• PlagueOfGripes is 36 years old and his zodiac sign is Leo.
• He has a net worth of over $600,000 and makes a minimum of $2,600 per month.
• He is Caucasian and has brown eyes.
• He is active on social media, with a Twitter account followed by 55,000 people.
• He has 260,000 subscribers on YouTube and has made videos such as “Angelic Expectations” and “Aisha Clan-Clan [Art Gripe]”.


PlagueOfGripes Wiki Biography and Age

PlagueOfGripes – first name Eli – was born on 27 July 1982 in the USA, which means that he is 36 years old and his zodiac sign is Leo. PlagueOfGripes, whose nationality is American, is best known as a YouTuber and artist and in that field he had made videos such as “Angelic Expectations” and “Aisha Clan-Clan [Art Gripe]” Being successful in that field, he gained recognition among the audience, which also poses some questions regarding his early life and formative years, and we’ll discuss those topics later in the article.

Net Worth

So just how rich is PlagueOfGripes as of mid-2019? According to authoritative sources, this YouTuber and artist has a net worth of over $600,000, with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field. However, he hasn’t spoken about his assets, such as vehicles and houses, but is seemingly able to take care of himself financially. Besides that, being a YouTuber, PlagueOfGripes makes money every time an ad is displayed with his videos as well as through Patreon, where his fans can support him by making direct donations. According to his page, he makes a minimum of $2,600 per month.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about PlagueOfGripes’ ethnicity, he is Caucasian and has brown eyes. However, as he doesn’t share private photos on his social media, we can’t tell how tall he is nor how much he weighs. He hasn’t spoken about his early life and formative years, choosing to remain secretive.


Social Media

PlagueOfGripes is in the entertainment field, which naturally means that he is active on social media, which he uses to promote his work as well as to communicate with his fans. He has a Twitter account and is followed by 55,000 people on that platform. Despite not showing private photos, he shares some details from his everyday life, allowing his followers to take a closer look at what’s going on behind closed doors. He has recently shared the tweet reading “Vermintide 2 review: it is a video game. You move through a corridor killing video game enemies. You press video game buttons to do… approximations of abilities. Video game complete.” Besides that, he shared photos of an opossum that comes to his house, which his fans seem to have found to be hilarious; the tweet has been liked 1,400 times. He often writes about playing video games.


Prior to rising to fame through YouTube, PlagueOfGripes worked as a columnist. He made his online debut in 2012, when he uploaded the video entitled “Pikachu’s Smile”, and followed by working on more videos such as “Too Many Mushrooms!”, “Nobody Likes You, Kormir [Guild Wars]”, “Why Battletech Sucks ( Urbanmech )” and “Scrotie [Game Grumps]”, with all of them being animations of video games. As he started gaining subscribers at a rapid pace, he subsequently made more videos including “Kill Yourself [Game Grumps]”, “Ayla’s Kisses [Two Best Friends Play]” and “Men of the Wall [Two Best Friends Play]”, with the latter video being an animation on “Game of Thrones”. His subscribers enjoyed the video, and went on to leave numerous sweet comments, complimenting PlagueOfGripes on his artistic skills. One fan went on to write that he has watched the video at least 10 times.

Most Successful Videos

When it comes to PlagueOfGripes’most watched videos, those include “Dark Souls: in Summary”, which has been watched by five million people, “Select Your Partner”, “BLUDémon” and “Dark Holes (Dark Souls Parody)”, with 1.8 million views; his video “Huge Quest!” has been watched by 900,000 people, and “Predator College [Two Best Friends Play]” by 630,000. The latter video follows the story of a creature that resembles the creatures from the “Predator” horror franchise, as he tries to fit into society. His funny content is one of the main reasons why this YouTuber has been able to attract such a big group of followers, and make a name for himself in the community.

Most Recent Videos

When it comes to PlagueOfGripes’most recent videos, in October 2018, he uploaded the video entitled “Naruto, the Self-Made Hypocrite”, and then followed by posting videos such as “Star Trek and M’Ress Too”, “The Thing – Gripe Track” and “Nen and Zen [+Updates]”.In mid-June of the same year, PlagueOfGripes made the short video entitled “Angelic Expectations”, which has been watched 70,000 times. Overall, this YouTuber has 260,000 subscribers, and his audience is constantly growing as he continues making more quality content. We are sure that there is more to come for him as he’s a hardworking and talented man.

Relationship Status

As we have mentioned, PlagueOfGripes doesn’t share much information about his private life, remaining pretty secretive about it. He hasn’t spoken about his dating history, which has led many to believe that he’s single, but who knows what the future holds for him?

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