• Tasia Alexis is a social media personality with a net worth over $50,000.
• She gained fame through Vine, with over 3.6 million followers.
• She then moved to Instagram and later YouTube, but had difficulty transitioning.
• She disappeared in 2017, before returning with a new outlook and an announced pregnancy.
• She has not talked about the baby’s father, and has shifted to focus on her Christian faith.


Who is Tasia Alexis?

Tasia Alexis was born on 20 March 1998, in Georgia, USA, and is a social media personality, best known for initially gaining fame through the social networking app Vine, on which she gained over 3.6 million followers before the app was shut down. She later turned her attention to the website Instagram.

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The Wealth of Tasia Alexis

How rich is Tasia Alexis? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $50,000, earned through a successful career online. Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities, though in recent years she has moved away from her online career to focus on other things. As she continues her various endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Tasia grew up with two younger brothers, and had very supportive parents. During high school, she developed a strong interest towards social media and possibly gaining fame through it. It was during this time that the app Vine caught her attention, and on which she decided that she would start posting her own video content.

Tasia Alexis

Vine is a short form video hosting service which began in 2012, and was acquired by Twitter a few months after its launch. It allows users to share six second-long looping video clips on the app’s own social network; users can browse other users’ videos through categories such as trending and theme. During the peak of its popularity, it competed with services such as Instagram, and in 2015, Vine had over 200 million active users, but a year later, Twitter announced that it was disabling all uploads. This later led to the app shutting down, with the videos of the app uploaded to an online archive.

Vine Fame and Transition

When Alexis started out on Vine, most of her followers were only people whom she already knew, but after she posted videos, her account started to gain an exponential number of subscribers. She became one of the fastest growing celebrities on the app, and her account gained over 3.6 million followers at its peak. Her online fame led her to collaborate with internet personality Sam Pottorff, and she also performed at the Los Angeles House of Blues alongside Alexander Holtti in 2014. However, with the app shutting down, she had to turn her attention elsewhere.

Tasia next tried her hand at the video sharing website YouTube, which was an avenue for many former Vine personalities to go to after the app had shut down. However, she found it difficult to transition, and discontinued – most of her vines were later uploaded by other accounts she doesn’t own. She then decided to develop her account on Instagram, and her fame easily transitioned as she posted a lot of photos showcasing her life. She also produced a few videos similar to that of her Vine account, though not as often as she did during previous years.

Disappearance and Return

Since moving to Instagram, she’s continued posting content which has increased her popularity, and she gained over 460,000 followers. She posted a lot of selfies, modelling type photos, and a lot of sexy photos which led to more attention online. She also gave updates about her personal life, including having a new little sister, and posted photos of family as well as friends. However, sometime in 2017, her posts started to become less frequent as she did a few promotions of her Snapchat account, and a drastic style change before stopping her posts altogether.

Many of her followers started to question her whereabouts, as she seemed to have withdrawn entirely from her online life. Fans of hers believed that she might have retired to pursue other endeavors, as with many other Vine personalities who are no longer active online. In recent months, she has posted photos once more, revealing what has happened in her life since she’s been gone. She posted photos of being pregnant and expecting a baby girl. She has not talked about the baby’s father or if they are still together, leading to rumors that she was knocked up or her relationship with the baby’s father fell out after her pregnancy.

Personal Life

For her personal life, not much is known in terms of any of Alexis’ romantic endeavors. She has not shared any details about that aspect of her life even though she’s posted a lot of things online. The fact that she has not talked about the father of her baby leads to some indication that she is single, and will likely raise her baby on her own. Her parents and family continue to be supportive of her, despite all of these new things happening in her life.

Her profile also drastically changed to reflect more on her Christian faith, as her profile now showcases the popular verse Philippians 4:13 which reads “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. All of her recent posts also reference her walk and struggles with life along with how she approaches it through her Christian faith. These posts have comments disabled, though they have received a lot of positive attention from her followers. This change in outlook may also be one of the reasons why she’s decided to move away from her online career, and focus more on her life especially since she’s now going to have a baby.


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