• Born on November 5th 1991 in the USA, making her 27 years old
• Net Worth close to $1 million
• Caucasian, dark hair and brown eyes
• Model for Inked Magazine and YouTuber with 9,000 subscribers
• Has a boyfriend, name not mentioned


Jordyn Ryder’s Wiki Biography and Age

Jordyn Ryder was born on 5 November 1991 in the USA, which means that she is 27 years old and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Jordyn, whose nationality is American, is best known as a model and YouTube content creator and in that field she has made videos such as “How to Eat Crawfish” and “What?”

Net Worth

Close to $1 million.

Ethnicity and Background

She is Caucasian and has dark hair which she dyes black, and brown eyes. Being a model, Jordyn often works out in order to maintain her stunning physique. Unfortunately, Ryder hasn’t spoken about her early life and formative years, nor has she spoken about her education. She has a lot of tattoos, and is a model for Inked magazine, which we’ll talk about further in the article.

Jordyn Ryder

Social Media

She is followed by 39,000 people on Twitter, and some of her latest posts there include a tweet in which she replied to Wendy’s tweet about spicy chicken nuggets coming back, jokingly adding “I rarely retweet. This is one of those moments.”. Besides that, she aired a photo of herself, which her fans seem to have enjoyed seeing.


She has recently posted a photo of herself taken on vacation, adding “Tahoe was absolutely magical, but I’m so happy to be back in Texas. Oh and happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there!!” Her fans seem to have loved the photo, as they went on to leave numerous sweet comments, complimenting her on her looks. Besides that, she shared a photo of herself on the cover of Inked magazine. Once again, her followers left many comments, such as the comment reading “Lookin amazing sweetie”. Jordyn is followed by 440,000 people on the site,  and her audience is constantly growing.


As mentioned, in addition to being a model, Jordyn is also a YouTuber, and in that field, she made her debut in late 2018, when she uploaded the video entitled “DAILY VLOG #1 – 4th Sister Wife?”. Continuing to work at a rapid pace, she quickly uploaded more videos, such as “DAILY VLOG #2 – windows, puppies & soup” and “DAILY VLOG #3 – am i too old for this?”. After that, she made the video entitled “WEEKLY VLOG #8 : Louisiana Thanksgiving”.

In the mentioned video, the audience was able to see not only Jordyn, but also her boyfriend and his family. After that, she posted the video “WEEKLY LOG #9 : Crap excuse for a phone stand”, which has been watched by 1,600 people, and then went on to upload “PSA: I’ll be back ASAP : LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS”. As of 2019, she posted two videos = “What?”, which has been watched by 3,000 people and “How to Eat Crawfish”. Overall, Jordyn has 9,000 subscribers to her channel.

Relationship Status and Husband

Despite being a public figure, Jordyn prefers keeping some information behind closed doors. However, we know that she has a boyfriend, as she showed him several times in her videos, but hasn’t mentioned his name.


Jordyn is best known as a model for Inked Magazine, which is dedicated to people with tattoos. Jordyn herself has numerous tats, and they suit her looks perfectly. She has appeared on the cover of the magazine several times. In October 2018 she did a photoshoot and interview with the magazine, in which she spoke about getting her tattoos, adding that she had her first on her 18th birthday. “My parents gave me permission to get my first one, and it took me about a week to realize that it had the wrong punctuation in it”.

She went on to say that after the first one, she wanted to get more, as she was in her “rebellious” phase. Being a hardworking and talented young woman has certainly allowed Ryder to make a name for herself, and gain more attention among the media, and we believe that there is more to come for her career-wise.

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