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Timmy Thick was born in New York, USA on 21 August 1999, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality – he became famous thanks to his Instagram account on which he uploaded his pictures on a daily basis before it was closed in March 2018. Timmy has never revealed his real name to the public.

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Early life and education

Timmy hasn’t shared much about his early life and education with the public, as he prefers to keep these kinds of matters to himself. He spent his entire childhood in New York with his parents, who are said to be very supportive of him and have accepted him as he is.

Timmy stated in some of his picture descriptions that he had a lot of problems during the time he spent at high school, because other children were not nice to him. They bullied him both verbally and physically, and it made high school a nightmare for him. After he finally matriculated, he decided to completely focus on his career on the internet, and not to pursue a college degree.

Launch of his career and his Instagram account

Timmy’s Instagram profile is rather unusual, which is why he has managed to gather as many fans as he did – he uploaded pictures of his big booty while wearing hair wigs, nail extensions and everything a girl would wear. He launched his account in 2016, and it was followed by over 300,000 people before it was closed in March 2018 after many people reported his content – it is not news that gay and transsexual people are not favorite in society and Timmy is an example of that. His profile was full of twerking videos and provocative selfies  – if you can call them that because he’s a boy.

However, it was not really other people’s fault that his account was closed by Instagram – his pictures were often followed by his disrespectful comments, while he was said to be bullying and harassing other people as well as his so called fans. After many reports, Instagram checked the situation, and decided to shut down his account.


Personal life and relationships

Timmy is very secretive about his personal matters but has admitted to being bisexual, which is somewhat obvious if you take a look at his old Instagram account, which of course you cannot do anymore. He has never talked about his past or present relationships with either girls or boys, and therefore nothing is known about his love life. He is currently said to be single, has never married and doesn’t have any kids.

Two of his best friends on the internet are Danielle Bregoli who is 14 years old, and Ugly God who is 20, while the person who he looks up to is Nikki Minaj. Timmy is currently living in New York with his family.

Who really is she?

Timmy Thick has not shared his (not hers) real name with the public. He chose to remain completely secretive about his personal life, including his name, and nobody besides his closest friends know his personal details. He keeps opening new accounts on several social media platforms, so be sure to follow them if you want to find out some new details about him.

Timmy Thick

Controversy with the Harvard University

Timmy put a description under one of his photos on Instagram which read ‘Good Evening, “timmythick” was a 24-month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are not complete with our study. Thank you for your time.’ Many rumors went around about the truth of what had been written, and the entire thing became so serious that the sociology professor at Harvard had to address the public about what Timmy had written. He explained that everything that Timmy wrote was false, and that he wasn’t and would never in any way be part of any Harvard studies.

Timmy’s likes and interests

During the time he was still active on his now closed Instagram account, Timmy stated that he was more interested in being mentally healthy than in spending too much time in the gym and being physically fit. He described himself as a person who can understand the uniqueness of any person thanks to his own unique personality, which not a lot of people understand. He is also stated to be a big animal lover, and loves dogs the most.

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Appearance and net worth

Timmy is currently 19 years old. He has short brown hair – which you rarely get to see because he always uses wigs which are mostly pink and blonde – brown eyes, is 5ft (1.52m) tall and weighs around 99lb (45kg).

According to authoritative sources, Timmy’s current net worth is estimated to be over $30,000 but is not rising because his Instagram account was closed in March 2018, and was his main source of income, possibly the only source.

Current social media presence

Timmy is still active on the Internet and does not allow people to bring him down, he launched his latest Twitter account in March 2018 and has so far gathered over 2,500 followers and tweeted more than 30 times – his account is set on private so you will have to follow him first and in that way ask for his permission to see his content. He has also recently opened a new Instagram account entitled “timmythebarbie”, which now counts over 70,000 followers, but there are only three pictures uploaded on it – his description reads ‘STAY TUNED | SNAPCHAT: TIMMYTHICK | ADD ME TO YOUR GROUP DMS’.

Timmy also launched his YouTube channel on 15 July 2017, and has so far gathered nearly 10,000 followers and over 850,000 views on the three videos he’s posted – the last “Timmy Thick is shook (@troythick)” – was uploaded in 2018, and Timmy has not been active on YouTube since then.

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