Born under the sign of Scorpio on 19 November 2008, in USA, Namiko ‘Nami’ Love Browner is a 15-year-old child of mixed ethnicity. She is known around the globe exclusively thanks to being the child of R&B artist O’Ryan and his much more popular ex-girlfriend Jhené Aiko, whose fame derives both from making music and being involved with some of the bigger names in her industry.

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Early life and education: Yet to choose her calling

Born out of wedlock when her mother was only 20 years old, Namiko had been an only child up until 8 November 2022, when her brother Noah Hasani came into the world as a product of her mother and rapper Big Sean’s relationship. Due to the various ups and downs that Aiko came to experience throughout her career, it can’t be said that Namiko has had a stable household and a joyous childhood, but the financial benefits that came with the drama surely outweighed various setbacks.

Since Jhené moved around from boyfriend to husband to boyfriend and so on, Namiko is very likely to have attended several elementary schools throughout her upbringing, but will now probably stay in one high school until she matriculates, as her freshman year is well on its way. Her door towards a singer’s career will always be open, but the question remains whether she finds herself in this profession.

Who is her father?

Born O’Ryan Omri Browner under the sign of Aquarius on 12 February 1987, in Compton, California, O’Ryan is an African-American singer known mostly for being the younger brother of the B2K boy band superstar Omarion, although he’s also had successes of his own. The siblings’ artistic tendencies were greatly supported by their father Trent Grandberry and mother Leslie Burrell, who always had faith that their children would reach stardom.

O’Ryan’s first official foray into music took place in 2004, when he released the single entitled “Take It Slow,” after which his self-titled album also came out. That just about sums up his musical career, however, as he then retreated from the spotlight. It’s highly likely that Jhené had greater hopes for the would-be superstar, which is why she chose to enter a relationship with him in 2005. They remained in a somewhat rocky relationship for the next three years, and the fans believed that Namiko’s arrival into the world would mend previous wounds.

This wasn’t the case, however, and they soon split up following her birth. Some have theorized that O’Ryan simply didn’t want the responsibility, while others believe that Aiko was the one who broke things off, wanting a better father for her daughter. Whatever the case may be, it’s definite that Namiko didn’t have both of her parents equally present throughout her formative years, even though both are known to have been fully supportive of their child. Finally, it’s also easy to conclude that Aiko’s involvement with O’Ryan indirectly allowed her to rise to fame, thanks to who his brother is.

B2K and Aiko, what’s the connection?

B2K is a dynamic American boy band that etched its name into the annals of music history with a career that spanned two distinct phases – from 1998 to 2004, and 2018 to 2019. The group’s inception can be traced back to 1998, and the creative minds of Keshia Gamble from Interscope Records, and famous dancing choreographer Dave Scott. B2K emerged under their visionary guidance, comprising the talented quartet of J-Boog, Lil’ Fizz, Omarion, and Raz-B.

The initial members Dreux ‘Lil’ Fizz’ Frédéric, Jarell ‘J-Boog’ Houston Sr., and De’Mario ‘Raz-B’ Thornton were involved with another musical group, known as Melodic. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place on 1999’s New Year’s Eve as Omarion was invited to join their ranks, thereby birthing the moniker B2K, signifying ‘Boys of the New Millennium.’

In 2001 they burst onto the music scene with the track “Uh Huh,” produced by the renowned Tricky Stewart. This song served as the herald for their eponymous album, which boasted several chart-topping tracks such as “Gots ta Be” and “Why I Love You.” This collection left a permanent mark on the charts, climbing to an impressive No. 2 on the Billboard 200, and achieving the prestigious Gold certification, a significant milestone in their artistic pursuits.

The subsequent year marked the release of their second album – “Pandemonium!” It made a resounding entry at No. 10 on the Billboard 200, and unveiled the sensational hit “Bump, Bump, Bump” in collaboration with the influential P. Diddy. The track ascended to the pinnacle of the Hot 100, securing B2K’s inaugural number one hit. Their relentless ascent was further validated in 2003, when they clinched a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Singing Group.

However, the drive seems to have fizzled out by 2004, as their manager Chris Stokes announced the group’s disbandment, with internal conflicts cited by their label Epic Records as the main reason. This departure led to Lil’ Fizz, Raz-B, and J-Boog releasing a joint statement, expressing their quest for fairness and affirming the termination of their professional association with Stokes. In parallel, Omarion displayed unwavering determination, continuing under Stokes’ management to embark on a solo career that would script new chapters in his musical journey.

Jhené Aiko came into this story during the group’s heyday, having been seen in numerous music videos that they released over the years. The fans began to recognize her likeness, and wonder what kind of connection she had to B2K, and the answer to that question was manipulated to help further Aiko’s career. Instead of relaying to the fans that she was simply spending time with or around O’Ryan and his brother, she apparently spread the rumor that Lil’ Fizz is her cousin. This is what the fans believed for a long while, until the truth finally came to light, but by that point she was already a veritable star in the music industry.

Who is Namiko’s mother, what is Namiko’s real ethnicity?

Born Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo under the sign of Pisces on 16 March 1988, in Los Angeles, California, Namiko’s mother is a 35-year-old R&B singer of mixed ethnicity. She derives Dominican, Spanish and Japanese descent from her mother Christina Yamamoto, while her father Karamo Chilombo (originally Gregory Wycliff Barnes) boasts African-American, Native American and German-Jewish ancestry. Her childhood wasn’t particularly enjoyable either, since the family survived a house fire when she was only seven years of age.

The tragedies didn’t cease afterwards either, as even Namiko’s life was put in great danger on 27 August 2013, when her mother, father and aunt Miyoko ended up in a car accident alongside her in Los Angeles. The child fortunately came out mostly unharmed, as well as everyone else aside from Jhené herself.

Namiko was also supposed to have a consistent father figure after Aiko married record producer Oladipo ‘Dot da Genius’ sometime prior to 2016. However, their divorce was finalized only months after news broke of the two having been wedded for a while. The most likely culprit for the separation is Aiko’s unwillingness to remain faithful, as was shown in a video from TMZ detailing the divorce. The singer can be seen making out on stage with rapper Big Sean, whom she has remained somewhat involved with ever since. Her marriage to Oladippo ended after only 11 months through a financial settlement, over undisclosed differences.

So, what is Namiko’s net worth?

While the child herself is yet to make any significant income, her mother’s total accumulated wealth is estimated at a rather comfortable $7 million. When combined with her ex-husband’s $3 million net worth, as well as Big Sean’s rather larger $26 million, the sums easily combine to allow a very snug lifestyle that leaves Namiko wanting for nothing in particular.

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