son checked it out and told hester it was a student instrument so it had little value hester told the son he wanted the father to look at it because hester thought the son was full of it. the father looked at it and confirmed as the son had that it was a student instrument and it would always be a student instrument you could just see hester wanted to grab that violin and smash it into a million pieces. could not happen to a better person. get help hester.

  4. I am going to break this down to the truth.
    1) not married. Woman is Camilla to TX. I guess not go enough to marry.
    2) Dave is broke. There is no 4 million dollars.
    3) his son Dave Jr has nothing to do with the auction business. He has had many personal issues in the past. And how did he get that scar?
    4)Dave and girlfriend Camille lives in Santa Ana CA with his mom. Santa Ana is a bad part of orange county .

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