Samadhi Zendejas

The Mexican actress and performer Samadhi Zendejas – also known as just Samadhi – was born on 27th December 1994, and landed her first TV role in 2009, when she began playing Amaya in “Atrevete a Soñar”.

At the time, she was in a publicized relationship with her co-star Alejandro Speitzer, who played Raymundo; the frequent press coverage, as well as Samadhi’s outstanding portrayal of Amaya, created the perfect storm for her to win her first major award at the 2010 Premios TvyNovelas (Best Female Revelation category).

2010 was a busy year for the glamorous brunette, as she guest-starred in “La rosa de Guadalupe”, “Gritos de Muerte y Libertad”, and “Mujeres asesinas”. From 2011 to 2012, she played Abril Figueroa Duprís in the telenovela “Esperanza del corazón”, followed by a small gap in her acting resume until she made her big comeback in 2016, with the supporting role as Nadia in “Un camino hacia el destino”.

2017 saw Samadhi play Jenni Rivera in “Mariposa de barrio”; the series ran for 91 episodes, and was based on singer and actress Jenni Rivera’s autobiography, which was published a year after her death, with her family’s consent. Samadhi played Jenni from the ages 13 to 25, and starred in 34 episodes overall.

Since then, the Mexican has played Maria Antonia Reyes in the drama thriller “Enemigo íntimo”, main antagonist Circe Gaona in “False identidad”, and Candelaria Mendoza in “La mujer del diablo”. In 2019, she also had a leading role as Geminis in “Rosario Tijeras”.

Samadhi, whose younger siblings Adriano and Dassana have both followed her into the entertainment industry, is currently studying at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) in Mexico City, owned by Televisa, where some of the country’s greatest telenovela stars, such as Angelique Boyer, have studied.

Personal Life

Samadhi was previously in a romantic relationship with Jorge Coch, actress Jessica Coch’s brother. The couple were first confirmed to be dating in January 2015, but reportedly broke up in May of the same year for unspecified reasons. Jorge has been linked to a number of semi-famous women in Mexico, such as Virginia Ramírez, Gloria Aura and África Zavala, but seems to have no intentions of settling down.

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In July 2023, Samadhi’s “Vuelves a mí” co-star William Levy denied the relationship rumors that had been plaguing the dynamic duo since the series premiered. William, who is 14 years older than Samadhi, was at the same time reportedly reconciliating with his ex-partner and mother of his children, Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

When the gossip became too much to bear, William took to Instagram to say: “Guys… I’m just stopping by here after reading so many things, without anyone knowing my truth. I’m single. Trust me, I’ve got more than one reason for it. I don’t know about the future, but for now, I’m focused on my children and career,” he declared in Spanish.

Contrary to popular belief, being linked to William has done little to help Samadhi’s career: quite the opposite, in fact, as his online fanbase has recently taken to her Instagram to criticize her acting skills, and asking for her to be kicked off “Vuelves a mí” – Samadhi has maintained a dignified silence.

However, that doesn’t mean that the model always keeps mum regarding her private life. During a sit-down interview with journalist and media personality Omar Chaparro in 2020, the “Atrevete a soñar” star confirmed that she and Alejandro Speitzer had been together for four years, declaring her former co-star the first love of her life.

After breaking up from Alejandro, Samadhi was linked to Lorenzo Méndez, known for being the ex-husband of businesswoman and singer-songwriter Chiquis Rivera. Although Samadhi and Lorenzo never confirmed or denied the rumors, they were discussed at length on “Chisme No Like” and other daytime gossip shows. Around the same time, Samadhi was one of the contestants in “Así se baila”, a Telemundo dancing show in which she won $20,000 with her brother, and reportedly met Lorenzo. (Of interest is that her net worth is likely around $5 million, as of late 2023.)

In September 2022, Samadhi denied being in a relationship with the actress and activist Yolanda Andrade, who is 23 years her senior. According to El Heraldo de México and other national media outlets, Samadhi and Yolanda were together for quite some time; in fact, a video of them together at a mutual friend’s 60th birthday party went viral, and according to sources, the unlikely pair even had intimate nicknames for each other.

Nevertheless, the young telenovela star struck back at netizens, dismissing the rumors of her alleged bisexuality. Since then, Samadhi has yet to be seen out and about with any possible love interests.


With over six million Instagram followers, Samadhi has built up an imposing online presence that has helped open many doors in her career. In September 2023, the Mexican actress travelled to New York City, where she’s been signing important contracts – and will reportedly be modelling for Fendi sometime in the future.

If Samadhi’s looking to cross over to an American market, she’s taking all the right steps. In August 2023, she was the cover girl of Galore magazine, and earlier in the year, she was spotted at prestigious events in the make-up and fashion sector, such as a L’Oreal Paris launch.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle and incorporating grueling workouts into her daily routine have also become an important part of Samadhi’s day-to-day. In mid-2023, the actress featured in Glamour Magazine Mexico, and shared her fitness routine, which starts off with an intense cardio session, and includes boxing and dancing. Skiing and strength resistance training are two of Samadhi’s other go-to activities to keep herself in great shape.

More recently, the “Rosa de Guadalupe” star shared that she’d been suffering from anxiety. “This has become a daily fight,” she revealed in an Instagram reel. “Many of you will believe that I’m talking about something superficial or vain, but it’s much deeper than that; I’m talking about anxiety, a word that I was afraid to say, and even more afraid to speak about,” she wrote in Spanish.

Naturally, Samadhi’s news became a trending topic online, as thousands of fans took to the internet to cheer her up with encouraging words.

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