• Nancy Wiesenfeld is best known for being the ex-wife of media executive Leslie “Les” Roy Moonves.
• She has a net worth estimated to be over $100 million, earned through her various endeavors.
• She attended the University of California and owns several businesses in Los Angeles.
• Her ex-husband's net worth is estimated to be over $800 million.
• She currently resides in Los Angeles and has apparently remarried.


Who is Nancy Wiesenfeld?

Nancy Wiesenfeld was born on 15 May 1960, in California, USA, and is best known for being the ex-wife of media executive Leslie “Les” Roy Moonves. He was the Chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation during the time of their divorce, which attracted media attention.

The Net Worth of Nancy Wiesenfeld

How rich is Nancy Wiesenfeld? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $100 million, earned through success in her various endeavors, increased significantly thanks to divorce from her former husband, who has a net worth estimated to be over $700 million.

Early Life, Education, and Career

Nancy grew up in California alongside a younger sister, though little is known about their parents and her childhood. It is known that she attended the same high school as her sister, and showed a proclivity towards dancing. She started taking classes, and after matriculating from high school, pursued a degree in arts at the University of California.

The University of California is a public university system in the state founded in 1868. It has 10 campuses and a combined student body of over 251,000 students with its latest campus Merced opening in 2005.

They enroll both undergraduate and graduate students, offering numerous courses. The University of California is considered one of the academic institutions that offer the most comprehensive and advanced college postsecondary education in the world. They also have distinguished faculty in almost every academic discipline. Following her graduation from the university, she did not pursue dancing as a career, but opted to go for business. She currently owns several businesses within Los Angeles.

Nancy Wiesenfeld

Former Husband – Les Moonves

Leslie Roy Moonves started his career with CBS in 1995, working his way up to hold numerous executive positions within the company. He also became a pmember of the board of directors for ZeniMax Media in 1999, and later became the co-chief operating officer and co-president of the original Viacom, Inc. which was the legal predecessor to CBS Corporation. In 2003, he became the Chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation, and held the position until 2018 when he stepped down from his position.

Numerous media reports state that he had amassed wealth due to the high valued compensation packages he received during his time with CBS, and this has allowed him to attain a net worth of over $800 million. The compensation packages were described as extremely generous, with him earning $68.4 million from the company in 2017 alone. He also had stock options with the company worth $100 million, and was entitled to a severance package of over $240 million, but this was later suspended following numerous investigations regarding sexual abuse allegations against him.

Prior to stepping down from the company, he was one of the highest paid directors and CEOs of a company in the world.

Sexual Allegations Against Les Moonves

Les Moonves was an open supporter of the #MeToo movement, and condemned sexual harassment in the workplace. He was responsible for creating the Commission on Sexual Harrassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace while also helping create public service announcements through CBS Cares. However, in 2018 numerous women stepped forward accusing Moonves himself of harassment and intimidation.

Dozens of others followed as described by the publication “The New Yorker”. He was subsequently placed under investigation, and a few months later six more women publicly detailed similar stories from the 1980s.

After relinquishing his position, he released a public statement denying all of the allegations against him. Actress Bobbie Phillips then approached “The New York Times” telling her story of how she was sexually assaulted by him during the mid-1990s, and that he was attempting to bury all of the allegations.

Actress Eliza Dushku was also involved in a $9.5 million settlement after she claimed she was written out of the CBS show “Bull” as a retaliation for revealing that she was harassed by Moonves in the workplace. CBS then issued a statement that they would be denying his severance pay. He has also been under scrutiny for refusing to co-operate with investigators, being evasive, and untruthful. He’s also been accused of deleting evidence, including messages in his devices.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Wiesenfeld met Moonves during the late 1970s, and the two married in 1978. They had a child six years later named Sara, who would later become a style director for the popular fashion magazine “W”. They also have two sons together. She often appeared alongside him at red carpet events, but after over two decades together, she filed for divorce in 2003, amid allegations that he was dating television personality Julie Chen.

Their divorce was finalized a year later, with Moonves urging the court to grant him an early divorce – the entire ordeal was covered heavily by the media. Nancy now resides in Los Angeles, and has apparently remarried. She maintains a low profile and doesn’t have any accounts on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Some of her favorite actors include Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston. She also enjoys travelling and shopping.

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