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Who is Maureen Blumhardt’s?

Besides being Charles Barkley’s wife for around 30 years, Maureen is a beautiful, successful woman, known particularly for her interest in helping underprivileged women and children, being engaged in several projects and charity associations with this goal. Moreover, she managed to build her own career independently of the popularity she gained by being married to the former basketball player.

Posted by Maureen Barkley on Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maureen’s biography

Without being officially confirmed, some sources mention Maureen was born on 15 January 1960, into an ordinary and simple family of Americans. Her city of birth is Scottsdale, Arizona, where she actually spent most of her childhood and teenage years. Not much is known about her academic development, however, after matriculating from high school in her hometown, she continued her education at the Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Surprisingly, she did not stop here, as following her ambition, but giving up her childish dreams of becoming an actress, she enrolled into Columbia Journalism School and successfully finished it.

Did she pursue a career in journalism?

She is regarded as a beautiful woman with attractive physical traits whom the TV world would love, but she did not choose to dedicate her life and energy to such a job. Instead, she became known more as a philanthropist and a charitable woman, after joining the well-known non-profit organisation Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, whose main target is to aid women with socio-economic difficulties and few resources. It was founded in 1992 with the same goal of improving women’s lives, and Maureen has been an honorary member, so far participating in a lot of fundraising and other types of activities for underprivileged women and the environment they live in.

Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt

Moreover, she has apparently participated in and managed some businesses, but further information is not available.  Among other jobs she has done in the times she was still in search of her true professional self, were legal aid and modeling. Actually, she met her future husband, Charles, when she was practicing legal aid. She was also a part-time model at Bucks County. A popular advertisement she filmed was for Noblerex K-1, which is an electronic vibrating device whose purpose is to help you lose fat from some areas of your body by stimulation.

How did she meet her husband?

We can say that they even met by chance, and the fact that they started dating is for sure a matter of destiny, taking into account all the differences between them and the way they were seen together. However, let’s start with the beginning – they upposedly fell in love with one another at first sight in the City Avenue restaurant in Bucks County. Despite being quite reserved at the first meeting, they bravely faced the awkwardness, and started seeing each other. Back then, in the ‘80s, it was not such a common thing to see a beautiful white girl with fair blonde hair dating a massive black man, which is why their presence in some places raised a lot of eyebrows. Even Charles’ father once expressed his disagreement with this relationship, however, he then supported his son.


Crossing over all the critics and negative comments, they made their relationship official first in front of a judge in 1989, and only then to the public – they didn’t have a fancy wedding with hundreds of guests, as it was thought a sportsman like Charles Barkley would have. No information about the venue, date or guests at the ceremony is available.

Ups and downs in the marriage

In a 30 year-long marriage, it’s impossible not to have extremely pleasant moments but also some much less beautiful. Definitely, one of the best was the birth of Maureen and Charles’ first and only daughter. Born in the same year of their marriage, 1989, Christiana Barkley has taken what is the most beautiful from the DNA of her so different parents. There were also some rumors of Barkley having another son inside or outside the marriage, but it looks like it was only gossip which eventually died.

Maureen Blumhardt and her family

Talking about moments that are never forgotten, one of them, unfortunately with negative circumstances, dates back fto 2008, when Charles was arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. He had to pass 10 days in prison, pay fines of around $2000, and face the disappointment of his wife. However, it was not the first time that Charles was in the spotlight for a bad thing. He was also a passionate gambler, authoritative sources mentioning the fact that he once lost $10 million while playing. Even so, Maureen has always been a faithful wife, and helped his husband change his lifestyle and his way of being, which he appreciates until today, after 30 years of marriage.

The Barkleys net worth and social media presence

Needless to say that Charles has gathered much more money than Maureen. However, she’s managed to gather some money from modeling and business, reputed to be over $1 million. On the other side, Charles is now a retired basketball player, working as a sports analyst in the TV show “Inside the NBA”, aired on TNT. The most part of his fortune was gathered years ago, when he was still playing, but his net worth is still estimated by sources to be more than $40 million.

Maureen is not active on, and doesn’t really open up to big audiences on social media, but if you want to discover some insights from her everyday life, you can follow her on Twitter, where she has a thousand followers. Her Facebook profile is even more private, with little friends and information, but here you can find out more about her fund-raising campaigns and charity work.

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