• Vegan Gains is a Canadian bodybuilder, vegan activist, and YouTuber.
• He was born in 1991 and is of half African ethnicity.
• He is famous for his mind-boggling videos about vegan nutrition and bodybuilding, as well as his diatribes against anyone who disagrees with him.
• He is married to Jasmine Gaines, a vegan and his manager, and together they have no children.
• He has a net worth of $125,000 as of August 2019.


Who is Vegan Gains?

Vegan Gains is a Canadian bodybuilder, vegan activist, and YouTuber, famous for his mind-boggling videos about vegan nutrition and bodybuilding, as well as his diatribes against anyone who disagrees with him. He also has a very questionable attitude and behavior towards people in general.

Vegan Gains Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Vegan was born Richard Burgess under the Cancer Zodiac sign on 26 June 1991 in Canada, making him 28 years old in 2019. He is a Canadian by nationality and is of half African ethnicity. He has not shared information regarding his parents, who they are and their professions. It is also not known whether Gains has any siblings.

However, he uploaded a video of his grandfather in 2015, and it sparked instant controversy. According to the video, his grandfather was having a heart attack and his intention was to use the video to spread the awareness on how it is unhealthy to eat meat. He supposedly made fun of his dying grandfather, saying that he actually deserved what was happening to him – the video was soon deleted at the family’s request. There are no details of Vegan’s educational background, though he probably matriculated from high school in 2009.

Vegan Gains Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

Gains launched his YouTube channel in 2014, with the debut video “Why a Bodybuilder Became Vegan” in which he introduced himself; this was after he decided to become a vegan in 2011. Since then he has uploaded various other videos, most of which are about veganism while others focus on his opinions which are normally on extremist behavior. According to Gains, he decided to go the vegan way after watching a Facebook video from Gary Yourofsky, a lecturer and an animal rights activist.

Vegan Gains

Although his promotion and love for veganism can be viewed as a goal, his way of living is often debatable. Gains claims that he loves animals but hates and get joy from hurting people. He often carries a knife and threatens all meat-eaters. This knife-wielding YouTuber has also made it clear that he hates babies and children in his videos saying that they make him sick and he often feels like slamming his foot through them. Although he goes ahead to claim that this statement is ironical and only intended to act as clickbait, he has in the past demonstrated his hatred by having a vasectomy to ensure that he will never have babies of his own.

In another video, Gains demonstrated his unstable behavior and aggression when he threatened to slit the throat of MrRepzion, his fellow YouTuber after he detracted from his opinion. Vegan has exhibited aggression, violence, delusions and occasionally speaks about having mental issues. He also describes himself as a misanthropist as well as a sadist.

Apart from attacking other bodybuilders as well as his fellow YouTubers, Gains often challenges himself against celebrities in his videos, that he entitles Celebrity vs Vegan Gains. He not only attacks meat eaters and animal mistreaters, but also goes a step further to express delight in others problems that originate from eating meat.

In one of his video, Gains made fun of his fellow YouTuber, Peter Czerwinski – also known as Furious Pete – for being diagnosed with testicular cancer. Vegan argued that Pete deserved what he got as he shamed him for his dietary choices. He stated that Pete was wishing another death since he eats meats.

Besides his many exploits on YouTube, Vegan has another popular series named “Worst of the Fitness Industry” in which he tries to make people understand that as good as bodybuilders look or as nice as they may seem, they don’t necessarily want people to try to make money off them by cajoling them to buy supplements. For this, Gains has been referred to as the bodybuilders’ Keemstar.

Vegan has an interesting personality. Whenever a person mentions him in a comment or video, he gives them a grossly miscalculated response within no time. An example was when LeafyisHere responded to one of Vegan’s videos named How I Humanely Kill People. He proposed that Gains should be locked up in a mental asylum. To give a response, Gains uploaded two videos against him.

While Vegan has been criticized by many for his extremism, others praise him for being a huge influence on people who wouldn’t consider veganism, and also for his controversial approach to passing his message.

According to them, his methods always yield attention that encourages people to give a second thought to what he discusses.

Vegan Gains Personal Life, Married, Wife, and Children

Talking about Gains’ personal life, he is a married person – his wife is Jasmine Gaines, a vegan as well. She also doubles up as Vegan’s manager, as well as running her own YouTube channels. The two met on Facebook in 2015, and tied the knot in November the following year in Belgium, Jasmine’s home country.

As for the couple having children, they both admitted that they hate kids, with Gains saying that babies make him gag. For this reason, he had a vasectomy to ensure that he never has any children in the future.

Vegan Gains Net Worth

Vegan’s income comes from YouTube advertising revenue. According to authoritative sources, Vegan Gains net worth is estimated to be not less than $125,000 as of August 2019.

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