American model Aliza Jane has gained recognition for her Instagram presence, o which she regularly shares snapshots of her lifestyle. She has many fans who are constantly impressed by her good looks and creative photos, however, she’s also made headlines on numerous occasions, largely due to her involvement in controversies with prominent figures such as Future, Kanye West and Devin Booker.

Sowho is this woman really? Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of the stunning beauty, Aliza Jane.

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Early Personal Life

Aliza Jane, born on 27 May 1997, and currently 26 years of age, hails from Los Angeles, California USA, and is an American citizen of Hispanic ethnicity. She’s the youngest of four, though it’s unclear exactly what her family tree looks like. She once featured one of her older sisters, Elena (also spelled Alena), in a YouTube video, but that’s as much as we’re able to discover about her family for now.


Aliza has kept most of her past a secret, so it’s impossible to tell where she went to school, what kind of education she received, or if she enrolled at university.


Aliza has carved out a career for herself in the modelling industry. She’s shown that she has what it takes to be a successful model, who also indulges in creating adult content. She started to do adult modelling over at OnlyFans between 2020 and 2021, and has become very popular on the site. Since then, she’s made thousands of dollars with her adult content.

Although this is a short description of Aliza’s career, she’s actually very good at what she does.

Interesting Facts

In 2020, Aliza garnered widespread attention for her assertion that she had engaged in intimate encounters with seven members of the Phoenix Suns basketball team. This revelation led to significant consequences in her personal life, as it came to light that her Mormon parents had disowned her due to her comments made in a podcast. Her father also took the step of terminating her employment.

Furthermore, Aliza made a bold claim months later, asserting that her interactions with the Suns players had positively impacted their on-court performances, culminating in the team’s advancement to the NBA finals in the subsequent season.

Taking pride in her financial accomplishments, Aliza Jane openly discussed her impressive earnings on OnlyFans after establishing her presence on the exclusive content-sharing platform, proudly sharing that she’s made thousands on the platform.

In response to criticism from a Twitter user regarding her actions, she retaliated by sharing a screenshot of her OnlyFans earnings, revealing a pending balance of more than $75,000, and highlighting her position in the top 0.08% of creators on the platform.

Aliza openly acknowledges having undergone a few plastic surgeries aimed at improving her physical appearance. While the initial two went smoothly, she revealed that her most recent procedure turned into a harrowing near-death encounter, and she considers herself fortunate to have survived the ordeal.

She also caused quite a stir when she claimed that her New Year’s kiss was Kanye West. According to her, she locked lips with the celeb when 2021 turned into 2022. She shared that her initial encounter with Kanye West took place in Miami, during which they exchanged contact information. Later, when he returned to Miami from Los Angeles, he extended an invitation for her to visit his studio.

Eagerly, Aliza Jane accepted the offer to explore the world of music production. However, during her visit to the studio, she alleged that Kanye made a request for her to undress and perform a twerking dance in the presence of his friend. It’s worth noting that while she maintains that she complied with the request, there remains a lack of concrete evidence to substantiate her account of the meeting.

Later Personal Life

Aliza has chosen to keep her romantic life out of the limelight. As such, it’s not known whether or not she’s dating anyone.

She announced in 2022 that she was pregnant, and in January 2023, the model shared that she’d given birth to a healthy daughter, whose name is Noa Meadow, and Aliza is very proud to be a mother. She hasn’t revealed the father.

Taking to social media, Aliza shared the happy news with her fans, and it’s obvious from her posts that she’s utterly in love with her baby.

Physical Characteristics

Aliza has bright blue eyes and long black hair. She weighs about 135lbs (62kgs) and is 5ft 7ins tall.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Aliza’s net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million.

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