• Brandi Passante was born in Texas and is most famous for her appearance in the reality series “Storage Wars”
• She met her life and business partner Jarrod Schultz at 19 and opened a thrift shop in California
• Brandi was the victim of a porn distributor and is now worth over $2.5 million
• She was the star of her own spin-off series “Married to the Job” and has two children
• Brandi is an excellent chef, was once a stripper, and is a down-to-earth person despite her fame and wealth.

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Net Worthapproximately $1.5 million
Date Of BirthMay 16, 1980
FactShe is living with her common-in-law partner, Jarrod Schulz, and their two children. They live in Lake Forest, California.

If someone says Brandi Passante, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? “Storage Wars”, of course! Brandi is a successful reality TV star, born on the 16th May 1980 in Harris County, Texas USA, and came to prominence through her appearance in the popular reality series “Storage Wars” (2010-2017). If you are interested in Brandi’s life, stay with us for some of the more intriguing facts about this famed TV personality:

She Met Her Life and Business Partner at 19

Out of high school, Brandi needed a job, as she decided that college was not for her, and actually wanted to become a chef. However, she started working at a carpet cleaning company in Tustin, California, where she met Jarrod Schultz, who would soon become her partner, both professionally and romantically. Jarrod was working as a manager of the store, but the two decided to quit their jobs and start a mortgage business. However, once Jarrod’s aunt suggested trying out auctions – as she herself owned a storage unit – Brandi and Jarrod decided to give it a go.

Co-Owner of the Now and Then Thrift Shop

Once their storage business took off, the two needed a retail company to sell items they found and bought in storage units. Soon they came up with the Now and Then Thrift Store, opened in Orange, California. As their business flourished, they managed to open another store, this time in Long Beach, California.

“Storage Wars” Star

This one you probably know, which is that Brandi is one of the more popular cast members of the extremely reality TV series “Storage Wars”. She and Jarrod are shown bidding on storage units, and thanks to her quirky character, Brandi soon captured the hearts of viewers, becoming a star of the show. She has featured in more than 150 episodes so far, which not only gave her and her business considerable exposure, but also made her quite rich.

Brandi Was the Star of Her Own Spin-off Series

Thanks to her ever-increasing popularity, in 2014 she and Jarrod were chosen for their own show, entitled “Married to the Job”. The series followed the lives of the couple and their two children, but also showcased the success of their business. However, the show wasn’t well greeted by viewers, and after eight episodes the show was canceled. Despite the cancellation, Brandi’s popularity didn’t decline, and she remained a star of the “Storage Wars”.

Brandi Was a Victim of a Porn Distributor

Back in 2013, Brandi apparently featured in a porn video distributed by Hunter Moore, actually a fake video of our reality star, which he posted on the IsAnyoneUp.com website, owned by Moore himself. In the beginning, Brandi didn’t have any idea about the video, but after being made aware of its existence, she filed a lawsuit against her wrongdoer for an amount of $2.5 million. Unfortunately, the evidence she had against Moore brought her just $750, but also peace of mind and, for better or worse, more publicity.

Brandi is a Wealthy Woman

Brandi is living evidence that hard work pays off. Since she was 19 she has worked hard, and now can boast to herself of being a rich woman. According to authoritative sources, her net worth is estimated at over $2.5 million, as of early 2018, which makes her one of the richest cast members of “Storage Wars”.

Brandi and Jarrod Aren’t Married

You are probably surprised by the fact that Jarrod and Brandi haven’t officially tied the knot. The two introduced themselves as a couple to the public in their first appearance on screen, and many wondered if they were married, bearing in mind that the two have been together for more than 15 years. However, the couple isn’t married, but having been in such a long personal and professional relationship for as long as these two, it probably means that they have built mutual trust, that a piece of paper wouldn’t mean much. Hopefully, they remain together for at least another 15 years.

Brandi Was Proposed During a “Married to the Job” Episode

During 2014 when the series aired, Jarrod planned on proposing to Brandi, which he did in the second episode of the series. Brandi said yes, and as the show progressed the two began planning the wedding, but due to show’s cancellation, the media never found out whether the couple married or not – actually not!

Brandi Is The Mother of Two

Since starting their relationship, Brandi and her life partner Jarrod have become the parents of two children; their first-born, son Camren is now 15 years old, while daughter Peyton is 12. Cameron has an interest in ‘80s music and would love to become a cartoon designer, while Payton is more interested in sports, and aspires to become a member of her high school track and field team.

Brand and Jarrod Had to Close their Thrift Shop in Long Beach, California

Though their business has thrived since joining “Storage Wars”, it apparently became too difficult to also keep running two stores at the same time, and as a result, the couple closed the second location. Admitting that it is too expansive to run two stores, Brandi and Jarrod are always trying to make the best out of the given situation.

Brandi is Afraid of Escalators

Yes, that’s what you heard; however strange that sounds to you, Brandi has never liked escalators and as she got older, her fear only increased. She avoids using them whenever an alternative is available, and when there is no other option, once she gets on the escalator, she immediately stops breathing until she is off. The fear of escalators is called escalaphobia.

Brandi is an Excellent Chef

Ever since her teen years, Brandi was interested in becoming a chef. Though life took her in another direction, her passion for cooking remained, and now, whenever time allows, she cooks for her loved ones. Also, she has attended a couple of cooking courses, and still hopes to launch a career as a chef sometime in the future.

Brandi Was a Stripper

Before becoming a successful businesswoman, Brandi held several odd jobs in order to support herself. Besides working for a carpet cleaning company, Brandi was a stripper and dancer in several clubs in Orange County. Though not proud of her acts, Brandi has never even tried to hide this information, which tells a lot about her.

Brandi is a Texan

She has now lived most of her life in California, but Brandi hails from the small Texan town of Harris, and spent her childhood there with her two brothers, Bruce Lawton and Alex Begandy. She has never revealed how or when she got from Texas to Orange County, California. She now lives in Lake Forest, California with Jarrod and their children.

Brandi Has Remained a Simple, Caring and Loving Personality

You know how people sometimes change for the worse when they become famous, or come into  a large amount of money? Well, Brandi is living proof that money doesn’t have to change you, but only expresses who you are. Brandi hasn’t been bitten by the celebrity bug, and has remained a down-to-earth individual, just as she was before becoming famous and relatively rich.

General Info

Full NameBrandi Passante
Net Worthapproximately $1.5 million
Date Of BirthMay 16, 1980
ProfessionTV Personality, Entrepreneur, Businessperson


ChildrenCamren Schulz, Payton Schulz
PartnerJarrod Schulz, Jarrod Schulz


TV ShowsStorage Wars

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1She is living with her common-in-law partner, Jarrod Schulz, and their two children. They live in Lake Forest, California.




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