Paige Taylor Shin is an Asian-American dancer and social media content creator, who earned her initial fame as a member of a dance group competing in the reality television series “Dance Moms”.

However, while she is perhaps recognised as a competitive dancer, Paige earned her true fame as a TikTok star, most famous for uploading lip sync, dance, and comedy content on the popular social media platform.

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While her fame had only just taken off, Paige is already a recognised internet phenomenon, and can also be found on other video hosting sites such as Instagram and YouTube.

With the 19-year-old dancer gaining more and more attention in the limelight, it seems only fitting that we dig out everything there is to know about the TikTok sensation, to keep her growing fan base informed.

Here’s everything you need and want to know about Paige Taylor, the TikTok dancing sensation who is out to captivate the world with her relatable content.

Early Personal Life

Having earned fame as a young teenage dancer, it’s safe to say that Taylor’s early life is far from complete, but despite earning her place in gossip publications, very little is actually known about the mysterious dancer.

Born on 26 March 2004, in Palos Verdes, California to an Asian family, Taylor has kept most of the details about her life private. As such, very little can be found about her, but it’s known that Paige is not the only child. She has an older brother, Andrew Shin, who has appeared in some of her content, and a younger sister though nothing, including her name, is known about the youngest Shin sibling.

Paige has also shared content on TikTok and other social media platforms that featured her parents, though their identities haven’t been disclosed anywhere. As it appears, the remaining Shin family seems intent on keeping their privacy.

People also remain uncertain about her true ethnicity, but she is clearly of Asian descent, of which in particular is anyone’s guess. However, considering that she belongs to the Shin family, Paige is most likely of either Japanese or Chinese bloodline.

While she was born in Palos Verde, the young dancer hasn’t spent her whole life in this California town, as her family later moved to Los Angeles, California, where she started her early career.


Paige matriculated in 2022, though the details of her educational career remain a mystery; it’s unknown where she attended elementary school, or which high school she matriculated from.

With her career in social media entertainment already seemingly set in stone, it doesn’t appear as if Paige has any intention of attending college, though so far she hasn’t shared her plans for the future. As such, she might still decide to enrol at a college, but with her interests being a mystery, one can’t tell what Paige might want to study.


Taylor began her career as a dancer, and starred in the reality television show “Dance Moms”, part of the dance group known as Playground Dance Studio, which competed against the stars of the show.

However, despite earning renown in “Dance Moms” after she won one of the competitions, Paige doesn’t credit her success to featuring on reality television. In fact, when questioned about it, Paige rather laughed it off, and said that she was hardly part of the show

Regardless, Paige remains grateful for the opportunity and admits that it paved the way for her future success. As of 2016, Taylor began uploading dancing videos on TikTok, formerly known as , and started attracting an impressive followership.

This marked the beginning of her social media entertainment career, and she now boasts more than a million followers on Instagram, as well as more than five million subscribers on TikTok. Following her initial rise in popularity, the TikTok sensation joined the creator Hype House, with whom she collaborated in several videos.

In October 2022, Paige departed from Hype House to concentrate on her solo career, and has since earned numerous endorsement deals and sponsorships, which include modelling for Mermade Hair and several luxury brands.

While currently in the beginning stages, it is safe to say that only great things await the young entertainer, and like all her fans and followers, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with in her future career.

Interesting Facts

While little is known about Paige Taylor, some trivial knowledge about the TikTok star does make the rounds on the internet, and although unconfirmed, it might still be interesting to know.

The young dancer has a pet dog and identifies as a dog person, though the name of her poochy isn’t known to the public. She collects soft toys and plushies.

She enjoys drinking iced coffee.

Later Personal Life

Despite being relatively young, Paige hasn’t shied away from romance, and since she’s earned notable renown, her romantic life has been better publicised than her childhood.

According to multiple sources, Paige has been involved in no less than three relationships, all of which were with fellow TikTok stars and social media sensations. Her first relationship was with Troy Takahashi, though the details of their romance remain elusive to the public. The couple is no longer together, and Paige then dated fellow TikTok star Jackson Dean.

Dean and Taylor began dating in 2022, but yet again the details of their relationship were kept private. However, according to recent reports, published on her Facebook page, the teen dancer has moved on from her relationship with Jackson, and according to recent posts in 2023, Paige seems to be very in love with another TikTok sensation, Jacob Day. Despite these updates on Taylor’s love life, none of it has been confirmed, and all the details remain a mystery.

Physical Characteristics

Noted for her attractive Asian features, adorable eyes, and facial structure, Paige sports brown hair and eyes. She stands 5ft 3ins (160cms) tall, weighs about 120lbs (53kgs), and has a slim, athletic build.

Net Worth

Despite being young, Paige has already set up an astounding fortune for herself, as she earns money from various sources which include sponsorships, endorsement deals, and TikTok moderation. As of 2023, Taylor’s net worth is estimated at close to $3 million.

Although only starting out, Paige Taylor Shin is already a TikTok sensation, and her career is expected to only grow in the near future. However, with little known about her future plans, fans and followers will have to stay tuned to find out what the star will come up with next.

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