• Brian Peppers was born in Whitehouse, Ohio with Apert Syndrome and is known for a meme mocking his ugly looks
• He died in 2012 at the age of 44 due to complications from Apert Syndrome and alcohol abuse
• He had a low net worth and was a registered sex offender
• He was abandoned by his parents due to his looks and attended elementary and high school, but had difficulty keeping up
• His meme made him a viral sensation, with social media accounts dedicated to him despite reports of the accounts.


Brian Peppers Wiki Bio

Brian Peppers was born in Whitehouse, Ohio USA, on 1 November 1968, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and holding American nationality – Brian is ‘popular’ – notorious – for being a registered sex offender while most of his popularity came from a meme which is mocking his ugly looks.


What happened to Brian Peppers?

Brian died on Tuesday, 7 February 2012 in Whitehouse, Ohio – the real cause of his death is not known, however, judging by his mental and physical problems and condition, he is said to have died due to Apert syndrome with which he was born. He was buried in Ottawa Hills Memorial Park, located in Lucas County, Ohio and is only remembered thanks to the meme on the Internet.

Brian’s brother Allen stated how Brian was not a bad person at all, but was simply different from everybody else, who judged him and couldn’t accept him for who he was. He has also stated that Brian was indeed a good person who worked at a library as an assistant before the syndrome completely took him over, and how he only wanted to be an equal part of society.

Early life and education

There is not much known about Brian’s early life and education, as he was not in contact with the public in any way. Because of his ugly appearance, people speculate that he was born to a quiet mother while his father was actually his mother’s brother, making him a child of incest. The next rumor claims that his parents abandoned him due to his looks, leaving him in front of the doors of a nearly blind woman who took him in because she didn’t see what he looked like. What is known, is that he had Apert Syndrome.

He enrolled at an elementary school, but had a lot of problems there as one half of the kids bullied him, while the other half were scared of him due to his looks. The Apert Syndrome and his lack of intelligence also made it very hard for him to keep up with what the teacher was saying, and he reportedly had to repeat many classes before he finally managed to finish school. By the time he got to high school, he was a lot older than his classmates, and nobody wanted to hang out with him, not to mention the fact that it was impossible for him to get a girlfriend. Some rumors say that he could have been seen molesting animals and masturbating in public places. His education ended when he quit high school after turning 18.

Brian Peppers

Life after quitting school

Because of his syndrome and his deformities, Brian lost the ability to walk on his own and had to start using a wheelchair to move around. He ended up in a nursing home as he became unable to even use a toothbrush, or to comb his hair by himself.

One of the nurses in the home accused Brian of touching her and trying to undress her, while Brian, in his defence, stated how he was only trying to get her to notice him. During that period of time, Brian was abusing alcohol and had frequent congestive heart failures due to that, and when he got to court, nobody believed him as all stood on the nurse’s side and he was sent to jail for 30 days, and later released on five-year long probation. His crime called gross sexual imposition, took place in 1998.

Becoming an Internet sensation

Brian had a very specifically ugly appearance – once the picture of him hit the Internet for the first time, people didn’t believe that it was really him, and thought that it was fake. The Ohio Attorney General’s office addressed the public, saying that the picture was a real picture of him, and that his looks were probably caused by the malformation of the cranium caused by the Apert syndrome.

The first Brian meme appeared on the Internet in 2005 when a person with the username shadow22 uploaded the picture on the “You Gon Get Raped” page, and Brian became a sensation soon after that. Somebody also tried to create a Wiki page of Brian, and succeeded at it, but Jimmy Wales, the creator of Wikipedia, urged to delete the page permanently in 2007.

When/How he died?

Brian is said to have died on 7 February 2012, while there are still people out there who believe that Brian is still alive. His death came because of his progressive Apert syndrome, and his abuse of alcohol which eventually destroyed his heart. Brian remains remembered mostly thanks to his meme on the Internet.

Appearance and net worth

Brian was 44 at the time of his death. He had brown hair and brown eyes, was 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall but his weight was not known. His net worth was very low, as he couldn’t find a job due to his looks and due to the fact that he was a convict who had spent some time in jail.

Brian Peppers

Social media presence

As funny or sick as it might sound, somebody has created profiles of Brian Peppers on numerous social media accounts, with the profile picture being the very one people were first wondering was real or fake. The Instagram account is followed by over 80 people and has two pictures uploaded on it – the Twitter account was launched in June 2009 and has nearly 20 followers and five tweets. There is also a Facebook page of Brian, which counts nearly 40 followers.

It is quite strange that neither of these platforms have deleted the accounts so far, and even though many people have reported the accounts, they still remain opened with Brian’s both real and fake pictures uploaded on them.



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