Who is Lycia Faith?

Born on 14 November 1996 under the sign of Scorpio, Lycia Faith is an American former Viner, YouTube star, influencer, fashionista and vlogger. She gained prominence as a part of the “GLAMSS” collective, a collaborative channel formed by Lycia and five other female YouTubers. At the same time, she began posting videos on Vine in early 2013, and became popular by the end of the year. After “GLAMSS” disbanded in late 2015, Lycia began posting on her personal channel more frequently, dabbling in topics such as fashion, makeup, fitness and pop culture.

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Early Life and Education: Growing up in Santa Monica

Lycia was born in Santa Monica, California, and is a single child of two American parents. She hasn’t disclosed any information about their identities, which signifies that Lycia intends to keep her private life under wraps as far as the public is concerned. There is no available information about her education either; all that is known is that she moved to San Jose, where she spent most of her early childhood, before moving to Los Angeles, where she’s currently based.  No authoritative sources can provide information about how and when she developed a passion for vlogging and posting content online.

Career Beginnings: Personal Channel

As far as Lycia’s career goes, we can trace its beginning back to 18 August 2012, when she became active on her personal YouTube channel. It was on this date that she posted her first video entitled “Slenderman”, on which she plays the popular video game of The Name Game. The clip features a 15-year-old Lycia going through the first level with her friend beside her, actually their second time playing the game, as they failed to record the first instance. They only collected two out of a possible eight notes, with a lot of screaming involved in the process. After she attracted several thousand views in a few weeks, Lycia became encouraged to make more videos, which lead to an increase in popularity.

Moving Upwards: Vine Videos

In early 2013, Lycia posted her first Vine video, and became more prominent by the end of the year. Her content included singalongs, impersonations, jokes and other types of videos that could fit into the three-second limit. With a contagious smile and a great sense of humor, Lycia attracted a lot of followers, and became a virtual overnight sensation on Vine. A lot of her content resulted in short-lived memes kept alive by re-Vines by her fans. She continued posting videos until the website was discontinued, but even though most of her Vines are lost, fans have taken the liberty and made several YouTube compilations of her best work.

Rise to Prominence: GLAMSS

Under the mentorship of Collab, a digital content studio, “GLAMSS” was formed, which included popular YouTubers Gabby Berry, Lycia Faith, Alexia Raye, Maya Hope Haider, Safari Gage and Casey Berry, Gabby’s  twin sister. Lycia represented the “L” part of “GLAMSS”, as the channel was an acronym of all the members’ first names. The idea behind the venture was for the girls to join forces and become even more popular than they were while working solo. Most of their content revolved around pranks, short skits and the girls questioning each other about various topics. Rarely did they appear in videos together – instead, they took turns in creating characteristic video series, two or three of them at a time. The channel was discontinued in December 2015, with their last video being “Reacting to ‘The Boy’ Trailer”. Fans were devastated by the group’s breakup, especially because they never provided a reason. All of the girls went on to have successful solo careers, with Lycia amassing the most popularity.

Lycia Faith

A Venture Into The Music World

In early 2015, Lycia collaborated with fellow YouTuber and prominent musician Tre Coast on the song “Don’t Talk To Me”, for which they recorded a music video. The song was actually a cover of the original version by Leah Suh, and was featured in the popular show “Orange Is The New Black”. To date, this is Lycia’s only song, but fans were amazed by the strength of her voice and the way she fits in with Tre.

Solo Career and More Frequent Posting

After “GLAMSS” was disbanded, Lycia had more time to devote to her personal channel. As a result of this change in her schedule, she diversified the content that was posted to the channels. Instead of just skits and short vlogs, Lycia started uploading more videos about travelling, about how her day went, and especially commentary on popular movies and music. This allowed fans to get to know more about her and her habits.

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Personal Life: Does She Have a Boyfriend?

There is no information on Lycia’s relationship status, or history with the opposite or same sex. She never mentions any man in her videos, which drives most of her fans crazy. However, she is happy to feature her best friends in vlogs. During her career on Vine, she met other famous Viners with whom she remained friends, such as Dustin Conrad. Of course she is still in her early ‘20s, so plenty of time to develop relationships.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Lycia Faith?

Lycia Faith stands at 5ft 7ins (170.1cm), weighs 118lbs (54 kgs). And her vital statistics are 34-24-34. There is no available information about her dress or shoe sizes.

Did Lycia Faith Get Lip Injections?

The answer to this question is yes. Unlike most celebrities, Lycia didn’t want to hide this fact, and openly admitted her experience with lip injections. She documented her instance in a video entitled “GETTING LIP INJECTIONS!!! (GRAPHIC CONTENT/NEEDLE WARNING)”, in which she takes viewers through the whole process at Angels Med Spa. This is still one of her most viewed videos, alongside “DAILY MAKEUP ROUTINE” and “TWO BLONDES DO THE WHISPER CHALLENGE”, featuring her friend Alanna.  On several instances, Lycia admitted that she always felt insecure about her lips and wanted to enlarge them. Instead of negative comments, fans showered her with praise for being honest and open about her insecurities and experiences with corrective procedures.

What is Lycia Faith’s Net Worth?

According to several acclaimed sources, Lycia Faith has a net worth of approximately almost $500,000, accumulated through YouTube ads, partnerships with makeup and fitness brands, and other forms of advertising. Given the fact that her channel is going strong, it can definitely be said that her wealth is only going to increase in the foreseeable future.

Online Presence

As a famous YouTuber, Lycia heavily relies on the potential of social media to communicate with her fans and extend her outreach. Her Vine account had close to 500,000 followers at the time the site was discontinued. Most of her traffic comes through her personal YouTube channel, on which she has 370,000 subscribers, adding up to a total of 18 million views. She also has a Soundcloud account, on which she re-posts other artists’ songs and makes playlists, with 4,000 people following her. Instagram is where she has the biggest following, at a whopping 330,000 fans interacting with their favorite YouTuber. On Twitter, she is followed by 175,000 fans.

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