• Toddy Smith is an American YouTuber and Instagrammer from Huntington Beach, California.
• He rose to fame on the Vine platform and went on to create his YouTube channel and Instagram account.
• He is currently dating Catherine Marie Allen.
• He enjoys spending time with friends and being physically active.
• He has a net worth of approximately $500,000.


Toddy Smith Wiki Biography

Toddy Smith was born in Huntington Beach, California USA, on 11 April 1991; sign of Aries; holding American nationality. He is popular for his Instagram account and his YouTube channel, while he first rose to fame on the Vine platform which is now shut down.

Childhood and education

Toddy became somewhat addicted to the Vine platform as soon as he tried it for the first time while he was still a kid.

He does have a younger sister called Sophia.

Career of a YouTuber

Toddy had to work a couple of jobs to financially support himself, at several bars in California as a bartender. He left all the jobs he worked after he was able to make enough money from his social media accounts and channels.

Toddy’s career online was launched thanks to his Vine account, on which he uploaded short funny videos including lip syncing videos. He amassed more than 500,000 followers as the videos he was making were characterized as ‘very good and funny’ by his fans – when the Vine platform was shut down, he focused on his YouTube channel, and his Instagram account.

Toddy launched his YouTube channel on 29 May 2014, but wasn’t active on it until the Vine platform was shut down – his caption on the channel reads ‘Have an amazingly handsome day’. His youtube subscribed ~1M; 44 million views of his videos – most of his videos are ordinary things from his everyday life, but funny. Although he mostly works alone, he has collaborated with some of his online friends, including Elton Castle, Scotty Sire, David Dobrik, and Zane Hijazi.

Personal life and relationships

Although it is not known how the two met for the first time, Toddy and Catherine Marie Allen began dating sometime in the summer of 2015, and have been together ever since. Both of them often upload pictures of themselves together while kissing or simply posing

Judging by his accounts on several social media platforms, Toddy is currently dating Catherine Marie Allen, he hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Toddy Smith

Likes and other interests

Toddy loves spending his free time with his male friends, and most of the pictures on his Instagram account feature him and his friends doing all kinds of things (mostly weird) – this is the reason behind many of his fans thinking how he might be gay, however, it is known that Toddy is currently dating. He loves being physically active, and has done some extreme sports including skydiving. He also enjoys going to the beach. He is a big lover of animals, and had a bulldog who is featured on the cover picture of his YouTube channel, however, his name is not known – he died about 23 weeks ago (the dog) and Toddy said goodbye to him with a picture on his Instagram account.

Besides that, Toddy is also very fond of exercising and visits the gym six out of seven days per week, as he always takes one day off for his muscles to relax.

Appearance and net worth

  • Toddy is  28 years old
  • Short brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall
  • Weighs ~172lbs (78kgs)
  • He has a tattoo on the inner side of his bottom lip reading “WWOOD”.
  • Net worth is ~$500,000, accumulated thanks to his ex-Vine account, Instagram account, and his YouTube channel.

Social media presence

  • Twitter created in March 2013; ~1M followers; tweeted ~13,500 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~2.3 million; uploaded ~1,000 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~35,000 fans

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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