• Swagkage is a YouTuber known for ranking and explaining videos on the Naruto and Dragonball Z anime series
• He was born in the USA in 1998 and chose to pursue a YouTube career instead of college
• His most popular video is called “Ranking the Akatsuki From Weakest to Strongest”
• He has a girlfriend named Alissa and his net worth is estimated to be over $450,000
• He has not revealed his face, nor has he appeared at any contest


Swagkage is a well-known YouTuber who uploads ranking and explaining videos on the Naruto and Dragonball Z anime series. He has a lot of fans who appreciate his thoughtful manner of storytelling. Let’s find out more about his real name, girlfriend, net worth and more.


Early life, family

Swagkage, whose real name is Rob, was born on 29 April 1998 in the USA under the birth sign of Taurus. During all these years he hasn’t revealed his face, neither has he mentioned any information about his family, parents, siblings, etc, prefering to keep his personal life low-key. His real name was accidentally revealed by his girlfriend Alissa when they joked on Twitter, and she called him by name twice. There is no information about Swagkage current place of living – neither he nor his girlfriend ever mentioned their location.


Swagkage matriculated from his local high school in 2016, and decided not to enter any college, pursuing his YouTube career instead.


Swagkage started his YouTube channel two years before he matriculated, since he had dreamt of a YouTube career and attendant popularity. His YouTube channel called “Swagkage” was launched on 14 October 2014, and he started by editing and uploading videos on such anime series as Dragonball Z (DBZ) and Naruto, mostly his opinions and thoughts on anime characters, techniques, races, etc.

His fans often notice that he has the most thoughtful and in depth videos, and likes to make rankings and “Top Lists” of anime characters, for example, “20 Naruto Characters Stronger than Sasuke” (a video which has almost a million views), and “Top 5 Least Favorite Naruto Characters”. Swagkage not only shares his own opinions, by also encourages his viewers to communicate and debate the issues, as they often end up doing. Swakage likes to dig deeper into the characters’ lore, history and abilities, whether they age physical or magical.

He has many videos explaining the characters’ background, plot twists and many other details. His first video was posted in January 2015, called “What are Super Saiyans? | Dragon Ballogy Episode 1”, which has attracted more than 800,000 views. The most popular video on his channel is called “Ranking the Akatsuki From Weakest to Strongest”, with almost five million views as for 2019. Similar ranking videos have always been popular on Swagkage’s YouTube channel; his video called “Ranking the Hokage from Weakest to Strongest” has almost four million views.

As for the moment, Swakage hasn’t been very consistent, uploading new videos once or twice a month. However, the theme of the videos hasn’t changed much – he still makes a lot of ranking videos, and talks about characters, races, concepts and lore.

Patreon failure

Swagkage once created his profile on Patreon which was supposed to become a financial cushion for him, since Swagkage started his full-time YouTube career right when he got out of his high school. He admitted it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, since he lacked support from his family, and wasn’t sure he would have enough money to exist only from donations and views of his YouTube channel, so he was searching for some extra funding encouraging his viewers to become his patrons on that popular source. However, he hadn’t thought about any special content a Patreon profile demands, and wrote to his fans in the description of his profile that had no idea what to offer them in return to their support on Patreon.


He suggested everybody who submitted the subscription for a dollar (or more) per month would get updates on his new videos on YouTube. He admitted that the main goal of creating the Patreon account was to support his YouTube channel, and to promote his activities there. He promised to send his patrons blog posts and screenshots from his editing or some work-in-progress sketches. He also invited everybody to his Discord Chat to discuss his new videos, and share opinions on Naruto and Dragonball Z characters. However, his Patreon page no longer exists, which may mean that since he had nothing special to offer his patrons other than his YouTube videos and updates on them, no one was really interested in subscription, so he closed his Patreon profile not even getting $500 from it. Only 57 people supported his profile and donated $173.

Personal life

Little is known about Swagkage’s personal life, except that he has a girlfriend whose name is Alissa. The information about their relationship was always available on Swagkage’s Twitter account since his status there hasn’t been changed from 2015, and it says: ‘I like naruto and @konahriik_’. @konahriik is Alissa’s login name on Twitter, though she doesn’t post much information about their relationship. They often go to various comiccons and contests where they can meet their friends who are also fans of anime, Naruto and video games they play. However, Alissa never posted their photos from those event, only sharing some selfies and tweets, but she is also a huge fan of anime and video games, her favorites being Super Mario and Super Princess Peach. She once tweeted she couldn’t be happier than when she got the autograph of Samantha Kelly, who is a voice actress for the character of Princess Peach.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Little is known about Swagkage’s hobbies, though it is obvious he is keen on anime, comics and Naruto. He also likes visiting various gamers’ contest, but he mostly chooses cosplay shows and anime themed events.

Social media presence

Swagkage hasn’t been very active on social media platforms recently, though besides his YouTube channel, which has now more than 670,000 subscribers and 136 million views of his 190+ videos, he also has a Twitter account which is read by more than 30,000 followers. He also tried himself on ComicVine forums, and even posted his rankings there, though later he decided not to proceed, and focused on his YouTube channel.


Nothing at all is known about Swagkage’s appearance since he hasn’t revealed his face, nor has he ever shown up at any contest saying who he was, so no one could actually take a photo of him. His fans are constantly asking him to make a cam video and show up, because they are getting more and more curious about his appearance.

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate Swagkage’s net worth to be over $450,000, and he gets around $9,000 per month. He has accumulated this impressive figure by consistently uploading new videos on his YouTube channel, so his net worth will likely continue to grow. It is unknown whether this is still his only source of income.

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