• Sarah Midori Perry is a pop singer and lead vocalist of indie electro pop group Kero Kero Bonito.
• She was born in Japan, but is of part British descent, and holds both Japanese and British nationalities.
• She went to the UK to continue her education and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.
• Kero Kero Bonito's first album "Bonito Generation" was released in 2016 and they released "Time 'n' Place" in 2018.
• Sarah is very active on social media and her net worth is estimated to be over $300,000.


Sarah Midori Perry Wiki Bio

Sarah Midori Perry was born in Japan on 4 March 1991, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding Japanese nationality, plus being of part British descent. She is popular for her career of a pop singer, and for being the lead vocalist of the indie electro pop group Kero Kero Bonito.

Early life and education

Sarah hasn’t mentioned much about her early life, as she prefers to keep these matters to herself, however, some things related to her childhood years are still known. She lived in Otaru in Japan with her parents until she turned 13.

She grew up wanting to become an artist, as she was very good at drawing – after her parents saw her passion and her talent, they found her a private teacher. Upon finishing elementary school, her parents sent her to the UK to continue her education. Sarah doesn’t usually talk about her parents but sometimes describes how she is very thankful for the support they showed and for pushing her forwards when she was not sure what she wanted to do. As she has spent so many years in the UK, she now holds both British and Japanese nationalities.

Sarah matriculated from a high school in London, and as she was determined to have a career in art, she enrolled at Kingston University near London, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

Career of a pop singer

Sarah began her career as an artist rather than as a singer. She had a Facebook page onto which she uploaded pictures of her work, and found jobs that way. She switched to being a pop singer of Kero Kero Bonito after Gus and Jamie, the two members of the band, started searching for someone for their band who could speak Japanese. They put an advertisement on “MixB” online board made specifically for Japanese people searching for work – Sarah was amongst the first people who applied for the position, and after her first rehearsal, she became an official member of the group.

Sarah Midori Perry

Besides being their lead singer, Sarah is now also a DJ who goes by the name DJ Cryalot – she made her debut on 15 February 2019, but is still very passionate about art and is working in that field as well.

Kero Kero Bonito

Kero Kero Bonito – or KKB for short – is an indie pop band based in London, England, initially created in 2011, and is currently made-up of Sarah Midory Perry – better known as Sarah Bonito and who serves as their lead vocalist – and Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled who are producers and who can play numerous instruments.

The name of the group is derived from Japanese words meaning frog croaks, and a special type of a fish – in Portuguese, the name of their band means ‘I want, I want, Beautiful’. The beginning of the band was influenced by some popular J-pop singers such as Kyary Pamuy Pamuy and dancehall, while the trio also tried to implement video game music into their songs. Their first mixtape was released in August 2014 entitled “Intro Bonito” – the trio wrote most of their songs using their Casio SA-45 mini keyboard.

They released “Bonito Recycling” in September 2014 which was a compilation of their songs remixed by various artists – their first single was released in November 2014 entitled “Build it Up”. In October 2015, the band had their very first North American tour. The band’s first studio album “Bonito Generation” was released on 21 October 2016 by Double Denim Records. At the beginning of 2018 and with the launch of their extended play “TOTEP”, the band’s style was somewhat changed as they began producing indie rock-pop music influenced by the bands Mount Eerie and My Bloody Valentine.

The band gained a wider recognition after the release of their extended play “TOTEP” which also included their single “Only Acting” which was officially released eight days before “TOTEP” landed. Their second studio album “Time ‘n’ Place” was released on 1 October 2018 which was quite different from their first album, but their fans have nevertheless loved what they did with their songs.

Personal life and relationships

Sarah is very secretive when it comes to her love life, as she hasn’t shared any details regarding any past and present affairs with the public.

Rumor has it that Sarah was dating a Japanese boy living close to her in London for a couple of months, until she became part of the Kero Kero Bonito band. The two split not long after due to jealousy as the man believed Sarah was cheating on him with one of the boys from the band. Although this hasn’t been confirmed, people believe that Sarah is indeed dating one of the two boys from the band, but nothing can be said with certainty as Sarah hasn’t commented on this herself. Judging by her social media accounts and her own statements, Sarah currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Likes and hobbies

Sarah’s number one passion is art, and she is still very fond of drawing and creating art in whatever way she can. Her second passion is music, and her favorite band is “Linkin Park” as she grew up listening to them. She is an outdoors kind of person and spends some time out in the parks or simply in the city – anywhere rather than spending it between four walls. She is a big lover of animals, but doesn’t have a pet as she doesn’t have time to take good care of one. She enjoys travel, and her singing career makes that possible often, as they have numerous performances which are far away from London, while they also often go on tours.

Sarah is a big fan of animes while her favorite two Japanese animated movies are “Ponyo” and “Porco Rosso” both created by the popular Japanese Studio Ghibli. Sarah is physically active, as she goes to the gym and is mostly focused on fitness exercises – she uses the static bicycle and treadmill, but prefers to go for a run or a bicycle ride in a park.

Appearance and net worth

Sarah is currently 28 years old. She has long brown hair but she often dyes it – she has been blue, purple, black, pink, and numerous other colors. She has brown eyes, while her height and weight are unknown.

According to authoritative sources, her net worth is estimated to be more than $300,000 as of early 2020, and is steadily rising thanks largely to her singing career.

Social media presence

Sarah is very active on the popular social media platforms as this is very important for her image online. She launched her Twitter account in September 2011, and tweeted more than 2,400 times. Her Instagram account has more than 400 pictures on it – she is more focused on uploading pictures of her art rather than pictures of her singing performances and concerts. Sarah also has a Facebook page entitled “Sarah Midori Perry Art”.

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