• Sara Hopkins Ayala is a 28-year-old American social media star, ex-Viner, and influencer
• She was adopted at a young age and has two sisters
• After graduating from Auburn University, she became a News Reporter/Journalist and Director of Special Projects/On-Air Host
• In 2016, she left her job to pursue a full-time career in social media
• Sara is currently expecting a baby with husband Robby Ayala and has an estimated net worth of $1 million

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Who is Sara Hopkins?

Born on 16 March, 1991 in Columbus, Georgia, under the ever-intense sign of Pisces, Sara Hopkins Ayala is a 28-year-old American social media star, ex-Viner, Snapchat wizard, influencer, marketer, writer, reporter and, yes – even an actor. This multi-talented lady has risen high up the ranks of social media’s elite. In 2016, she was nominated for the Snapchatter of the Year award, and proclaimed the “queen of social media” by Creative Loafing. Her career curve and life story are far from usual.

Early Life: The Truth About Sara Hopkins and Her Family

Sara “Sayhop” Hopkins Ayala grew up in an American family in the Peach State. Despite all her charisma and talkativeness, Sara was always hesitant to reveal anything about her family, or childhood for that matter. For a long time, the only information available was that her parents had a loving marriage. A few years ago, in a YouTube video entitled “50 FACTS ABOUT ME”, Sara finally revealed that she was adopted, along with her telling the world her true surname – Underwood. In typical Sara fashion, she let everyone know about this through laughter and jokes. It is also known that Sara grew up with two sisters, Casey and Kristen. From an early age, Sara had a knack for public performing and expressing herself verbally.

Education and Early Career: Meant For Television

Upon matriculating from Harris County High School, Sara knew that a career on television was her true calling. She was accepted into Auburn University, where she devoted herself to studies in Radio, Television and Film. An exceptional student, Sara graduated at the top of her class and immediately got a job as a reporter on WWAY Channel 3 in mid-2014. Her full position was News Reporter/ Journalist, which meant she got a chance to showcase her charisma and talkativeness by conducting interviews. Even though Sara was successful at her dream job, she was concurrently drawn to something else.

Sara Hopkins

Moving in an Upwards Direction: Social Media

In early-2015, Sara discovered Vine, a social network which allows users to share six-second videos that are on an automatic loop. With sufficient knowledge of the media world, she was interested in analyzing how people behave on the network and decided to join the site herself. Mostly centered around memes, pop culture and current events, Vine was a great way for anyone to become popular. Not long after creating a profile, Sara steadily became one of the network’s trending content creators. This meant that the more Vines she posted, the more popular she became. It wasn’t hard for her to devise a content strategy and capitalize on her newly-found fame.

Continued Success: Promotion and a Rise in Popularity

WWAY quickly realized how popular Sara, was due to her Vine videos, especially as in a short time, her account was followed by no less than 500,000 people. A favorite was her series of Vines on which she impersonated a dolphin in different situations. To capitalize on having such a popular reporter, the station rewarded Sara with a promotion to Director of Special Projects/On-Air Host. This position included an array of new responsibilities, but her experience with social media, marketing and other similar niches made her the perfect person for the job. In one of her Vines, Sara mentions that she also won an award for her work in journalism, but didn’t specify which one.

A Venture Into Acting: Sara’s Appearance on Secrets and Lies

Due to her adeptness at reporting and increasing social media popularity, Sara began receiving offers to appear in movies and TV shows. Ultimately, she appeared in the hit show “Secrets and Lies” in 2015, in the minor role of “Reporter #1”, actually in just two episodes for a few seconds.

Changing Careers: Full-Time Social Media Influencer

In early 2016, Sara decided that two jobs were becoming a handful. She couldn’t do research for her appearances and reports and leave aside Vine and YouTube, two of her most lucrative sources of income. While it was hard to choose between two things she loved, Sara was realistic, and understood the potential of social media. In March 2016, she resigned from her original position, having decided to make social media her full-time job. Around the same time, Snapchat became another one of Sara’s social media outlets. In less than two months, 70,000 people added her on their popular instant messaging platform. With more time, Sara could create more than just a lot of content – she could share high-quality videos and blogs to engage with her audience.


The Dissolution of Vine: How Sara Managed to Adapt

On 27 October 2016, the creators of Vine announced that Twitter was officially in the process of discontinuing the upload option, which meant that some of the world’s most popular social media stars, like Sara, couldn’t post new videos. Thankfully, Sara wasn’t unprepared; she had already been posting videos to Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, which meant her following was still massive. After migrating her videos to other platforms, Sara was ready to focus on vlogging and turning the “Sayhop” moniker into a true global brand. TikTok, Twitter and other apps helped her traverse her second challenge in just two years after graduating from the University of Auburn.

Entrepreneurship of Sara Hopkins

Beyond merely creating content for her own pleasure, Sara (alongside husband Robby Ayala) has been involved in many brand endorsement campaigns since 2016. Given the fact that Mr. and Mrs Ayala are veterans of social media, big brands were willing to pay them for promoting their products or simply advising them on marketing matters. They collaborated with Warner Brothers, Target, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Amazon and many more.

Personal Life: Does Sara Hopkins Have a Husband? Who Is He?

Sara Hopkins is married to Robert “Robby” Ayala, a fellow influencer whom she met while on a trip to New York. Ayala, a former Viner with 3,500,000 subscribers, immediately asked her out and the couple hit it off from the get-go. There is no information across credible sources that can give us an exact time period in which they got together, but it became evident that their relationship was serious during a trip to Roatan, Honduras. Robby proposed to her on 31 December 2016 and the couple announced it with a jovial video. As for the wedding ceremony – it was held in a private location in mid-November 2017. The couple currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robert “Robby” Ayala

Is Sara Hopkins Pregnant?

Yes, Sara Hopkins is currently expecting a baby with husband Robby Ayala – as of 20 May 2019, she is 24 and a half weeks into her pregnancy. The couple announced the imminent arrival of another Ayala via Instagram with a funny post. While Robby is holding the ultrasound image, Sara wrote ‘Based on my due date, I could go into labor on Labor Day… so that’s a thing’.

Net Worth: How Rich is Sara Hopkins?

How much money do you think Sara has? According to several credible sources, it’s safe to assume that Sara has a net worth of close to $1 million, as of mid-2019, accumulated by creating a powerful brand and promoting herself on social media, with lucrative product endorsements, advisory services and much more. Given the fact that her business ventures are doing well, it’s safe to say we’ll see this number rise in the foreseeable future.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Sara Hopkins?

Sara Hopkins is 5ft 2ins (157 cm) tall, while she weighs around 120lbs (55 kg); her other measurements are currently unknown. She has a slim build with no tattoos, while her face is framed by wavy blond hair and bright blue eyes.

Social Media Presence

Sara’s first venture into the world of social media was Vine, attracting over 900,00 followers before she deleted her account. Instead of Vine, she posts from her TikTok account, with 30,000 fans and 900,000 hearts. Her Twitter account is also popular, with 60,000 followers engaging in discussion with her. Instagram is perhaps her favorite network, on which she has an account for herself an for her two dogs, Pomeranians named Lilly and Chico, with 240,000 and 16,000 followers respectively. She has around 100,000 followers on Snapchat, and 5,000 people are actively engaged with her on Facebook.

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