• Mike Busey (born December 19, 1980) is a host and entertainer from New Orleans, Louisiana.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $250,000 earned through his career as a host and entertainer.
• He grew up in New Orleans and was exposed to the party lifestyle at a young age due to his parents.
• He started The Sausage Castle in 2001, which is a house that is meant to be a never-ending party.
• He has attracted controversy due to his parties, and has been fined multiple times for violating local laws and regulations.


Who is Mike Busey?

Michael ‘Mike’ Busey was born on 19 December 1980, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and is a host as well as an entertainer, who became popular particularly through holding parties at his home called The Sausage Castle. His fame has led him to work with numerous noted companies, including “Playboy” and Jackass.

The Wealth of Mike Busey

How rich is Mike Busey? As of early 2020, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $250,000, earned through a successful career as a host and entertainer. In recent years he’s expanded his reach to include other avenues and platforms such as social media.

As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Mike has not shared specific information regarding his family, education, and childhood, only that he grew up in New Orleans, and it was his family who exposed him to the party lifestyle at a young age – both of his parents were drug users as well as frequent party-goers. This led to him being exposed to things he wasn’t supposed to see at a young age.

Due to his parents’ problems, he spent a lot of time moving around, from homes of family members to foster homes.

He lived in seven states during his childhood, helped to survive by his friends. After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at a private Christian college on a basketball scholarship. During this time, he didn’t really think of himself as an entertainer, envisioning a career as a youth pastor.

Sausage Castle Beginnings

Busey became disillusioned and his dream of becoming a pastor were shattered, after he discovered that the president of the college was misappropriating funds meant for mission trips. He confronted the school management about this, and was expelled without a home to go back to.

Mike Busey

In 2001 he moved in with seven friends, and they had the idea of creating The Sausage Castle. It was meant to be a house where the fun would never end, with the group adhering to the party lifestyle. Starting out, they promoted the party be calling acquaintances and distributing flyers. Soon their parties would attract huge crowds, gaining attention in the underground scene.

To attract party-goers, he often had something unusual such as a masseuse or a psychic in the party; later on he invited bands, rappers, and other artists.

With the advent of social media, his popularity grew, and he did a lot of promotions through websites such as MySpace and YouTube. Eventually, this fame led to him being approached by clubs, as he had the necessary qualities to become a promoter and host. He started working with several clubs, but soon saw the potential for his own show, and in 2005 he created the Mike Busey Live Stage Show.

Tours, Recent Endeavors, and Controversies

The Mike Busey Show featured scantily dressed women, a 500lb man, fire breathers and many more. The allowance of crowd participation proved to be the selling point for many.

For a while, they had residency at Club Lavela in Panama City Beach, before the party started touring around the country. In 2012 he gained national attention after media outlets discovered that he was organizing huge parties…. and selling liquor without a license. He’s since relocated Sausage Castle several times, buying huge spaces and mansions where they can organize parties without much of a problem. The popularity of their parties has attracted numerous high profile publications, including “Vice”.

The party has been heavily criticized by numerous online and print publications, with several of them naming the Sausage Castle as a den of debauchery. His house has been labelled a sex den, with party goers often going there to interact with prostitutes and sex workers. Busey has defended himself, stating that there is nothing wrong as he has not hurt anyone nor has anyone gone there against his will.  In 2017, he attracted more attention after it was discovered that one of his parties led to a fire starting, burning the entire house to the ground.

He has also been fined multiple times for violating numerous local laws and regulations.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Busey would find it very difficult to maintain a steady relationship with the lifestyle he has. He mentioned that he has not had a long relationship – the longest he’s had is with The Sausage Castle! One of the tenants of the Castle, a stripper, says that Busey only typically likes young women from 18 to 23, as she was the oldest woman there and she was 25.

Similar to numerous entertainers and hosts, he is highly active online through accounts on social media. He has an account on Instagram which he uses to promote some of his day to day endeavors, which often feature him partying or organizing events with his Sausage Castle family. He also often goes on tour, and shows a bit of footage from his parties, but not showing too much, so promoting it to those who want to pay for more exclusive content. He has similar accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and also a YouTube account, which showcases videos done in video blog (vlog) style. The videos often show what goes on in parties, while censoring the adult material out.

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