• Shannon Ray is a 54 year old fitness model, online celebrity and former bodybuilding competitor.
• She is the mother of Sommer Ray, Savana and Skylin who are also models and social media stars.
• She was raised in a family that valued health and physical activity and began her career in competitive bodybuilding.
• Her transition into fitness modeling came when she opened an Instagram account and became an Internet star.
• She has a net worth of $9 million, and her daughter Sommer has a net worth of $4 million.

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Who is Sommer Ray’s mom Shannon Ray?

Shannon Ray was born on the 21st August 1964 in the USA of Czechoslovakian descent. She is a 54 year old fitness model, online celebrity and former bodybuilding competitor. Shannon is also known for being the mother of Sommer Ray, who is also a fitness model and online star. Her daughters Savana and Skylin are models and social media stars as well.

Shannon Ray’s Career

Even though her rise to stardom occurred recently via the popular social internet platform Instagram, Shannon has been involved with sport and fitness since her early childhood. She was raised in a family that valued health and physical activity above all else, which largely influenced Shannon’s career choices. After she finished her education, she first tried out competitive bodybuilding, and was dedicated to it for some time, and even though she didn’t win any major competition it did heavily influence her lifestyle. The way she trained at that time is not too much different from the way she is training now, except nutrition-wise.

During the earliest part of her career, she kept to a strict diet which consisted mostly of lean proteins, healthy fats and an abundance of vegetables and fruits, with almost no carb intake. Nowadays, she is much less cautious and likes to treat herself every now and then with various dishes she strictly avoided in her youth. As of her training routine, it consisted primarily of lower body and abs exercises. She preferred doing less sets with higher number of repetitions, and didn’t focus too much on cardio exercises.

Shannon Ray

Transition into Fitness Modeling

After she made the break from competitive bodybuilding, Shannon slowly transitioned into the world of fitness modeling. However, her modeling career didn’t really take-off until she decided to open an Instagram account. At first, she posted pictures from her everyday life, often featuring her children and various fun activities, and regularly posting pictures of herself on a motorbike, and was thus called “biker lady” by her fans. After a while, her followers on the social platform started noticing that Shannon rocked an amazing physique even though she was in her 50s. She started gaining more and more followers, and thus her popularity rose. In the span of a few years, she became one of the best known fitness models in her age group and an Internet star as well. As a result, Shannon started doing more and more modeling gigs with several notable magazines, among many others featuring in “FHM” and “Maxim”.

Personal Life

Speaking about her personal life, Shannon has four children – Savana, who was born on 15th April 1990, Sommer born on 15th September 1996 and twins Skylyn and Bronson who were born on 19th February 1998. She is married, however the name of her husband is unknown to the public, but he’s also a former competitive bodybuilder, so it’s no surprise that three of the four children followed in their parents’ footsteps – Savana, Sommer and Skylyn have all become models and online celebrities in recent years. Bronson, on the other hand, is quite the opposite – he does not have account on any social media website.

Savana, Sommer and Skylyn Ray

All three daughters have become popular models and social media stars – the oldest, Savana, became famous primarily for her artistic photography and modeling work. Sommer is the one who completely followed her father and mother when it comes to career choices – she inherited their passion towards fitness, and became a fitness model and instructor. She is also the most famous member of the family, as in recent years she has also become a bikini model and is active on YouTube, and is known for her collaboration with other YouTube stars such as Amanda Cerny and Bryan Le – aka “RiceGum”. Youngest daughter Skylyn recently decided to continue her family’s modeling tradition, and became a bikini model herself.

Net Worth

When it comes to the overall wealth of the famous Ray family, authoritative sources have estimated that Shannon’s net worth is $9 million, amassed largely thanks to her long-running career in fitness and modeling. Despite her age, she shows no sign of slowing down. On the other hand, her daughter Sommer has acquired a net worth of $4 million, and seeing that she is one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram as well as a rising YouTube star, she is well set for the future.

Social Media

As mentioned, social media plays an important role in the lives of Shannon and her daughters. Instagram helped launch their career and made them huge online stars. Shannon’s official Instagram account boasts 620,000 followers, Savana is the most artistic of the family, and has an Instagram account with nearly 110,000 followers, but Skylyn who has just started her modeling career has attracted a following of 230,000 on her account. However, Sommer is by far the most popular with more than 20 million followers on her account.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

From a young age, Shannon has dedicated a large portion of her life to physical health and nutrition, and it shows. At 54 years of age she still has a stunning figure and physique. Although there is no official information regarding her height, weight and vital statistics, according to photos in which she appeared with her daughter, Shannon she seemed to be just a little bit shorter than Sommer, who is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall. Shannon has long black hair and dark brown eyes.





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