• Michaela Mendez is a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer born in Santa Clarita, California.
• She is of Norwegian, African-American, and Cherokee Native American descent.
• She started uploading content to YouTube in 2017.
• Michaela is an aspiring singer and she and her boyfriend Nathan Boucad are expecting a baby.
• Michaela is 5ft 6ins (162 cm) tall and her vital statistics are 34-26-37.


Who is Michaela Mendez?

Popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer Michaela Mendez, was born in Santa Clarita, California USA, on 25th of July 1994. Michaela is known on social media platforms as ‘sheisMichaela’, and her career bloomed in 2017 when she started dating fellow YouTuber Nathan Boucad, who gained wide recognition with his Chatroulette and Omegle videos, as well as ‘Netflix and Chill cheating prank’ video.

Michaela Mendez Bio: Early Life and Education

Michaela grew up in Santa Clarita with her parents, apparently enjoying an idyllic childhood with her three brothers and two sisters – growing in a large family was a blessing to her, and she has often spoken about how proud she is of her family and her roots. Namely, her father is of Norwegian, while her mother is of African–American and Cherokee Native American origin.

Like every teenager, Michaela loved listening to music and some of her favorite musicians up ‘til this day are Weekend, Michael Jackson and Future the rapper. She enrolled in a nursing school, but quit in 2016 as she thought it was very challenging and hard. Although she thought that she wouldn’t continue, with the support of her boyfriend, friends and family, Michaela went back to school and graduated in 2019. Passing an exit exam was a huge accomplishment for her, and she says that she is confident of passing her next exam to become a registered nurse.

Michaela Mendez

Career and net worth

Michaela began uploading original content videos in July 2017.; her first videos were ‘Welcome to my channel’ and ‘Boyfriend does my makeup challenge’, and since then she has a growing fan base. Michaela is active on Instagram with more than 300,000 followers, while her YouTube channel has almost 370,000 subscribers. She has a Facebook page too, created in 2013, that counts around 25,000 people. The videos she posts mostly include challenges and pranks, as well as situations from her private life, as she is trying to be open to her fans and followers.

Michaela likes to sing, but had to undergo surgery because of throat issues, which she explained in one of her videos. She also gave advise to girls who are considering breast augmentation, explaining what she wished she would know before she did it, in the hopes it will help other girls think twice before making such an important decision.

Authoritative sources estimate that Michaela’s net worth as of mid-2019 is over $100,000, accumulated from her on-line efforts over the last few years.

Private life

Michaela is an amazing singer. She has been posting videos of her singing mostly on her Instagram account, and as she’s received only positive reactions, she’s aspiring to be a successful singer one day, regardless of her education. Michaela felt like she did not have support from her family in pursuing a musical career, and that they thought it will be almost impossible for her to get into musical industry. They insisted on her getting an education.

Nate and Michaela have had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. During 2018, the couple decided to split, however they later reconciled. She felt that they were strangers, that she had a feeling like she is with him but did not know what he thinks of her, does he still love her or not. All of that made her feel deeply insecure; she even lost weight due to stress she experienced during that time.

Michaela is a believer and she hoped that God will find a way to keep Nate in her life if it was meant to be – their anniversary was on 7th of July, after which they reunited.

Michaela met Nate’s parents in December, which was an exciting event for her as she had never traveled outside of US and Canada, and for the first time she went to the United Kingdom. By the end of 2018, Nate and she decided to have a baby. Michaela thinks that she missed out a lot having older parents, as they had her in her forties; she would like her children to get to know their grandparents, which she never could. She also considers that the older you get, it’s harder to become a parent, and Michaela thinks that now is the ideal for them to start a family, as Nate and her moved to Texas, and now have their own lives and jobs.

Michaela Mendez Body Measurements, Height and Weight

Michaela is very athletic and regularly goes to the gym. She is 5ft 6ins (162 cm) tall, while her weight is currently unknown.

Source: IMDb

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